Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Letter For Kate


We are all guilty of indulgences that inevitably, in the fullness of time, as they say in the classics, prove to be the stuff of folly, yet still we cannot help but to reach out and try to convey our most genuinely heartfelt thoughts to others in the vain hope that they might take our words on board and somehow review their current misguided (in our view) ideologies and, if not change their essential position, at least bestow a more generous understanding and respect on our opposing views.
It is with this exercise of doubtless futility in mind that your kindly Old Uncle Victor reproduces below a copy of his first, last and unanswered correspondence to Ms. Kate Ausburn for your elucidation. Perhaps the gentle reader might think Victor a little ‘soft’ or even ‘whimsical’ in his apparent ‘pleading’ approach to an obviously hardened Leftist but, in his opinion, it is always worth the effort to treat newly encountered political animals with the benefit of the doubt.
Although his reputation for bombast, verbosity and, at times, overblown rhetoric, is not entirely undeserved or overstated, he nevertheless fiercely defends his methods and stubbornly maintains his personal sovereign right to exploit the language of his ancestors (English) in any way he sees fit to further the cause of White Resurgence.
His dedicated detractors like Darrin 'It's just Politics Jim' Hodges will doubtlessly delight in Old Uncle Victor's transparency and veracity and interpret it as weakness but what else would one expect from duplicitous, slimy and mendacious weasels like that? Honesty and openess are anathema to the reptilian scum.

