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Spengler has suggested that High Culture may best be understood as an organism, individuals being cells of the cultural body. The brains of the organism are its rulers. Its factories are organs which produce goods which flow through its transportation networks (arteries). Each organ is a set of individuals who collectively perform certain vital functions. These organs are therefore subsystems of the cultural system.

Alien systems can also enter the cultural body. As in the human body, they are chiefly harmful and dysfunctional. There are exceptions, since certain bacteria can be beneficial. (The Norse invasions, for example, had a long-term beneficial effect in the West.) However, most alien systems are counterproductive, even to the point of cultural death. Symptoms of sickness appear as social disorders, such as the demonetizing of hard currency or in later stages the urban riots in England and the United States. Cultural death proceeds at a slower pace than physical death, as the two follow a different timetable.

Alien systems and degenerate indigenous systems (criminal groups) cause dysfunctions of the socio-economic genetic system in various ways. The economic dysfunction occurs when an alien subsystem diverts nourishment (money or goods) away from labourers within the cultural body.

Looking at this phenomenon thermodynamically, recall that no system can become more ordered unless there is a compensating disorder in the larger system of which it is a part. Also recall that the culture's standard commodity (money) is a form of order. Therefore, if a subsystem immersed in a culture absorbs a quantity of money, there must be a compensating outflow of manufactured goods (also ordered structures) for the subsystem to be in harmony with the balance of the cultural entity. If this is not the case, the subsystem or alien system is defined as parasitic, and the SLTO demands disorder somewhere else in the cultural entity. The disorder may take many forms, from unhappy or angry individuals to strikes and civil insurrections. As an example, consider the simplest uncompensated absorption of money
(theft) the thermodynamic nature of which has many consequences.

Absorption of unearned money IS one type of parasitic activity. There are others. Every culture has its moral code, which its members adhere to for the preservation of order. Everyone who has raised children can appreciate the labour involved in instilling this code into the young. In an ordered system produced by labour, the code is equivalent to a commodity and may be converted to money by parasites. The immorality of parasites feeds upon the High Culture's moral standards.

The labour aspect of parasitic behaviour within a culture is not the domain of any unique group, although the alien (minority) component is well known and ever present. However, the social aspect of parasitic behaviour in the West is almost totally the domain of World Jewry, which has records of civilisations from the earliest times and knows the rules of life on an individual and cultural level. This knowledge, representing a high degree of order, was produced by the labour of Jewish historians and intellectuals interacting with various cultures in which they were immersed. This information remains the property of the Jews, with no credit given to the cultures in which they lived and thrived. Letting this information flow outward would no doubt benefit Western nations.

The leadership of Jewry has, on the contrary, chosen to keep this information under lock and key. Instead, Jewish leaders use this knowledge to inject disorder into the Western nations in which they live. This disorder takes the form of social theories (Marxism, Freudianism, Equalitarianism) whose fundamental axioms have been known to be false from the outset. Have any theories produced so much suffering and confusion in all Human history? The conscious or unconscious implantation of false ideas in a cultural system loads it with entropy.

High Cultures are also threatened by the absorption of genes from an inferior stock. The racially mixed child (future citizen) can do nothing about his condition; it is irreversible. A culture can recover from race-mixing if the bad genes are eliminated from the population, geographical separation being the simplest method. Only in this sense is the cultural damage reversible. However, there is a point at which the damage becomes irreversible. Geographical separation of the races is ineffective when no distinct lines of racial demarcation remain.

The Jew lovin' Racial Criminals and miscegenating pullers over at the Australian Proctologist Party should take special note of the last paragraph in this article. Just as you cannot have a First World Nation with a Third World population, so too can you not sustain First World status with a mongrelised and consequently genetically confused and dumbed down population.

The introduction of a toxic amount of entropy in a High Culture's gene pool by race mixing is in reality a form of genocide. Westerners might possibly forgive aliens for thieving and lying. Such damage can be repaired with enough time and effort. However, the dilution of the original productive stock of a High Culture by racial intermarriage is more than a glaring example of how the Second Law of Thermodynamics works in human societies; it is the greatest of all crimes since it turns the march of mankind backward toward the primeval ooze from which nature's most complex and highly ordered creatures so laboriously evolved.

Wilmot Robertson
March 1982

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