Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The RSL betrays Vietman Vets AGAIN...

The A.M. Talkback stations today were blazing with outrage from Vietnam Veterans and spokesmen for various associations at the latest example of Politically Correct maggots rubbing the noses of decent Australians into the festering filth that is Global Multicultural Marxist dogma.

Several related their stories of being vilified not just by the usual suspects from the crusty Leftoids (mostly spurred on by the hateful rhetoric of The Whitlams and fellow travellers) but the elitist 'old guard' of the various returned services organisations of which the RSL was the worst by far.

There is NO comparison, and never can be, between the apparent 'burying of the hatchet' between the Rats of Tobruk and the Afrika Korps.

The 'inconvenient' truths and facts are that the Germans in North Africa were brave, honourable and noble adversaries whereas the NVA, Viet Cong and Chinese regulars launched against the Allies against Communism were sadistic, sub-human, yellow monkeys with zero concern for the rules of war and the tenets of Human decency.

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Anonymous said...

The communists in Viet Nam were easier to defeat than the jewish-communists in the US.