Thursday, September 22, 2011

The toxic flow never stops...

A toxic gush of filth from the A.P.P. fit to give any plumber nightmares

If the gentle reader would permit Old Uncle Victor's indulgence for a moment and forgive any distasteful scatalogical references he would seek to further enlighten the reader on the A.P.P.'s agenda of Hate, Divide and Destroy.

From the Australian Proctologist Party Forum:

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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
by darrinh » 19 Sep 2011, 22:45

Here's an interesting piece of Australian History. A 1964 4-corners report on the Australian Nazi party, staring Arthur Smith: ... m?site=50y

Here is a picture (taken ten years later) of Arthur Smith celebrating ANZAC day:

Goodness! Could that be Dr James Saleam (dear leader of the Australia First party), aka The Mad Arab standing next to him? Why yes! Yet it is!

Your Old Uncle Victor can only shake his head in amazement at the Dazzler’s constant (incessant?) obsessive posts regarding Dr. Jim Saleam every time he gets comprehensively snotted by WLT. Let’s face it folks, the dweebish one leads with a mean chin. It’s almost pitiful how easy it is to smash him as one does with one’s thong, after a few cold beers, to a shiny brown Sydney cockroach on a sweltering February evening. One is reminded of the stench of rotting vegetables, urine and body odour in the southern region of the Sydney CBD (Greater Chinatown) and the sight of 'roaches and rats scurrying for cover in the drains. Hello Darrin!

Does he actually think Old Victor cares one iota? Unlike Darrin ‘lickspittle’ Hodges, your Old Uncle Victor has NEVER been an acolyte, apostle, disciple (or whatever) of the good doctor. There was a time when the young Dazzler’s bootlaces were the only significant visible sign of his very existence, so deeply embedded in the good doctor’s back passage was he. He fawned and crawled and wrung his hands like Uriah Heep to Saleam’s David Copperfield. ‘Ever so ‘umble’…Yet now he seeks to ‘score points’??? by vilifying Dr. Saleam and attempting to link him to this fiercely independent site? Old Uncle Victor wishes the good doctor well in his endeavours and maintains the non aggression pact he agreed to several years back but in no way unconditionally endorses his political manifesto in entirety as is scurrilously suggested by the toad faced Hodges and his motley band of amateur proctologists.

It is often said that nothing is more wretched or despised than a fallen idol and Hodges hates Saleam with the intense passion normally reserved for spurned comrades or even (urgh!) jilted lovers (?). He hates Saleam for not recognising his (imagined) wild talents and unique gifts of leadership. *snigger* Hodges’ gross hypocrisy indelibly stains him as a faux conservative Creeping Jesus genuflecting piously today before the icons he plans to smash to smithereens tomorrow. He bears the stigmata of the eternal pariah. The truth would fry him every bit as kryptonite does Superman. And yet he stubbornly remains in the wings of the stage like some Shakespearean hunch backed Richard III replete with withered arm (brain?) and bitter and twisted psychotic obsessiveness vomiting his impotent rage.

What a freak.

What a loser.

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