Monday, October 03, 2011

Who’s ‘limp-wristed’?

Oh no! Darrin will never play the piano again!

From the Australian Proctologist Party Forum:

Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
by darrinh » 03 Oct 2011, 00:10
And the limp-wristed response from whitetrashtowers? ... aking.html

A comment like ‘limp-wristed’ coming from a creature one could place in a stranglehold with one’s thumb and forefinger is very amusing as one speculates if there might be a lack of mirrors in the Hodges household as well as a distinct lack of self awareness. The ‘whitetrash’ reference is also, considering his own distinct lack of pedigree and achievement, another glaring example of Hodges’ pot calling our kettle black.
If it is so ‘limp-wristed’ then a mighty ‘heroic’ Man of your capabilities (culpabilities?) should have no trouble at all discrediting and negating the claims contained therein but somehow your Old Uncle Victor knows his vigil, waiting for a devastatingly witty and intelligent reply from the bespectacled toad will be in vain.
Besides, as he's proven in the past with his bowel evacuating terror at the reception of anything stronger than mild abuse, he would doubtless be running off to the Police for an AVO with his skirts hoisted up like some silly old woman.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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