Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Neo-Communism of Liberal Democracy

“Communism kills the body but Liberalism rots the soul”Tomislav Sunic
“Liberalism is Moral Syphilis”
“Liberalism is merely a milder form of Communism”
“There’s no need to ban books (under Liberalism) when forty percent of the population can’t even read.”
Jonathan Bowden

The eyes, look at the EYES!

Communism is the only political regime in Human History that built walls to keep its citizens IN rather than to keep its enemies out. In the 1999 book ‘Stasi The Untold Story of the East German Secret Police by John. O. Koehler the author states: “The Soviet Union's KGB employed about 480,000 full-time agents to oversee a nation of 280 million, which means there was one agent per 5,830 citizens. Using Wiesenthal's figures for the Nazi Gestapo, there was one officer for 2,000 people. The ratio for the Stasi was one secret policeman per 166 East Germans.” Even the notorious Jewish ‘Nazi Hunter’ Simon Wiesenthal stated quite bluntly that the Stasi were “Worse than the Gestapo”. Despite total criminal retards like the Fight Dem Back Gang’s career welfare recipient Brian ‘weezil’ Stokes (in)famously enquiring “What exactly is wrong with Communism?” there is a massive amount of information out there that chronicles the most cruel, evil and oppressive system of government ever. Such a stupid question can emanate from only one of two sources, gross ignorance or unmitigated evil. Judging from the other many socio-political statements from Stokes’ fevered brain one is compelled to accept the latter reason for his seemingly outrageous perversity. As the enormous archives of decades long suppression, surveillance and file keeping by the Eastern Bloc Communists is exposed by Historians and other researchers trawling the mountains of paperwork and microfilms there is a seemingly endless amount of facts being revealed about their modus operandi and the depth of their brutality. It is only now, in recent years, being challenged for this premier position by the far more subtle, insidious and sophisticated system known generically as ‘Western Liberal Democracy’.

When the Homosexual Jew Jello Biafra from the Punk Rock band 'Dead Kennedys' sang in their 1980 song 'California Über Alles' the words:

"Now it is 1984
Knock-knock at your front door
It's the suede/denim secret police
They have come for your uncool niece "
he probably thought he was being clever and ironic rather than simply deadly accurate. The song was a dig at another Brown, Governor Jerry Brown, a 'progressive Democrat' who was obviously not progressive and Democratic enough for some tastes. The point in mentioning this is that it illustrates the fact that, contrary to popular belief and misconception, there is no contradiction whatsoever in the term 'Liberal Totalitarianism' and that many aging Hippies and 'Boomers', rather than being simply 'vegetable rights and peace man' super cool dudes are a hair's breadth away from crashing their newly acquired jackboots into the faces of Conservatives and Nationalists. Never forget that the drug abusing sex maniac draft dodger Bill Clinton and several of his fellow former 'Anti War' statesmen in NATO were the very same creatures who bombed and murdered civilians in Belgrade, a White European city in a Sovereign Christian Nation that was guilty of nothing more than self defence and a little house cleaning. That truly WAS ironic considering Serbia's recent past and its centrality in a brutal Soviet regime. Now that is Neo-Communism at its deadly far...


Anonymous said...

Via the defunked Brain Akira.


Peter Watson said...

Whitelaw Towers,

Here is an article you might be interested in that was published in the last issue of the Spearhead:


What is the main cause of victimisation, feminism, anti-racism, gay rights, multiculturalism/racialism and rewritten history?

What is the force pushing for political correctness?

What causes people, mostly white people, to be fearful of saying the wrong thing or being denounced as "offensive, in sensitive, racist, sexist or homophobic"?

Cultural Marxism is the cause of all of them.

Political Correctness is derived from Cultural Marxism and Cultural Marxism is derived from the Frankfurt School.

The Frankfurt School was founded as a school of thought during the 1920s after the Marxist Russian Revolution of 1917.

The aim of the Frankfurt School was the destruction of Western White civilisations in order to achive a Marxist revolution in the White European Western nations.

Cultural Marxism, in simple terms, is the transcribing of Marxism from economic into cultural terms.

It believes that everything is about power of one group over another.

Leftist activists and university educated people divide people into victims and thos responsible for oppression and discrimination.

You thus have victim groups: Aboriginals and other non-whites, refugees, ethnics, non-heterosexuals, disabled people and women.

On the other side of the divide you have those who apparently are responsible for oppression and discrimination, white male heterosexuals.

Cultural Marxism believes that certain groups are good while others are bad.

It goes further and claims that all literature revolves around that principle.

Leftist activists and professionals, mostly university and high school teachers, use deconstruction and the critical thought theory to justify its methods to achive it goals.

They take any text, like plays or novels, remove their original meaning and re-insert any meaning desired.

The critical theory is a combination of Cultural Marxism and Freudism.

It was developed by the Institute for Social Research with the aim of the removal of the Christian religion from White Western civilisations.

The critical theory offers no alternative to the capitalist economic system.

Instead, the theory states that one must simply critise the current system in order to bring it down.

The Jews have played a key role in it all.

The Jews have been involved with elements of what we now call Cultural Marxism since the 19th Century.

Jewish intellectuals and political social activists were heavily involved in the student rebellions of the 60s and 70s.

The German Jew Franz Boas created the idea of Cultural Realism.

The Jewish intellectuals came up with the idea that "race is a social construct".

The Jewish intellectual believed that social constructs were a result of historical accidents or trends.

Deconstruction was created by a French Jew by the name of Jaques Derrida.

The claim that Judaism and Bolshevism are related is not rubbish.

Communism, during the 19th Century, was formulated by Jewish ideologues such as Karl Marx.

In 1917, out of the 59 members of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party, 40 were Jews!

Anonymous said...

Kikey Noses Peter,

Don't post under your real name. Let the Chosen Ones feel you're shit scared of 'em by posting under something else. Watto, or something really tricksie gets them all in a lubricious lather. Gives them something to do. They'll be looking under every IP rock and yarmukka to see sho it is that don't lik' them.

Anonymous said...

I love your Bill Clinton ending, Whitelaw!!

"Nothing frightens Jews more than a perfect unity in others: the unity of feeling in a movement, in a people”. – Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, leader of the Romanian Iron Guard movement.

"A country has the jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can settle and thrive only in swamps, likewise the former can survive only in the swamps of our sins." - Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

"Today all those who are on the line of destiny and national history have a duty to demand and to enforce that both internal and external Romanian politics be removed from the influence and control of Free Masonry, of Communism, and of Judaism. This is the only salvation for the future of this nation." - Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

Codreanu was another great man who observed the created fallacies of false liberalism, democracy and jewish capitalism.