Saturday, December 03, 2011

Another Jew Paedo Predator caught?

Everything the well equipped Paedo-Predator needs to stalk, 'groom', intimidate and, ultimately, abduct, rape and torture kiddies. All that's missing is the MOSSAD badge and Kosher instruments of 'persuasion'...

The filthy criminal predator is a (almost certainly) Jew creep named Michael Feuerstein. Feuerstein is a very common Ashkenazi/German Yiddish name which is, in its Anglicised form, the more familiar surname Firestone. Although it is not exclusively indicative of Jew ancestry, the vast majority (90% plus) of people with this name are Jews. A photo of this filthpig would be invaluable in ascertaining, via physiognomic study, the genetic origins. Hilariously, his current monicker, via deed poll, is Elvis Presley, although the Police have charged him under his original name.
Former AFP employee charged after 35,000 child porn images found at his home:

Alicia Wood
December 2, 2011
Former AFP employee in child porn bust

Police have allegedly found thousands of child pornography images, police uniforms and prohibited weapons at the Sydney home of a former Australian Federal Police employee.
A former Australian Federal Police employee has been charged after police allegedly found 35,000 "obscene" child pornography images and 800 videos at his home.
The 49-year-old man was an employee of the federal police from 1986 to 1990.
Campbelltown police officers raided the man's Rosemeadow house, in Sydney's south-west, and said the alleged images were some of the worst examples of child pornography that they had seen.
Police allegedly seized batons and handcuffs from the man's house.
Campbelltown Local Area Commander Superintendent Greg Rolph, said: “Many of the images depicted have left the investigation team, some with more than 20 years' investigations experience, extremely concerned about the obscene nature of what they discovered.
"It was concerning to police because of the graphic nature of some of the images. While we have very experienced police, it would be inhuman if they weren’t affected from viewing these images.
"Our inquiries are still continuing to identify those children depicted in the photos and video files."
Superintendent Rolph said he could not comment on whether the man was depicted in the images that were allegedly found, as police were still in the process of classifying them.
Police will allege the man worked in positions of authority that allowed him to have contact with emotionally and physically vulnerable children.
The 49-year old man was charged with possessing child pornography, disseminating child pornography and possessing a prohibited weapon.
Police also seized federal police uniforms, batons and handcuffs from the man's house, and expect to lay further charges.
Superintendent Rolfe said detectives from Campbelltown carried out the raid on the man's house based on information provided by the federal police, but police did not expect to discover the uniforms and police paraphernalia in the house.
He could not comment on whether the man was a sworn federal police officer, or merely worked within the organisation.
Police said the man was "compliant" when officers turned up unannounced to search his house.
He will appear in Campbelltown Local Court today.
Leesha McKenny and AAP

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