Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wankers Inc...

The timelessly stylish 'Dazzler' straps on his trusty Birkenstocks and sallies forth into battle with those evil, wicked Nazis.

James Bond quivers in self loathing.

What a guy!

‘Primary school bans Lord’s prayer’

It’s absolutely hilarious to watch them tearing each other apart over at the Australian Proctologists Party Forum, impotently engaging in pseudo theological arguments while blissfully unaware of their own utter confusion and gross ignorance. Seriously folks. Did these creatures study ‘Stupidity 101’ at University? With perhaps ‘Lying for fun and profit’ as a post graduate course?
Of course, the general consensus among the hard core (hard headed?) A.P.P.’ers is that it’s all the fault of the evil, wicked Muslims (they’re interchangeable with evil, wicked Nazis, dontchaknow) and absolutely nothing, NOTHING we tell you, to do with God’s Chosen people. Yeah! Imagine that.
Muslim professors have craftily infiltrated all our educational institutions. Muslim Movie producers and directors are flooding our cinemas with Anti-Western, Anti-Christian, blockbusters. Cunning Muslim television executives are pouring their historical revisionist hate programs into their ‘History Channels’ and other pay T.V. options they have fiendishly acquired over the decades. Muslim journalists and talk show hosts have undermined Western Civilisation with their sick and twisted dogma of Race Mixing and permissive nihilism.
Thousands of Muslim psychiatrists and psychologists have hung their shingles up in main streets in all our major cities and are putting our kids on Ritalin while they tell the parents, in Freudian ‘repressed memory’ mumbo jumbo, that they wet their beds and have dysfunctional sex lives because they really wanted to fuck their mummies or that daddy interfered with them when they were young. Yeah! It was the Muslims who invented the biggest money spinner and family destroyer on the planet, psychoanalysis. Ooher!
It’s the Muslims who invented the Futures Market, the World Bank, the United Nations, Ponzi schemes, Reserve Banks. It’s the Muslims who pushed for abortion on demand, Feminism, affirmative action. It’s the Muslims who have promoted militant Homosexual radicalism. Oh yeahhhh!!!

It’s the Muslims who want to ban religion in school!??!!!?? No they fucking-well DON’T. They want to CONVERT you to Islam. That’s it. Mission imperative stated in ONE word. And if you don’t comply then they will chop your fucking head off! Can’t do fairer than that, can you? Vicious but fair. At least you know where you stand with those Mossies. They are up front and in your face with their outrageous intentions. Unlike another certain desert based Middle Eastern Death Cult.
It’s the JEWS who promote Atheism and Humanism. Islam is like Christianity USED to be, strong, strident and arrogant in their beliefs and moral code, ferociously evangelical and self righteous before, under pressure from the Liberalist Jewish academic social engineers to conform to ‘modern’ (Jewish Marxist) thinking they diluted, reinterpreted and virtually expurgated the Bible they turned ‘Christianity’ into little more than Communists at prayer.
So called ‘Christians’ in the West today, with rare exceptions, fall into two basic categories, the United Nations/Uniting Church, Queer, Rainbow Alliance crowd who promote Humanism, Universalism, Miscegenation, Marxist Socialism and the Apocalyptic Christian Zionist cranks who just can’t wait to assist Israel in nuking the Arabs thereby triggering Armageddon and the second coming. THEY will of course be spared the eternal suffering, gnashing of teeth, Hell fire and damnation etc and instead will be ‘saved’ and taken up into the sky in the ‘rapture’.
They LIVE for the end game, for the afterlife and could not give a flying monkey fuck about what happens here on Planet Earth because they have a ticket to Heaven. Both types spew vile dogma that is absolutely anathemic to Normalcy and toxic to White survival. With the first mob all is permissible. You can just relax, be yourself and lay that old first class seat back as you are whisked, Qantas fashion, in extreme comfort, to Paradise. With the latter you’ve gotta pay for the flight. You pay with time and commitment to that ol’ timey religion and dedicated support for Yahweh’s finest in that jewel in the desert, Israel. And REAL money, lots of it. You know. The folding stuff, or, as a convenient option they can direct debit your account for the weekly tithe.
The East is another thing entirely. From Eastern Europe through the Balkans and across Russia the Orthodox Church is going through a massive resurgence after decades of being almost totally underground. Ironically this oppression under State run Communism has made them stronger and shielded them from political infiltration and dilution of their beliefs by Jewish Marxist Humanists and the despotism of ‘Western’ (read: Jewish) corruption and indulgence. They are very much ‘Jew wise’ and want REAL Christianity, not the adulterated Hollywood version. Perhaps the newly revived Russian Orthodox Church will serve as a true ‘Light unto the Nations’. Anything is better than the emasculated, neutered, ecumenical Globalist ‘Church’ with their ‘Readers Digest’ version of Christianity. Restore the swingin’ dick and hefty sack of ‘nad’s to Christianity. Just like it used to be in the good old days.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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