Friday, December 02, 2011

Antisemitism Antischmemitism...

Anti-Semitism alive in Australian commumnity
Barney Zwartz
November 28, 2011
Jeremy Jones claims Australians need to treat hate crimes seriously.

JEWS in Australia faced 517 incidents of harassment or intimidation in the year to September 30, a 31 per cent rise from the year before, according to the Jewish community's annual report on anti-Semitism.

Oh my God! Build a wall! Call in the Riot Squad.
"Put bluntly, in Australia this year, 10 times a week, every week, Jewish Australians were attacked or threatened," report author Jeremy Jones said yesterday.
Put bluntly, in Australia this year, a thousand times a week, genuine White European Australians were attacked or threatened. Your point?
It is the 22nd year that Mr Jones, community affairs director for the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, has produced the report, which showed a 38 per cent increase over the average of the previous 21 years but an 80 per cent drop on the record tally (2009).
So why the tears already?

Between October 1, 2010, and September 30 this year, there were 17 physical assaults or property damage, 128 incidents of direct harassment and intimidation, five threatening phone calls, 301 emails, 48 incidents of anti-Jewish graffiti, and 18 other incidents.
“17 physical assaults”. WOW! Any decent pub or live entertainment venue in Sydney could top that in a single evening or weekend. The rest of the pathetic ‘statistics’ are worthy of similar contempt. They are comically insignificant. White European Australians, who do not have the wealth and privilege to live in the bolt hole, post code insularity of gated estates and exclusive enclaves are under CONSTANT assault by literal armies of Third World trash imported here for no good reason whatsoever other than to satisfy the sick social engineering agenda of Jones’ fellow tribesmen who are Hell bent on dumbing down and ‘genetically leveling’ this once mighty nation. He can go and get fucked with a stale bagel with gefilte fish and cream cheese as far as your Old Uncle Victor is concerned.

Mr Jones said the total did not include anti-Israel incidents or those where motivation was in doubt.
“motivation was in doubt”?????
While anti-Jewish violence had little public support, anti-Semitic comments "find comfortable hosts on the online sites of mainstream media outlets, including government-owned", he said.

He said Australians needed to treat hate crimes seriously.
Definition of ‘hate crimes’ is a hate crime by its own criteria.
The property damage or injury might be slight, but the impact on the victim and the community might be significant. The media should not allow comments online that they would not print or broadcast.

That’ll be fixed soon enough with the new legislation you will lobby (read: whine and threaten) for.
"It is time mainstream media and others grew up.”
Why not just tell them directly yourself Jez. After all, it’s your tribe that friggin’ OWNS ninety plus percent of it!
“The online world can no longer be regarded as some sort of alternative reality," Mr Jones said.

Tell that to any of the zillions of gamers, facebook trolls and porno addicts fed their daily fix by your fellow, filth peddling tribesmen Jez.
"Just as most church groups have managed to psychologically distance themselves from pseudo-Christian racists, mainstream Muslims, leftists, rightists and others need to identify racists as just that — bigots undeserving of a place."
“Undeserving of a place” eh Jezza? You hateful, whining, neurotic, psychopathic little prick. So with typical Jew chutzpah locked into overdrive you presume to lecture OUR people, yet again, on not only what constitutes ‘approved’ Christians and consequent Christian behaviour but also on an ‘appropriate’ response to White self defence and suggest White Nationalists emulate the time honoured Jew role of wandering outcasts of no fixed address? There are herds of rhinoceros out there that dream of a hide that thick.
Having long ago made his peace with the Master of the Universe (The Creator) and having put his affairs in order, your Old Uncle Victor reckons he’s pretty well alert 24/7 and has several of his neighbours ‘warned up’ and ‘clued in’ as to ‘the scene’ and extremely vigilant and looking out for that old Mossad death squad snooping around, should you feel compelled to despatch them. Okay, so they missed the sly fuckers who stole his garbage at three in the morning but hey, MOST of the time they’re on the job. And he’ll give the same tips he gives every wannabe assassin. Come heavily armed and come in large numbers. There WILL be blood. Can’t do fairer than that now can he? Bravado? Why not spin that old wheel and try yer luck? Shalom!
@ndy slackbastard says...

