Saturday, December 03, 2011

My Tram Experience-The Mantra Response

The information in this video is the CORRECT and ONLY method to fight White genocide.

Anti-racism is a CODE WORD for anti-white

ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being blended out of existence.

"To do our jobs" does not justify White genocide
"Because of history " does not justify White genocide.
"For the economy" does not justify White genocide.
"Low birth rates", does not justify White genocide.
"We all bleed red!" does not justify White genocide.
"Because of colonialism" does not justify White genocide.
"A shortage of doctors" does not justify White genocide
"We are all human!" does not justify White genocide.
"Race is just a social construct!" does not justify White genocide.
"We are all from Africa!" does not justify White genocide.
"So we have pensions" does not justify White genocide.
And so on and so forth
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Images and Sounds from the video presentation:
Hur man debatterar ner "anti-rasoster"

Horus the Avenger:

Bob Whitaker:


Anonymous said...

Ted Pike suggests that the Hate Laws designed by the BnaiBrith target Christians specifically.

This is probably only part correct. More likely it is an attempt to punish those least likely to agree peacefully to a Noachide Tyranny.

Think Much Chosen syndrome by proxy...... The existing healthy state is made sick consistent with the various ideologies that appear to be mostly invented by the collective mind of the jewish establishment, the ‘jews’. After having ‘proven’ that the goyim cannot possibly govern themselves as a result of the ‘jews’ doing their malevolent best to make it so, the ‘jews’ will present their noachide solution to despairing gentile legislatures, by now fully inguiltified with holocaust propaganda, who believe the insinuation that the goyim, as failures and not fully human, are congenital and irredeemable murderers of the jews, Irredeemable except and only by repentance through accepting the 7 Laws of Noach.

Unlike the Amish who keep to themselves, the "jews", who feign to be like the Amish, are required by their religion of tolerance to establish courts, the Sanhedrin, so as to administer the affairs of the Noachide. The Noachide is everyone not jewish. No other forms of humanly existence are permissible. The problem for most of us, if they knew, would be that jewish 'justice' and the processes leading to its application are entirely discretionary to the extent that the truth of matters adjudicated is of no consequence whatsoever.

If the jews are prevented from establishing a global Noachide tyranny with its legal and religious center in Jerusalem Greater Israel, then they are effectively unable to practice their religion upon those they deem not fully human.

For this reason any attempt made to derail their plans for the Noachide are labeled as ‘fascism’ ‘anti-semitism’, ‘hatred’ and ‘intolerance’. To reject a Noachide tyranny is to reject God itself. The demented logic of their protestations is surely self- evident to all prepared to think rationally and with the future of innocents in mind.

Nothing good has ever come of jewish rule... Only lies, mischief, confusion and its inevitable failure as a construct whose very existence is built on foundations of untruth.

Anonymous said...

Ted Pike of is a valuable human being, regardless of what you think of Christianity.