Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The chinless wonder that is Darrin Hodges ctd...

Although being called ‘stupid’ by the hired wrecker Hodges is akin to having Paris Hilton say you’re ‘dumb’ and it would appear better to ignore him, there is a duty of care, of sorts, to the Australians (and others) who are genuinely interested in Australian ‘Nationalist’ Politics and truly want to save this Nation from the Rot of the Jew controlled Red Scum.
That being said though, it is ultimately futile to engage the likes of Hodges in any form of serious, ongoing Political debate. He is thicker than pig shit jammed into the neck of a bottle. It would be like attempting to discuss the finer points of Astrophysics with a cockroach, so low on the scale of intellectual development is he.

Hodges can, and certainly will, go on with his puerile taunting over rare and carefully selected statements taken from our posts where he feels he can get a result (God knows he’s desperate to get points on the board) while utterly ignoring entire articles that obviously nail the little tosser. He will persist in tagging all his posts with taunting laughing head ‘smilies’ intended to elicit angry responses from your Old Uncle Victor whom he has determined to be of choleric temperament and hopes to provoke an irrational, preferably threatening and/or violent, attack from him so he can justify running off like a big girl’s blouse to the authorities whose numbers he has set up on speed dial. But when will he address the, by now, hundreds of unanswered criticisms and questions WLT have thrown at him over several years now?
The recent comment of his that it is WE here at WLT who are emulating the Leftist swill is pathetic and unoriginal ‘tit for tat’ schoolyard stuff. Even Blind Freddy can see the truth of the matter but, call it superfluous, WLT will continue to call him on his lies. Evil like his can only triumph if there is no resistance. The gentle reader is encouraged to judge for his or herself by browsing Hodges’ Forum and gaining an understanding of the mendacity and generally low brow mentality driving the so-called Australian Protectionist Party that is bereft of any meaningful, let alone original, policies.

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Anonymous said...

On goyische zionists. who reflexively list names of specific and particular noble prize winners as justification for allowing the same to innundate goyische societies with lies and mishief....

Domesticated beasts of the field care only for the material comforts of eating, shitting and satisfying their other urges.