Saturday, October 01, 2011

Dazzles the deadset retard...

Perhaps it is as much a sad indictment of our so-called ‘educational system’ as it is upon their mental instability that Darrin Hodges and his crew appear bereft of any significant communication skills. The following is more effluent ejaculated from the APP dirt pipe:
Re: More lies and dribble from the fascists
by darrinh » 28 Sep 2011, 14:40

‘I have an easy answer to charges of anti-Semitism: my Jewish ancestry. I’m hardly unique in the Palestine Solidarity movement in this regard.’
There is no provision in the racial vilification act that indemnifies a person on the basis that the abuser and the abused are of the same race. If you abuse/vilify somebody because of their race, then you are a racist. Ergo, using the chant of "max Brenner there is blood in your chocolate" and holding up a poster at the Melbourne BDS protest depicting a cup of blood is uniquely anti-Semitic in that it's a clear reference to the blood libel. Anti-semitism has always been a feature of socialism, *wether (sic) it is from the socialist-left (Marxism) or the socialist-right (fascism).

Apart from his stumbling efforts to reorient his and our coordinates on the Political Spectrum to suit his own twisted agenda, even creating his own preposterously spurious diagrams purporting to demonstrate we White National Socialists are little more than half baked Marxists, Hodges is increasingly utilising P.C. Newspeak and pseudo legalistic jargon that is chillingly reminiscent of Fight Dem Back and other extreme, Anti-White, Leftist hate mongers. In regard to his amateur political cartography, you would not want to be lost in the wilderness with Dazzles and his mud map trying to navigate you back home. You’d probably end up at the bottom of some disused mineshaft.
What is Darrin ‘Shabbos Goy’ Hodges doing quoting the so-called Racial Discrimination Act? Just precisely what particular type of ‘Nationalist’ does that? Apparently, in Hodges’ fantasy of fully Global, U.N. administered, Corporatised ‘Nationalism’ (yeah, you try and figure it out) it is/will be illegal to be self loathing or critical of your own kind. Thought Crimes, anyone? Dazzles thick hide would make a Rhinoceros green with envy as he accuses the Greenies and Lefties of authoritarianism (he calls it ‘Fascism’) while making Big Brother look like the Dalai Lama.
The brown nosed lickspittle would most probably be motivated primarily by a craven desire to please his Talmudist masters. They would likely be enraged to hear yet another of their fellow tribesmen speaking the truth about their excesses and criticising Brave Little Israel, that noble defender of all that is good in this wretched World. And like any crawler in the playground wishing to ingratiate himself to the school bully, Hodges slobbers and drools at the prospect of being patted on the head like a good doggie for advancing the agenda of the bully by proxy. Look what I did boss! I did good, didn’t I? Lick, lick, crawl, crawl.
When the Bobby Dazzler tags ‘Socialism’ as being traditionally ‘Anti-Semitic’ he is lying largely by omission. What he does not mention is that the very concept of formally structured and organised Labour, Proletarian rights, emancipation etc was a Jewish concept intended to bring down the Goy elites who were preventing them from taken over entirely (you know those pesky Royals and Junkers and other ruling Goy cliques) that partially backfired on the creators as some White European Goy rose to prominence within the movement and even turned on their masters with the occasional purge and pogrom, particularly in Russia.
The WASP elite in the new land of America had also, for example, prior to the reconstructive Jew initiated so-called Civil Rights Movement, Equal Opportunity, Human Rights legislation etc, been notoriously Anti Jew. They wouldn’t even let them into their Country Clubs as guests, let alone members, regardless of how wealthy (Nouveau Riche) they were. And these are the very snobbish, born to rule, captains of industry and leadership that Hodges hopes to please and emulate along with his supreme masters, the Jews. King Edward ‘Longshanks’ of England, Queen Isabella of Spain, Czar Alexander III of Russia can scarcely be accused of being ‘Socialists’ yet they were, by Darrin’s reckoning, notorious ‘Anti-Semites’.
Additionally, it is well known that Mussolini’s Fascist Italy was very benign toward Jews, openly protecting many of them right up to the end of the war, and maintained a stubborn independence from the policies of its more Jew wise National Socialist ally. Why? Because the particular brand of Italian Fascism was, like the Ancient Roman Empire it sought to emulate, based almost purely on citizenship with little regard given to ethnicity. As an Historian, Hodges makes a good greengrocer. Without the far from authoritative ‘wikipedia’ he would not even be able to discuss these subjects at all. It is seriously doubtful he has ever read a book, let alone a History book, in his entire miserable existence.
Although WLT oppose censorship it is almost criminal that shockingly ignorant and hateful creatures like Hodges are permitted to spout their poisonous claptrap, that has no basis in reality whatsoever, largely unchallenged. Why is it virtually criminal? Because today’s average Joe is appallingly ill informed and largely disinterested in performing his own research and many might be taken in by the APP snake oil on face value. We understand that it is difficult to nigh on impossible to save people from themselves yet we still feel compelled to try. Call it the White Man’s burden if you want.
*By the way Dazzles, a ‘wether’ is a castrated sheep. Old Uncle Victor believes you may have actually intended to type the word ‘whether’. Though yet again painfully demonstrating your illiteracy it is somehow strangely appropriate you employed this term in your deranged doggerel.


Anonymous said...

Am I reading this right? Has Hodges finally admitted his Chosenite ancestry. Am I not surprised?

Whitelaw Towers said...

No anon, but I wouldn't be surprised. It was a post from dip shit with him quoting a red Jew.

Tales of woe said...

Please... No more stories of ritual self abuse.

Only recently i managed to pick up second hand books

Dan Cohn-Sherbok, The crucified jew, twenty centuries of christian anti-semitism

Thomas cahill, the gifts of the jews (beware jews bearing gifts, they mean to do you harm)

stan telchin, betrayed, a story about how one might feel when 50 and jewish and your 21 yo daughter discovers Jaysus.

martin gilbert, the jews of hope, the plight of soviet jewry toady

and chaim raphael, memoirs of a speshul case....( O to be speshul)

wE all wants to be speshul and some of us are. I'm speshul...... here's to speshulness.

Whether or not its worth abusing ones self with a tortuous reading of the bleeding victimitudinous drivel likely all about internal hoitin' is worth the inevitable self inflicted suffering of the reader, is still under consideration.... Likely outcome....shelve them as curiosity pieces only to be dragged out for visiting suicidal aquaintances so as to remind them
" Think about the plight of the jews" ..... See.... things don't seem so bad for you now are they ?