Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Threat of Fascist Attacks Revealed! Zionist Fascist maybe?

"FASCIST and nationalist extremist groups are active in and pose a threat to Australia, with the country's security agency saying there are legitimate concerns they may spawn a terrorist in the style of Norway's Anders Breivik."

Ok lets pick this apart. Anyone who is aware of the NS/Fascist movements, two completely different political animals are aware that Norway's Anders Breivik was and is a Christian Zionist.

Christian Zionism and Zionism is something that Australian Fascists, National Socialists and more importantly White Nationalists totally reject. ASIO knows this and if they dont they are outright liars. Hell even the State run AntiFa know this yet still avoid the truth to protect their masters.

"The assessment, in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation's annual report to Parliament, also reveals Australia's right-wing extremists, much like the Islamic fundamentalists they loathe, draw inspiration from overseas via the internet."

Our assessment over the years has shown the only threat to this great country is the bloody government and it how it draws inspiration from regimes such as the United States Government and Israel.

''There has been a persistent but small subculture of racist and nationalist extremists in Australia, forming groups, fragmenting, re-forming and often fighting amongst themselves,'' the report states."

Cheap shot ASIO, considering much of the infighting fragmenting and re-forming has most likely in every case been instigated by YOU!

"The appraisal also states there has been a recent rise in anarchist or ''anti-fascist'' groups, with the ideologically-opposed groups coming into conflict."

Its true that Australian Anarchists along with Australian Antifa have often bragged about supplying ASIO and the Federal Police with info on various groups and citizens of this country. Very convenient that ASIO speak so highly of them.

Besides the Christian Zionist Right and the Zionist controlled left, whose favorite pastime is calling each other "Nazis", who are these brave antifascist? ? It couldn't be the washed out Jewish run groups such as Fight Dem Back and the State run Anarchist such as @ndy. Again I have to ask, who are these Anti Fascists? This lot?

Well if that's Australia's leading Intelligence group, all I can say is no wonder the country is fucked. Lets hope one day someone in ASIO wakes up to the real threat in this country. Dont hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

SomeMoaningHymee smears all with more

Now just WHO, precisely, are the "fascist" Nasties who "care" so courageously ?

Anonymous said...

A Zionist Fascist attack.

Shatter's apparently a jew which makes him probably complicit in jewin' the Irish. Why ask the weasel anything when it is more than likely he will Judas and deliver the Irish to the cause of the United Noachides.

In light of their religious licence to lie and decieve the "Goyim" so as to obtain advantage, it makes complete sense that jews, or anyone else born of a religion where such behaviour is virtuous, should not be permitted to occupy postions within goyische governments.

cannibalrabbi said...

The jew shatter.
Nickname "shitshatt".

Anonymous said...

Anything that peristalts from the mind to Wormtongued mouth of The Shatter, is literally, devoid of any truth and empathy, the stinking, the faecal and hook worm infested...... "SHIT of the jew".