Monday, October 17, 2011

Teutonic Warrior Chick, who is pulling the strings?

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yeah, regarding Teutonic Warrior Chick's verbal exchange on Whitelaw Towers : Once again I find myself going to her webpage because she seems to be the hub of a lot of info & events within the WhitePride Movement. As usual I'm not disappointed in the content found in this search. I am interested in her personal history, her being from Chicago and employed by the probation dept or some similar function. In that capacity she must see the more unsavory side of the South American/African Invasion. The mainstream white population IS oblivious to what's transpiring. They are busy working away as their heritage has taught them to do but that necessarily precludes them from in depth study of these issues. Assuming she is single with no children and can converse with and be with like minded people fortunately for the rest of us she can do a lot of investigative work along the lines of that done by Dr. David Duke.He is, of course, our main source of inspiration and guidance. She has improved a great deal since the earlier videos I saw. Her diction and fluency in rebutting arguments such as those at the "Occupy " demonstrations have improved. Interviews with people in agreement with a person are helpful but those honing of one's argumentive skills comes from actual encounters the other sides. I use the plural, "sides" to emphasize the joint operations & combined forces utilized by the very clever and crafty jews in their endless onlaught against the "perpetrators of the holocaust" which is how they have labeled us. Amoung the list of sustainment imperatives which comprise their strategy is their villianization of us. That's where the holocaust comes in. That's also where the portrayal of any white people other than the TV zombies TWC speaks of, as meth crazed violent criminals i.e. the creatures attacking Will Smith and his hispanic female co star in his racist movie, "I am Legend ".