If one has not fallen unconscious and is still reading at this point then one might as well read on…
While ever the so-called ‘Left’ persists in marginalising Racial Realists and denying them a public forum for the logical and reasoned expression of their genuinely held beliefs and concerns, rather than simply demonising them as wicked and evil, there will always be bitterness and resentment that will manifest as ‘hatred’ thereby legitimising the so-called Left’s claims in a self fulfilling prophecy. This ‘hatred’ though is born of frustration at what appears to be, and actually is, quite deliberate political disenfranchisement, suppression of open discussion and the narrowing of the spectrum of permissible thought.
The advent of so-called ‘Hate Crime’ legislation, whereby any offence may attract ‘double demerit points’ and load any sentence by at least 25%, based merely upon the perception of the ‘victim’ or their ‘agents’ that there was a Racial factor involved, rang the death knell for the last vestiges of any rights Whites might have had left to defend their position and resist the Balkanisation of the First World West. We have seen the Race card dealt off the bottom of the pack so many times now it is tiresomely commonplace and fully expected but we are yet to observe any NON Whites being successfully prosecuted for genuine ‘Hate’ crimes.
The ‘Left’ feigns objectivity and even fakes empathy in its ‘journalistic’ activities while betraying, to those with even half a clue, their clearly biased socio-political agenda that traces the arc of the ‘approved’ trajectory of thought. Until (don’t hold your breath here folks) they assess their role as ‘useful idiots’ for the very System they profess to oppose and are absolutely honest in their appraisal there is no hope of any genuine dissidence ever prevailing against the ruthlessly corrupt and despotic Global elite of Zionist International Finance and Corporate vampirism.
Every Ethnostate of Culturally and Racially homogenous people is entitled to independent sovereignty. Is it not ironic that the very same people who will piss and moan about the encroachment of ‘civilisation’ on primitive peoples in places like Brazil and champion their civil rights to remain unique and untouched will also insist on the genocide of White Western Humanity via Multiculturalism, massive Third World immigration and the consequent Racial blending and Genetic Levelling that obliterates the most creative, inventive and generous people who have ever existed?
When did it become ‘hateful’ to prefer one’s own kind over others? For example, what of the 100,000 plus Australians, almost exclusively White Europeans and many women and children, who are currently living on the streets? Victor will only ever give money to the Salvation Army, the Bush Fire Brigade and similar ‘hands on’ volunteer organisations whose actions are clear and visible and because they do observable and practical work to aid OUR Australian people. Not a single Dollar of charity or so-called ‘Aid’ should go overseas until all of OUR people are looked after. Charity begins at home and if you have not even got your own house in order what right do you have to go frittering valuable resources away on strangers overseas?
In the hierarchy of victimologies the Palestinians have very stiff competition from their Talmudic oppressors, the so-called Jews, who have virtually copyrighted group suffering while still perpetuating their own unique form of bizarre self worship expressed as ‘Judaism’. Owning Hollywood, lock, stock and barrel is a monumental advantage, there really is no business like Shoah business, and the Hebrew Hate Factory churns out propaganda blockbusters on an industrial scale for the consumption of the stupid ‘Goyim’ (Cattle). The accusation of ‘Anti-Semitism’ hurled against any who resist Jewish hegemony is hilarious, particularly when employed against Arabic peoples, when one considers that among the current, self identifying ‘Jewish’ community, there is very little Semitic blood. The Jews of today are overwhelmingly (perhaps 80 to 90 percent) Ashkenazim, a melange of Turkic, Mongolic and Tartaric with distinctly Armenoid features who were formerly known as ‘Khazars’. Originating from the Ancient Pagan peoples of Khazaria in the Russian Pale, between the Caspian, Black and Aral Seas, they were converted to Judaism under the rule of Khagan Bulan sometime in the Eighth Century. Following the destruction of their Empire by the Kievan Rus (Varangian Vikings) these Black Sea Nomadic ‘Nouveau Jews’ mixed with wandering Gypsies during a several centuries long Diaspora and spread throughout Greater Russia and Eastern Europe. It is these wretched people who swelled the ghettos in places like Hungary, Germany and Poland and who made such a terrible name for themselves as panhandlers, snake oil merchants, confidence tricksters, usurers and general trouble makers. These creatures have ZERO claims to Palestine as a ‘homeland’. They are ‘Johnny come latelys’ with no bloodline connection to the Holy Lands.
Seriously, be totally honest with yourself for a moment. How much of what you think you ‘know’ about the World, its History and its Peoples did you learn from reliable and verifiable sources and how much actually came from Hollywood and TelAvision? Really. And while we are on the subject of sources, it is always advisable to not only read between the lines to detect the author’s agenda but to also do background research on them to determine their ethnicity, politics etc. NOTHING produced by Humans comes without bias and spin and even, or particularly, the ‘peer reviewed’ claim on material needs to be treated very sceptically as increasingly these institutions and organisations are stacked with cronies and ‘fellow tribesmen’. Every glowing review, every gushing accolade at the brilliance and insight of some new book or ‘study’ as ‘challenging’ virtually guarantees the work is loaded with a ‘progressive’ agenda that is anything but ‘challenging’ or ‘controversial’. Instead it will be the usual envelope pushing, wedge jamming, never enough ‘radicalism’ that marks the steady and inexorable march toward existential nihilism, the ultimate and tragic manifestation of the universal implementation of Humanist principles.