antifa notes (november 28, 2011)
Posted on November 29, 2011 by @ndy
In Australia, Jeremy Jones has released his annual report into anti-Semitism Down Under. Among many other highlights, (Peter Campbell and Jim Perren of) Whitelaw Towers blog gets a guernsey, (sic) as does Brendon O’Connell, Darryl Potts/KinkyBoy, Creatards, the keyboard warriors on Stormfront, and various other Jew-hating bigots.
Oddly, Blood & Honour, Combat 18 and the Hammerskins don’t appear in Jones’ report. This is especially so given the exposure in March of a Melbourne Hammerskin (Kenneth Stewart) as a mercenary in Afghanistan and in January the alleged supply of information to Combat 18 by (former) WA policeman Robert David Critchley (currently on trial before his Honour Judge Stavrianou and a Jury in Perth).
In Germany, meanwhile, former KKKlown and convicted fraud David Duke picked the wrogn (sic) week–”a week that Germany was reeling over the news of a wave of immigrant shopkeeper killings by neo-Nazis”

“a wave”? Wasn’t it over about a decade? Is that a “wave”?
–to blather about the Master Race,
“Master Race”? When has David Duke ever used that term?
and has allegedly been arrested for something-or-other.
“Something or other”? “Something or other”? WHAT?
Duke’s crime is understood to more likely concern his bad politics than his bad facelift.
Apparently @ndy ‘slackbastard’ is stamping his little feet, pursing his prissy little lips and kicking his morbidly obese cat with impotent rage at the sheer audacity, the audacity we tell you, of WLT inadvertently jagging the sort of publicity money simply can’t buy. UNlucky! For the Lefties that is. Oooer! What a scandal.
It’s also hilarious how @ndy posts a video of Woody Allen considering it’s a photo finish between ol’ Woody and fellow tribesman Roman Polanski on who’s the biggest Paedo-Predator. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! We’ll be seeing quotes from Allen Ginsberg and links to N.A.M.B.L.A. on slackbastard’s site next. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! These pinko ‘tards truly are the limit. Yet they presume to sit in judgment of US? WHAT a pack of spiteful criminal pervert hypocrites they are.


Anonymous said...

Narcissist Barney's been spending far too much time in front of the semen and blood spattered mirror known as the Talmud.

While peering into his mirror he occasionally catches a glimspe of others in the mirror who view his activities with complete and utter revulsion and disdain.

Barney lashes out and labels them "anti-semites" and "haters' for this. They do not find his image as magnificent he does.

His God, the image of himself, made Barney in his own image.

And so it goes on, and on, and on, and...................

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling you don't like this jEreMy MoAns prik Mr Whitelaw.

He comes across as the typical classroom suckhole, always polishing the apple of those who find his pleasuring pleasing.... A whining victim when his lies and mischief are exposed and a ruthless, shameless liar and bully when he feels he has a modicum of 'power' in the form of the ear of the jewpes.

These "jews", the establishment and media lickspittles who comprise the kapocracy of this earth, are not and never have been the gentle giants they insunuate themselves to be. An amalgam of Grima WormTongue and Gollum, escapees from dark and demented domains are all they ever have and will be.

Anonymous said...

For the snake moans, we say this.

Your religion has within it a construct know as 'Noachide Law'. Its forced imposition, with the death penalty advocated by the Rabbinate for all who refuse, requires that you and yours destroy all other religions, ideas, races, nations and peoples.

On this basis alone, we oppose and reject you as a collective messiah. You are a fraud and pretender to all things that you claim entitlement.

I challenge you and the jewish establishment to enunciate clearly to the public the tenets of Noachide Law and the future that the "Goyim" might expect while subjects to your historically tender mercies.

As deceivers and authors of confusion, your reputation is consistent with the truth.

Moans asserts cowardice in those who fight ideas that we feel to be lies and deceptions with our written truths.

Unlike you Moans, we do not send orcs and goblins in the darkness pretending and masquerading as something else to visit the family homes of those we disagree with.

Nor do we advocate genocide and murder as does your religion.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy says his bit.

Buffalo Bill, one of the Many Wacky weirdos, predators and perpetrators resident at the persecution complexes of the BnaiBrith, wants his lotion back from the feminised and knickered Whiteys who've been using it to ease the pain and shame of being forced by fear of rebuke into believing the mind fuck.

"It rubs the (multicultural, homosexual, feminising, appeaseant, inguiltifying, holocaustic and obsequious Noachide) lotion on its Kin."

Anonymous said...

An important essay on the motivations behind jeremy's moans.

Conclusion.....The deconstruction of other peoples is judaism in practice.