Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holidays in the sun…

The wages of exploitation. Balinese Luxury Condominiums. The wretched primitives reap the 'benefits' of the White Race Traitors' 'generosity'...
“A cheap holiday in other people’s misery…” © Sex Pistols 1977
Old Uncle Victor has always felt revulsion as well as confusion and exasperation at the huge amount of White Australians who appear fascinated with visiting Third World shit holes for ‘Holidays’ while living in one of the most amazingly beautiful and interesting countries on Earth. So why do these tools persist with this peculiar behaviour? It’s not as if these Pacific region destinations offer any cultural, historical experiences that can enrich the hearts, minds and souls of enlightened White European people. Okay, so there might be some nice beaches and even some anthropologically or sociologically of mild interest but once you’ve seen that and the wretched living conditions in which these primitive people live, why would you ever want to go back? Especially again and again.
The answer is as simple as it is crude, despicable and revolting. It’s CHEAP. Yes folks. It’s almost entirely down to money. These mostly low to middle income Whites can play at being rich and lording it over the miserably impoverished Muds for a few days for less than the price of an overnight stay in a decent Australian Hotel and then brag to their mates about their ‘overseas’ holiday like they’re wealthy playboys. However, there is another, even more sinister, aspect to this. All this contact with, immersing in and ‘appreciation’ of these ‘exotic’ cultures by these lowbrow ignoramuses, these ‘Ugly Australians Overseas’ inevitably results in the ultimate abomination of miscegenation. All too often it entails elderly Paedo-Predators gaining access to young brown flesh or just as desperate ‘ordinary’ White sexual perverts hankering after interracial sex or even a marriage with these brown females who are supposedly more grateful, loyal and subservient than White Women.
Just like the Race Traitor Schapelle Corby slut (she was married to a Jap), he was, even at his young age, something of a veteran at the old super cheap Turd World slum holiday game. He can hardly resort to the old ‘young, dumb and full of cum’ plea. For example, he was reportedly picked up by the Indonesian Police leaving a low rent ‘Rub ‘n’ Tug’ where he’d been negotiating some ‘meet ‘n’ greet, press the flesh, up close and personal contact with the natives, liaison with some buck toothed, bandy legged, squinty eyed yellow monkey. Back home ‘friends’ revealed to the Daily Telegraph that there’s a little more to this story and, let’s face it, anyone with a functioning brain would have read between the lines even on the initial vague reports and known what was behind the headlines.Friends say the boy and his family had been to Bali several times. “They go away a lot,” friend Lili Lemesurier, 16, said. “My sister went away with them to Bali when she was dating his older brother.”
Psychiatrist Dr Danny Thong, who visited the boy yesterday, said he admitted using marijuana occasionally in the presence of friends over the past two years. The high-profile Bali psychiatrist, who treated Corby and members of the Bali Nine, visited the boy at the request of his lawyers. "He admitted that he took some marijuana since two years ago, not regularly and usually in the presence of friends - that's all," Dr Thong said. "I can only classify him as a very light user. He is only using it in company, not by himself."
So let’s examine what we have here gentle reader. We have a sadly typical White Trash family from a particular region of Australia, the NSW Central Coast, that is sadly notorious for Houso parasites who have zero Racial Cultural Identity. A community, with some exceptional pockets of affluence, where the denizens are lowlife dopers who reside in Houso ghettos like Wattanobbi, Wyong or any of the dozens of caravan parks that dot the area. It’s a crying shame that this once beautiful recreational area has become the dumping ground for the vile type of creatures even Redfern, Macquarie Fields, Claymore or Mt. Druitt would reject. It really is the pits.
This kid is just a germ from this Human garbage dump. A cocky little arsehole who thinks he’s ‘streetwise’ at Fourteen and the sort of sub 80 percentile I.Q. waster who’s usually observed hanging around shopping malls and car parks ‘tagging’ everything in sight with graffiti. What a joke. He doesn’t even know he’s alive. He’s been bonging on since he was Twelve!!! Probably sniffin’ glue as well. Do we feel even the faintest empathy or sympathy for this family of maggots?
This utter waste of White Skin?

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