Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Gift And A Short Message For The A.P.P.

This December, J.C. Is Number One With A Bullet!
The absolutely brilliant Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Political Historian, former Cultural Adviser to the BNP and awesomely powerful public speaker Mr. Jonathan Bowden has said:
“Right Wing ideas are not about a bit of flag waving and baiting a few Muslims. Right Wing ideas are spiritually about inequality. The Left love equality. They believe we are all the same and they believe that as a morality and as a moral good which will be imposed.”
It would appear that the deranged Darrin ‘Bobby Dazzler’ Hodges and the hilariously misnamed ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ are content to limit their faux, small ‘n’, ‘nationalist’ activities and ideology to the former, supplemented of course with regular slobbering accolades for the Bandit State of Israel and sycophantic worship of the vile Chosenites.
One wonders what the Dazzler would think about Bowden’s statement that “Patriotism is the only Socialism” (because it appeals to individuals in ALL stratas and 'classes' of White Society) and as he and his cronies sneer that White National Socialism is a ‘Left Wing’ movement and therefore, in their ill informed and self delusional opinion, is essentially no different from Marxist/Humanist/Universalist INTER-national Socialism.
In truth, any fair and reasonable assessment of the Australian Proctologists Party will reveal nothing more than a reactionary 'Neo-Conservative' Trojan Horse, filled with philosemitic shills and Shabbos Goyim, cynically contrived to infiltrate the ranks of the True Right with Israel First Islamophobes and microcephalic Judeophile suck-holes. These creatures are not even Racially conscious.They indulge in miscegenation and Inter-Racial 'cooperation'.

If you are White and reckon you're a true 'Christian' don't just sing a few hymns, clap yer hands, roll yer eyes in ecstatic worship while singing Hallelujah this Christmas, grow a set and let the Jews know you're onto their filthy lies and let your fellow happy clappers know the truth about the Synagogue Of Satan.

"I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas"

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