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Droolin’ Dazzler hits us with yet another piece of wet lettuce!

From the Australian Proctologist Party's Forum:
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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
by darrinh » 01 Oct 2011, 17:31
"If Oswald Mosley was a Fabian (proof and references please) then Old Victor will eat his hat." ~ Peter Campbell.
Here's some hors d'oeuvre for you Peter:
"My relationship with my father remained good until I joined the Labour Party in 1924.....Our tranquil relations exploded when in his view I entered the devil's service by becoming a socialist." ~ My Life, page 16, Oswald Mosley.
No mention of being a Fabian and the quotation refers to his Father’s ‘Views’ not his own self assessment.Scratch one. Nice start, fuckwit.
"During this period I spoke frequently in university debates and I believe I was responsible for carrying the first motion in favour of socialism by twenty votes at one of them and just lost by four votes at about the same time in the other. ~ My Life, page 135, Oswald Mosley.
Nope! Definitely still no admission of being a Fabian and in the ‘sport’ of ‘debating’ it is customary to not only speak in favour of your own position on every debate but rather to also take up opposing views to your own to demonstrate your powers of persuasion and debate and train your mind. It is not (necessarily) a venue for disseminating your own ideology.
"I am not, and have never been, a man of the right. My position was on the Left and is now in the center of politics". ~ Oswald Mosley, 1968.
Erm… still nothing… we remain utterly unconvinced, and again Old Victor is amazed at the misspelling of a common and easy English word, centre, and is stunned by the Dazzler’s apparent inability to discern the subjective relativity of one’s own personal definition of where one stands on the Political landscape. It's not what you SAY or CLAIM, it's what you DO. (By their fruits ye shall know them) It is all a matter of perspective and opinion that changes constantly with every movement. It is eminently arguable that the central reference point of the Political Spectrum moves, as do the constellations, over time. Lacking any extrapolation of his political ideology by way of explanation and elucidation this quotation is virtually worthless. Many ‘Political animals’ like Mosley sign up to various groups either to gain knowledge, experience and contacts or are even curious to see what makes the enemy tick.
Look at yourself for instance Darrin. You joined Saleam’s Australia First Party with an agenda that still, to this very day, remains essentially unclear. What IS clear however is that your intentions were never benign and anything but benevolent. Perhaps it is true that, as some claim, you wished to hijack the AFP and steer it in another direction. Let’s say Zionism? Another theory is that you were simply hired by the Jews to sabotage AFP. Yet another theory is that you simply wanted executive power and that IS, let’s face it, fully consistent with your disturbed personality. The Man who would be King though was cruelly rejected like some substandard can of John West salmon and the rest, as they say, is history. What a sad story…
So, judged with this criteria, what are we to make of those Mosley ‘quotations'?
N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Also, how about rather than cherry picking what are, in your opinion, the easy questions, you address the other ninety nine percent of our post?

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