We are currently witnessing the virtual death of History at the level of general societal consciousness (consensus reality?) and a people with no past can have no hope of a future, only despair at an endless and plastic present. We have been promised a golden future for decades now by the social engineers but have instead been delivered the cultural vacuum of a miserable dystopia. For all its perceived ‘colour and movement’ and apparent romantic ‘creativity’ in its jarring juxtaposition of ultimately inassimilable ethnological groups, Multicultural Globalism is miserably superficial and fraught with the dangers and destructiveness of long term ‘identity crisis’ among its disparate component elements.
Hollywood routinely presents us with utterly preposterous representations of the various Human Races. While perpetuating the myth of White privilege, Whites are portrayed so badly and non whites so nobly that one wonders how we ever our managed our excellent achievements in Medicine, Science, Industry, Transport, Civil Construction, The Arts etc. If this is not ‘Hate Propaganda’ then I do not know what is.
So called ‘progressive’ education and social conditioning, initially delivered primarily by School Teachers (read: Marxist Curriculum Facilitators) and underwritten by increasingly draconian legislation, has denuded our White Males of all their positive ‘Manly’ attributes and reduced them to confused brats and neurotic milksops who either meekly comply with the System’s demands or lash out irrationally and ineffectually with impotent rage. Male suicide and self harm is now right off the scale. You won’t find many modern day ‘Vikings’. We are no longer ambitious doers, we are simply passive consumers.
Essentially, all White Nationalists really want is a genuine form of ‘Social Justice’ (Equal Rights for Whites) not pre-empted by the ridiculous presumption that Whites are somehow uniquely guilty from birth of the original sin of being ‘Racists’ and ‘Haters’ and a return to the traditional community values, moral and ethical structures that reinforced our Peoples’ great advancements and inventions. We are currently facing the very serious reality of an arrested development of our civilisation’s progress due almost exclusively to the unnecessary and destructive effects of Racial tension brought about by the forced Multiculturalisation (read: Race Mixing) of all the White First World Nations.
Mediocrity, be it academic or simply expressive opinion, is rewarded with praise for being appropriately conformist and supportive to the new ‘progressive’ socio-political paradigm. The most banal, untalented and unoriginal thought is lauded for its commitment to toeing the ‘Politically Correct’ line. The Lemmings must march in lockstep. Conversely, vigorous intellectual research conducted with ruthless honesty and any pursuit of excellence is condemned, often hysterically, as ‘elitism’ and is viewed as ‘counter revolutionary’.
If one never encounters, examines or even seriously studies contrary argument, as ‘objectively’ as is possible, to one’s own entrenched views and never has to extend ones intellect beyond the warm comfort zone of self righteous assurance then one will inevitably end up, like all long term Leftists, merely squabbling over the interpretation of minutiae of already anointed concepts contained within the Marxist dialectic. Corralled within the parameters of a cloistered pseudo intellectualism how original can one ever be? Of course Objectivity is, ironically perhaps, itself a Subjective concept, the necessary but unachievable ideal.
This is actually one of the very few positive aspects of being a White Nationalist today. As socio-political pariahs living within this caustically hostile environment we are not only tempered by the constant conflict and sharpening of arguments but are also well versed in a deep understanding of the enemy’s works. Something the Left are lacking severely. Too many years now, pretty much everything Post WWII, has led to the Left having a very fragile glass jaw that is extremely susceptible to powerful and logical argument, backed up by the facts and ‘inconvenient truths’. This has resulted in the Dogma of Cultural Marxism being reduced to little more than the articles of faith for a cult like following, in other words, a Religion rather than a Science.
Like all Religions it is critically dependent upon mantra-like repetition of outrageous claims, no matter how utterly preposterous, counter intuitive and plainly fictional they might be, to drown out any opposition and the more wishful and flaky the theories the louder and more forcefully they are chanted. Sheer volume and ever increasing stridency are the instinctive responses to criticism along with desperate legalistic threats to silence the naysayers. THAT is the moment, the instant in time that WE know it is only a matter of patience and waiting for the collapse of the entire rotting edifice.


The Voice said...

My thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

Via the Incogman.

Rabbi On@ndy Schpunkflien lectures the "Goyim" on their "prejudice" and failure...
These psuedo intellectuals are merely lettered liars, wankers and charlatans seeking import through group hugging, peer review and mental masturbation that are a function of their self ascribed magnificence. Its a puke...Really. Who else is sick of listening to "jews" lecture others on their ‘failures’ when these failed messiahs and blood spattered freeeeaks are so obviously flawed themselves, even more so as claiming title to being "lights unto the werld"..... Yaaaaayyyy. Yet they presume to shamelessly lecture others behind the veil of the "holocaust"......the teaching of which to children as the most vulnerable of innocents is nothing other than child abuse.

Wouldn't it make moar sense that the Goyim mirroar the behaviour of the fully jewish whose identity as behavior is defined by the Talmudic Judaic ideal, if the intent is to discover and understand the source of codified "prejudice" ? The Professor might consider the introspection of the proctologist before blathering before us so that he might understand why his wurds stink so ferociously with each peristaltic paragraph

The jews appear to believe that it is possible to build a better werld upon a foundation of lies. If the "word" is their "g_d" then their god is a lie and thus the father of all lies who moves amongst them and unfortunately.... us.