Friday, November 11, 2011

Memories are made of this…

Okay...let's cut the crap...One of your Old Uncle Victor’s late Father’s (God rest his soul) earliest memories (he was born in 1936) was of the Nuns at his primary school in Dublin organising the kids to pray for the success of the Normandy landings and the Allies’ subsequent triumph over the National Socialists of Germany. One of your Old Uncle Victor’s Mother’s earliest memories (she was born in 1935) was of her family’s house in London being destroyed by the Luftwaffe. A singular act for which she never forgave Herr Hitler and that always reminds your Old Uncle Victor of the hilarious book written by the extremely mentally disturbed Spike Milligan, ‘Adolf Hitler. My part in his downfall’. Yes folks, certain people have always taken grand historical events very personally. But you try and explain that to Victor’s mum, she won’t have any of it. She’s grown up on Hollywood and believes every word. Her shame and disgust at her son’s politics cannot be tempered by any degree of argument. MGM et al have done their work well. Victor’s family have been extraordinarily fortunate in their warrior follies. All have returned from the theatre of War alive, although several have been wounded and maimed. His Paternal Great Grandfather, Joe Flanagan, like tens of thousands of Irish, served in the British Army in France during World War One and was gassed and wounded in battle. Joe’s proudest possession, according to family mythology, was his MkVI Webley revolver hanging from its Sam Browne belt that came in mighty handy, along with his legendarily thorough British military training, in his post war career in the Irish Republican resistance movement. Victor's Maternal Grandfather, Stan Bush, took part in the greatest sea battle in Human History, the Battle of Jutland, on the British Battle Cruiser HMS Indomitable, and Victor’s most prized possessions are his Granddad’s medals.

May the White Tribes of Europe never again fight fratricidal wars for the benefit of the loathesome Jews.

Lest we forget

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cannibalrabbi said...

"May the White Tribes of Europe never again fight fratricidal wars for the benefit of the loathesome Jews.

Lest we forget"

Amen to that!