Tuesday, November 08, 2011

‘Anti-Racist’ Hypocrites Inc… a brief retrospective…

Hey there Folks! Remember way back in December 2005 when the Anti-White rhetoric of the Controlled Media hysteria was hissing and spitting, peaking out and bending the needle on the moral panic-o-meter? There were ‘Nazis’ and ‘White Supremacist Terrorists’ under every bed and behind every door. If ever there was a greater example of Media complicity in a lengthy campaign of ruthless Anti-White hatred your Old Uncle Victor is not aware of it...apart, perhaps, from the conspiracy between the notorious Commissioner of 1996-2002 Peter Ryan’s NSW Police ‘Service’ and the Media in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, where both parties deliberately contrived to suppress any news reaching the rest of the World of Racial disharmony for the city hosting the (other) ‘Friendly Games’.

This shameful strategy of sacrificing the safety of Australia’s own citizens because ‘the eyes of the World were on us’ consequently resulted in further assaults and rapes of White Females by Muslim predators who had formed several Race Hate Rape Squads that roamed Sydney’s streets seeking young female ‘infidel’ flesh to violate. Through the suppression of information the Police had regarding the nature, pattern and ethnicity of the crimes from the public they were in direct violation of their code to serve and protect as well as being guilty of clear dereliction of their duty of care to the community.

Nothing short of a Royal Commission, with an unlimited scope of enquiry, into this deep and far reaching conspiracy would suffice. Somehow though, we cannot envisage this occurring under the corrupt regimes led by any of the bought and paid for whores of the current crop of parasitic career politicians.

The oily Leb greaseball, Mahmoud ‘Mick’ Hawi, the then chief honcho of the Commanchero MC, was playing the hero in the limelight as he parlayed, presumably on behalf of the so-called ‘Lebanese Community’, with the equally criminal and hilariously named ‘Bra Boys’ (kinda makes ya think of transvestites, don’t it?) surfer gang who do bashings, murders and drug running on the side as they pose as typical drug fucked, wax head beach bums. Somehow, the Controlled Media convinced itself and the, by now, hysterical general public, that these two groups of hardcore crims not only had some influence over the antagonists in this lukewarm (but steadily heating up) Race War but indeed had certain ‘authority’ to call ‘ceasefires’. It was so comical it was almost possible to momentarily forget both these gangs are ‘outlaws’ in the true sense of the word and utterly unrepresentative of the communities within which they move and do their ‘business’.

But hey, they were in good company, with the likes of former NSW Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Milton ‘The Monster’ Orkopoulos, who is sadly typical of the Labor Party’s predilection for pederasty and sundry sexual perversions. His voice was prominent among the pack of jackals which emerged from their dens and gathered to howl shrill condemnation of White self defence. This was gutless defamation and vilification of the foulest and lowest type.

As we wrote way back in 2006:

‘This was the very same creature who not all that long ago was in the media for some very different reasons when, as an honoured speaker, he attended a so-called “Women’s peace rally” at Cronulla on Sunday 26th March 2006 and railed against what he referred to as the racists, rednecks and haters of the Sutherland Shire.

Just think that while he was spouting this Multi-Cult Globalist dogma this faggot filthpig was violating the arses of little boys. Just picture in your mind, if you will, the conga line of Leftist swill that make up the Australian Multi Cult lobby, including FDB, all hanging out of each other’s arses like the septic shit-dicks they are. What a typical Lefty swine. Orkopoulos should have been a senior patron of FDB like Andrew Bartlett, but hey, perhaps he was!

Well, who is immoral now? Who is the criminal in need of the “harshest possible punishment” now? Who should be hunted down and “shown no mercy” now? Who needs to be “taught a lesson” now?’

Fully aware the two principals of WLT are long term Bikers, the criminal Marxist thugs of the so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ gang ‘Fight Dem Back’ went into a masturbatory frenzy of taunting on their Forum praising the likes of Hawi’s Commanchero MC and other Arabic gangsters for their ‘brave’ and ‘noble’ stand against White ‘Racist hatred’ in Cronulla. This was obviously supposed to intimidate us by proxy just as their leader and founder, Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’, had vainly attempted with his threats and efforts to incite violence against Sydney based White Nationalists from Pacific Islander Trade Unionist apes.

FDB and their fellow travellers joined the Jew owned Controlled Media in what became an utterly grotesque and obscene distortion of reality as the White Australian community were transformed, via Politically Correct Multicultural critique, thoroughly consistent with Marxist dialectic and relativism, from the actual victims of inter- ethnic intimidation to the alleged instigators of Race Hate and the primary perpetrators of the street violence! The truth was quite literally inverted.

