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‘Neo-Nazi’ hysteria desperately kept alive in the middle of Europe

Barbecue in Rostock or Kebabs in Königsberg?

The 'Nazis under the bed' witch hunt continues for any signs of the fearsome National Socialist beast reanimating in Germany. The ‘authorities’ (read: Zio-puppets) aided eagerly by their slavering attack dogs in the Controlled Media have launched into a frenzy in the past day or so after discovering what can only be termed the inevitable consequences of their own draconian Anti-Nationalist legislation.
Neo-Nazi murders expose institutional blind spot
Published: 18 Nov 11 15:16 CET

Germany’s law-enforcement and intelligence authorities are scrambling for answers after a neo-Nazi terrorist cell murdered at least ten people. Hannah Cleaver examines how the far-right threat was ignored. 'Were security officials, politicians and society blind in the right eye?' While making a Hitler salute is illegal in Germany, it appears as if the self-styled National Socialist Underground (NSU) terrorist group could kill at will for more than a decade. The neo-Nazi gang managed to remain unknown to the German authorities for 13 years, shooting dead nine immigrant shopkeepers and a policewoman, as well as injuring several more people with homemade explosives. While local police wrongly suspected ethnic organised crime elements to be behind the murders, the country’s domestic intelligence service – the Verfassungsschutz – failed to avert the nationwide terror campaign despite identifying NSU members as active neo-Nazis who had been building bombs way back in 1998. “I’ll admit that a few days ago it was impossible to imagine there could actually be such terrorist organisations, or that a cell could murder its way across the country,” German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich told public broadcaster ARD this week. Speaking of a “new form” of far-right terrorism to hit Germany, he has called for a central database of known right-wing extremists and better coordination between the police and Verfassungsschutz. While the details of how exactly which authority made which mistakes, a general lack of awareness, urgency and institutional inefficiency can certainly be detected throughout. These are almost identical charges to those made against German police forces and intelligence agencies after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States. The measures taken afterwards, and the enormous emphasis placed on Islamist terrorism since, potentially obscured the threat from the German far-right. But they could also provide a good template for what needs to change in the fight against violent neo-Nazis, a terrorism expert at a southern German state Verfassungsschutz office told The Local. He said a previous lack of communication between the intelligence services and police was tackled with alacrity via a national anti-terror centre. “All 16 state police forces, all 16 state domestic intelligence offices, customs officials, the federal police and intelligence forces, they all send representatives there,” he said. “Such cooperation between the authorities would certainly be useful in the right-wing extremist area. It really bridged the gaps between the authorities.”
New approach needed
He said a fiery speech held in a mosque inciting people to violence would likely be picked up on and become part of an over-arching observation of the extreme Islamist scene – but a Hitler salute by a neo-Nazi would not necessarily be treated in the same way. “Perhaps because the right-wing extremists drink beer and speak German, we think we can understand them,” the intelligence officer told The Local. “With the Islamists after 2001 it was different; we had to really adopt a new approach. But with the right-wing extremists that is perhaps also the case.” The Verfassungsschutz man also emphasised that the immigrant shopkeeper murders were crimes – and thus for the police to investigate. Yet the police are refusing to take responsibility for failing to connect the dots, blaming state and federal intelligence agencies for not telling them what they knew. “There is no good cooperation, or no cooperation at all,” said Rainer Wendt, chairman of the German Police Union on Wednesday, accusing Verfassungsschutz officers of operating in secret. “They don’t even tell each other what they are doing. I find that unworthy in a country with the rule of law,” he told Deutschlandfunk radio. A re-think will almost certainly now be undertaken to determine whether the attention was directed on Islamist terrorism at the expense of focus on the far-right extremist scene. And the operations against neo-Nazis may well have been too dependent on intelligence agencies paying far-right snitches for information, with suggestions that the extensive network of informers was delivering little of value – and indirectly funding far-right activities. The Verfassungsschutz office in the eastern state of Thuringia has been particularly singled out for failure. The clamour of criticism has been getting louder as the extent of the authorities’ failures sink in. On Thursday, Thomas Oppermann, a top Social Democratic MP and chairman of the parliamentary intelligence committee, said there had been “a systematic underestimation of right-wing extremism in Germany.”
‘Carelessness, vacillation and neglect’
Speaking to the NDR radio station he said of the police as well as intelligence agencies, “One sees carelessness everywhere, one sees vacillation and neglect of duty.” A recent police and intelligence agency focus on far-left extremism, particularly in the light of a lengthy series of arson attacks on cars in Berlin, is being held up as an illustration of the bias of officials still haunted by the Leftist terrorism of the Red Army Faction in the 1970s and 1980s. Bernd Wagner, a criminologist and expert on the far-right who founded the “Exit” group to help neo-Nazis leave the scene, said Germany needed to be more aware of the danger they pose. “Every Nazi group certainly has the potential to form a violent cell which could operate in the underground,” he told public broadcaster ZDF. “No snappy response from intelligence agencies can help, when they say everything is under control, and that our eyes and ears have everything covered. History is now telling us this is not the case.”
Hannah Cleaver (

