Monday, November 21, 2011


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Background provided by Juda Dagane himself on his own face book page: ‘Works at South African Police Service (Forensic Analyst/Investigator). Studied at JCC, Texas USA Knows English, Setswana, from KwaThema, Gauteng Has many black American friends on his Face book page URL


Nov 19 2011 - A man claiming to be an SAPS investigator called Juda Dagane; writes on "Julius Sello Malema “ face book page:

" Fuck this white racist shirt! We must introduce Black apartheid. Whites have no ROOM in our heart and mind. Viva MALEMA.
Four mintues later: #Juda Dagane "When The Black Messiah (NM) dies, we'll teach whites some lesson. We'll commit a genocite on them. I hate whites.

REPLY 10:01AM #Junior Gary: 'black power comrade, i on your side when will they get the taste of their own medicene i think the time is nearer black power!!! Nov 19 2011 at 10:01am

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Anonymous said...

The information below is about the first massacre of White people in South Africa by international jewry.

Combined, more than 50,000 Boers and Englishmen were killed.

[There is more information following that main article].

Some of the satanic jewish-made doctrine which is known by the anti-Christ's name, "Christian-Zionism" was one result, and none other than Netanyahu provides confimation for that.