Of course, anyone with eyes, a functioning brain and an understanding of truth and justice, who moved about Sydney during the fortnight or so of violence and witnessed who did what to who, will tell you precisely who were the predators and who were the prey. In fact the Left’s interpretation of events is so surreal and totally at odds with the grim facts that one wonders whether heavy psychotropic drugs were involved.

Well, last week, another ‘hardcore hero’ of the FDB’ers from that time, old ‘Diamond Mick’, copped a murder conviction for his gutless slaying of Hells Angels associate Anthony Zervas at the Sydney Airport’s Domestic Terminal in 2009. As the old adage goes, ‘one day a rooster, next day a feather duster’.

The following is typical of the tripe we were all subjected to by the Controlled Media as every self important wanker emerged from their holes in the ground to grandstand like mini statesmen over the events and self righteously judge the Cronulla locals and other Sydneysiders for having the audacity to stand up for their own people against Arabic bullies and interlopers.
‘Two rival gangs have vowed to stay out of racial violence gripping Sydney. Maroubra's Bra Boys surfer gang and the Comancheros bikies gang met to discuss the situation before condemning the violence of the past few days. Bra Boys member Sonny Abberton said on Tuesday his gang and the Comancheros, who have a large Lebanese membership, were working together to burst the bubble of racial hatred. His brother and fellow Bra Boys member Jai Abberton said: "We (the Bra Boys) have never been involved in any of this racial tension".
Dozens of people have been injured and many others arrested in two days of racial violence along Sydney's southern and eastern beaches. "We certainly don't support these silly people at Cronulla, starting a racial war and biting off more than they can chew," Mr Abberton said.
"This is the start of some dialect between our groups to try to ease some tension and calm the racial violence that can never be tolerated in Australia," Sonny Abberton said. Earlier, Lebanese Muslim leader Keysar Trad said the Bra Boys were one of the most multicultural groups of surfers in Australia and showed that people from all backgrounds could enjoy the beach.
"They (the Bra Boys) expressed their outrage at what happened at Cronulla and they expressed their support and appreciation for the Middle Eastern community," Mr Trad said. "They have many friends who are from a Lebanese and Middle Eastern background and of various religions, so they want peace.
"I have to say that I respect the petitions that they have made and I hope that society will heed this message."
Professional surfer Koby Abberton labelled the riots cowardly.
"What I (saw) happen was the most cowardly thing I've ever seen in Australian history," he told the Nine network.
"I was upset being Australian on that day."


When criminal thugs presume to determine the parameters of acceptable behaviour, their words anointed with the approval of self styled ethnic ‘community leaders’ like the ‘professional Muslim’ Keysar Trad with the Controlled Media disseminating their thoughts as if they were pearls of wisdom emanating from the oracle of reason then one knows Australian society and our once truly magnificent White European Culture is hurtling downward to Hell with the death rattle of suicidal self-destruction in its throat.

The arrogant hypocrisy of petty thugs and drug dealers having the sheer chutzpah to make moral judgments about local communities engaged in self defence is as outrageous as it is palpable. What a circus it was, and has been since, for all the lead clowns involved. Various members and associates of the ‘Bra Boys’ and The Commanchero MC have been involved in one well publicised crime after another since 2005 and it doesn’t look like letting up any time soon. Several politicians and ‘commentators’ involved have lost their careers and reputations and we are likely, as the years go by, to see more evidence surface that will expose the disgraceful corruption that went on.

Unsurprisingly, for a society weaned on Hollywood Jew hate propaganda, the term ‘redneck’ was seemingly on everyone’s lips, employed of course, in its purely pejorative sense by people utterly ignorant of the word’s etymology and concerned only with its use as a ‘one size fits all’ derogatory slur for Whites who refuse to toe the Politically Correct line. The primary inference being that those tagged with the epithet are lowbrow ignoramuses, possibly inbred, and almost certainly from the most wretched section of the socio-economic scale. Arbitrary judgment and condemnation of political enemies as base and uneducated, thereby disqualifying them from any rights to expression, is a salient feature of the cultural Marxist mindset.