As one commenter on this article remarked:
#1 16:12 November 18, 2011 by nolibs
“There is no blind spot. It is tragic that these men were murdered, but less than one murder per year on average over 13 years is not high enough to raise a red flag. The homicide rate in Germany was 2,601 last year alone, so someone please tell me how one death in that bucket is a blind spot?”
Sadly, he and other commenters failed to mention the monumentally ‘tragic’ nature of forced Multiculturalism on a great nation like Germany. Apparently ‘tragedies’ when viewed through the distorted ‘Planet Bizarro’ lens of Liberal Democratic totalitarianism natural and organic social responses to invasion by aggressive and destructive alien elements manifesting as dissident resistance groups occasionally resorting to admittedly crude and erroneous tactics are assigned demonic status while, simultaneously, the processes resulting in an entire Nation State being butchered in plain sight of the World is considered beyond the pale of ‘civilised’ discourse. These psychotically hateful Leftist architects of doom have not only successfully disenfranchised their political adversaries from positing any reasonable questions on the received wisdom of certain events in the historical narrative but utterly demonised any oppositional debate and discourse regarding their dysgenic and misanthropic insanity whatsoever.
This ruthlessly enforced pressure cooker situation results in spontaneous ‘outbreaks’ of fury from the energy loop because, in accordance with the Laws of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be totally destroyed, it merely transmutes or changes from one form to another. Enough pressure at an atomic level, as we all know, can release catastrophic amounts of energy, so the bone headed foolishness of this Leftist tactic of ultimate suppression can only ever lead to their own destruction. It is only a matter of time. So too for ideas and ideology, our eternal enemies can crush and smash cell after cell, group after group, movement after movement, organisation after organisation but the purity of our ideology will always remain because our ideology is based in nature and truth and these are eternal cosmic qualities. In other words, their worst nightmare is essentially true. We will always keep coming back.
No matter what the cretinous Humanist ‘levellers’ say, the hierarchical ideas contained within the National Socialist doctrine are as natural, primordial and instinctive as the genetically imprinted prime directives of survival, growth and prosperity for any organism both at an individual level and, most importantly, as a species. The so-called ‘selfish gene’ strives to ensure its own survival ad infinitum and beneficial, good quality genes should be assisted through Eugenic processes to stay with our Race and impart their genetic memory to our seed line to guarantee continuity and identity to our folk and aid in our quest of a genuine ‘ruthless pursuit of excellence’. There are many essential Nietzschean principles contained within all Nationalist philosophy, not just those of European origin. All Races should be encouraged, and most already practice it, to pursue Nationalism. All that your Old Uncle Victor has written here is currently condemned as heretical, ‘unscientific’ even, but that is because we are living in a dystopian nightmare of inverted logic. Every day we are asked (forced?) to believe ‘scientific facts’ that are clearly nonsense. Worse than nonsense, they are deliberately contrived bits of disinformation. Science has become, like the mass media, just another tool of the enemy. His views are also damned as being undemocratic, elitist and Anti-Humanist. Okay, so they are all those things but are they essentially TRUE? That is the only thing that truly matters in the end.
Almost daily the Climate Change cultists are caught out falsifying data and test results. Why? Because the most basic principles of scientific enquiry have been abandoned. As in philosophical dialectic, any proposition, theory or hypothesis in Science should be ruthlessly attacked and examined and re-examined and only the ones that can stand up to brutally rigorous scrutiny should be grudgingly accepted (that’s how Science used to be) but we all know the precise opposite is happening in the so-called ‘Climate Debate’. Instead, an ‘apparent’ global warming (very, very minor) has had a complex and monstrous architecture of falsehoods constructed about its tiny, insignificant core and the ‘evidence’ is no longer even of any real importance any more because the entire discourse has been deliberately transferred from the ‘scientific’ to the socio-political arena.
The truth has never been of the slightest interest to the cultists, only belief and faith and the damnation of the ‘deniers’ as heretics. It is a process, similar to the old Soviet system, where children spy and report on their parents, where neighbours and work colleagues ‘test’ and self police their own communities by quizzing and ‘outing’ the infidels, the unbelievers, ridiculing them and even shunning them as ‘idiots’ and ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘old fuckwits’ because this is a cult designed primarily for the young. Another form of the old Sixties ‘generation gap’ where the parents and grandparents or ‘anyone over thirty’ is disprivileged of their rights to an opinion. Just hurry up and die. That’s what the Greens Party wants and they’ll asset strip you post mortem with their ‘Death Duties’. All the more money in their Globalist slush fund for Third World ‘Asylum Seekers’, Gay Rights militants, Feminists, Whale botherers and tree huggers.
The Cultural Marxists have latched onto this ‘Man-made climate change’ premise with the tenacity of a Rabbi’s grip on a Hundred Dollar note. Why? Because it is not just simply another devilishly clever mechanism for social engineering and CONTROL but it is an eloquently detailed one with a deliberate density and complexity of much apparently contradictory data, endless formulas, computer ‘models’ and theories that intimidates many instinctive detractors into silence because they can’t follow the mumbo jumbo, voodoo bullshit. They KNOW it just doesn’t add up but they have difficulty in articulating their opinions or a lack of persistence in examining the data. And like the other great hoax, the so called Holocaust© or Shoah, it has its own ‘in group/out group’ structure, its own heroes, legends, mythology, priests and, possibly most important of all, its… ‘deniers’. All successful cults must have their reviled arch enemies, their nemeses onto who they can project all their hatred. It is essential in the inculcation process of establishing and strengthening group identity to stress the inherently evil character of their adversaries. For the Left the enemy, the ‘other’ is the entire White Western Civilisation itself and a very special and intense hatred is reserved for its dwindling supporters in the various Paleo-Conservative and Nationalist groups whom they view as ‘reactionary’ and ‘counter revolutionary’. Just like another certain religion, there is the concept of ‘original sin’ and ‘group guilt’. A citizenry who are thoroughly inculcated with the concept of universal guilt and who, in meek compliance to the new dogma, identify as perpetrators can be manipulated far easier than guilt free independent thinkers who reject the imposed ‘consensus reality’.

Think, gentle reader, think...

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