As your Old Uncle Victor has said in the past, the ‘educated’ (read: indoctrinated) Leftoid’s tiresomely predictable response to virtually any argument mounted by a White Nationalist or similar is “You do not have a University Degree. Therefore you are not qualified to have an opinion.” This goes to the very heart of their intrinsically authoritarian nature. Despite all their protestations to the contrary, while condemning ‘Fascism’ and other Totalitarian regimes, the typical Leftoid worships conformity.

August 2000 was (subsequently) known as ‘Evil August’ by both the Controlled Media and the NSW Police.

From the NSW Police’s own training manual on dealing with Sexual Assault:

4 August 2000

Train between City & Punchbowl. 14 year old girl Surrounded on train by 4 males. Indecent assaults, assaults, masturbated in front of with demands for sex for all males.
8 August 2000.Drew Street Park, Greenacre 13 year old girl Coaxed to the park & tied up using packing tape. 2 males forced oral sex & 1 male attempted vaginal intercourse. Stated they had done it before & that their mates were on the way.
10 August 2000.
Northcote Park, Greenacre 17 & 18 year old girls. Offered cannabis and lift home from Chatswood. Taken to park and both sexually assaulted (oral) by group of 8 males.
12 August 2000.
Gosling Park, Greenacre 16 year old girl. Offered a night out in the City. Taken to park and sexually assaulted (vaginal) by 2 males from a group of at least 8 males.
13 August 2000.
15 year old girl. Unknown park near Lidcombe Offered a lift from near the train station. She declined & was forced into car by 4 males and sexually assaulted (vaginal).
16 August 2000
13 & 15 year old girls Allum Park, Greenacre Forced into a car at Belmore &taken to park by 3 males. Unsuccessful attempts made to force them to have sex.
24 August 2000
16 year old girl. Vicinity Bankstown Square Surrounded by 10 males & Ind. assaulted. All demanded sex. Escaped into female toilets, but followed by male who tried to have intercourse.
27 August 2000
17 year old girl. Smith Park, East Hills. Coerced into car and taken to park where she was sexually assaulted (digital & oral).
30 August
18 year old girl sexually assaulted by 14 different offenders in 3 different locations and using 3 different cars. Offences lasted 5 hours & included oral, vaginal and anal.
5 September15 & 16 year old girls sexually assaulted by 4 offenders after kidnapped from outside Beverley Hills railway station. Lasted 4 hours & included oral and vaginal.

19 offenders arrested and charged with 380 indictments for 8 offences against 11victims.

Previous twelve months 25 gang sexual assault committed in area.
Good basic police work identified core offenders
Two brothers, Mohammed and Bilal Skaf received the highest sentences ever for sexual assault of 40 and 55 years imprisonment.
Other sentences were, 18, 25 and 32 years. Major Strikeforce established to investigate gang sexual assaults committed by the same offenders.

Understand this point very well, gentle reader, as you read this small example of what went on during just ONE MONTH in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, that the welfare and safety of young White Women was considered subordinate to the overwhelming importance of International prestige and politics by The Government, The Police and The Media. The above events went virtually unreported at the time in the Controlled Media and the Police conspired with the Media to suppress and suggestions about what they already knew, that the crimes were not only linked and were certainly not random, but were Racially motivated Hate Crimes targeted specifically against White Australian Females. How many of these crimes, that spanned well over a year, could have been prevented if the community had been alerted to the modus operandi of the rapists? How would you feel if it had been YOUR daughter, wife, sister, mother who had been a victim? Never Forgive it. Never Forget it.

It is an incontrovertible fact that for any civilised society to function there must be respect for the institutions of Government, Law and Order and other official administrative entities. However, when those institutions are so fundamentally corrupt and clearly work against the interests of those they are designed to serve, due to infiltration by criminals, perverts, social deviants, special interest groups and tiny minorities, then some form of protest and resistance must be mounted. Even the mildest dissidence in the form of civil disobedience is not only expected but essential. The villains must be called to account.


Anonymous said...

once again, nice article!
Have you actually tried to look at the FDB site recently? The whole thing is a bunch of broken links, pages that aren't there and wayyy outdated info - it's safe to say that those homosexual deviant commies have kicked the bucket!

Victor Whitelaw said...

Call your Old Uncle Victor superstitious, and he is, but he’d prefer to sight the corpses before he ‘calls it’ on the FDB gang. Bearing in mind it is unwise to tempt fate he is leaving the book open on their supposed demise. Too often he has witnessed the equivalent of political zombies who have ‘reanimated’ long after the flesh is cold. As WLT have often predicted it is also highly possible that Darp will reappear as a low rent antipodean replicant of Morris Dees.