Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Tram Ride Experience, A Brief Analysis

More balls than your average English 'Man' ... apparently...

Upon examination of the video clip your Old Uncle Victor would like to vent his opinions on what we are actually seeing at work in this sorry incident. Taken as it is, a small vignette, a snapshot of everyday life on the public transport system of a modern western metropolis it is as tragically sad as it is informative. What we are seeing in the, quite frankly, chilling commentary and the hype surrounding this video is the emergence of an increasingly militant and violent so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ response to alleged ‘Racist’ incidents. The typical stereotype of the hand-wringing insipid liberal, the bespectacled, sandal wearing, vegetarian school teacher type is rapidly being replaced by a vicious and nasty sort of radical who would cut your throat for having an opinion inconsistent with their own world view.
This shocking and disgusting hatred has been made possible only through a carefully contrived and sustained, decades long ‘re-education’ and preparation of the popular psyche via the Controlled Media and Entertainment Industry in demonising White Racial Pride as the most evil thing in the known Universe. The blood of innocent Whites all over the World at the hands of the Mud Races, weaned on the politics of envy and incensed by stories of White cruelty and oppression, is on the hands of the scum who have promoted this program of propaganda, mainly the Jew owned and controlled Media and their lackeys.
If there is one positive aspect to emerge from this ridiculous ‘twitter’ craze perhaps it is the opportunity for us to discern, through study of these impromptu, ‘shooting from the lip’ comments, a more accurate appraisal of the ‘tweeter’s’ true opinions. We are almost certainly getting a more honest, instinctive and reflexive response to any socio-political matter from these short bursts of mental flatulence.
As casual observers after the fact we do not know what initiated the incident, what has happened or been said immediately prior to the video clip. Despite this lack of information we can still safely deduce from the evidence before us that the White people standing about saying nothing are pretty much an utter waste of their White skin. They are an embarrassment to their ancestors who built, with their blood, sweat and tears, a mighty nation and extensive empire, shame on them. So comprehensively denuded of their sense of Racial identity, cultural integrity and National sovereignty are these ghosts of the English, so terrorised by the oppressive statutes of the state that prohibit free expression of opinion or even fact, they stand frozen and stunned in this tableau like trapped animals, their eyes glazed with an intense effort to wish themselves away to anywhere but here.
In the current circumstances that all formerly White Nations find themselves in, an atomised state of hyper individuality underwritten by consumerism and indoctri-tainment with no solidarity or ethno identity, every White knows there is little if any chance he would be backed up by his racial fellows if he were to stick his neck out and have a crack at the Multi-Cult. There is no esprit de corps or sense of blood and belonging. This has been knocked out of our people.
Whereas all healthy societies and ethno-states are largely and quite necessarily self policing on moral and ethical issues we now find a Stasi-land mentality in our heavily monitored Politically Correct Western Nations. Cultural Marxism is relentless in its quest to promote social permissiveness of all kinds and dismantle all traditional cultural institutions and former societal control mechanisms while simultaneously replacing them with its own, far more ruthless and intolerant, cult of Political Correctness. Virtually EVERYTHING goes except Racial realism, cultural identity and ethnic sovereignty of Whites. The highest of all evils is White Identity. White is now synonymous with ‘Racist’.
The White Woman threatens no violence, unlike the Negroid matriarch and the young black male sitting directly behind her, who stands up suddenly, throws off his backpack and makes threatening gestures while another unseen, apart from his white arm, passenger pleads with him not to attack. In a perfect World of course there would be no ‘pleading’ at all from a White Man protecting a White Woman but simply a king hit to the ape’s jaw thereby rendering the threat neutralised. Hers is merely a brutally honest and visceral response to the cumulative effect of decades of cruel and vile injustices and dispossession of the indigenous British peoples by successive corrupt administrations, manipulated by Jews and their Corporate Shabbos Goy, who employ Multiculturalism as a psychological operation and genetic weapon to advance the Corporate Globalist agenda of a One World Slave State.
Although it is clearly the unsophisticated and inarticulate outburst of a rather basic and probably poorly educated person it is still essentially true. She tells no lies. So what is the main problem? What is her crime? Old Victor would suggest it is the awkward and uncomfortable case of a very common and lowly ranked person speaking that which all know to be true with no fear of the consequences while supposedly more clever and educated people with university degrees fail to acknowledge due to selfishness and moral cowardice. If we gaoled every parent who was illiterate or poorly behaved in public we would require many institutions the size of the Pentagon building to house them.
In a former generation, not all that long ago, the Englishmen that your humble writer knew, regardless of social station, had a self confidence, a natural sense of justice and properness, an assertiveness rather than aggression, that would have manifested simply as the art of control in a scene such as this. No furious fits of rage from neurotic individuals with so much pent up anger and repressed resentment that they could spend decades as apparently docile, bovine conformists only to ‘go postal’ in a sudden and catastrophic ‘el snappo berserko’ moment. The very least the other White passengers could or perhaps should have done, out of common sense and Human decency, is to have calmly appealed to the Woman to ‘not make a scene’ and to respect the rights of the other passengers not to have to listen to her spleen vent. They could have even appealed to her sense of self preservation by helpfully informing her that this outburst might result in her getting into trouble with the law. They could even have said, yes, we agree with your rights of expression, but the Law does not. Look after your own interests by being quiet. The village squire, in his tweed jacket, might have spoken up and said “Now see here, my good woman. Behave yourself and tend to your child. I will handle these fuzzy wuzzies’ and he would have put the Negroids in their place also, at the back of the bus, so to speak. But you see, a society that would have such dutiful and responsible people would not have, in the first place, permitted the existence of so many brutal primitives in its midst any more than they would have tolerated these so-called ‘Chavs’ (Bogans) and other low rank Whites to be ‘cheeky’, lazy and disrespectful.
It is also possible even that the other White mother who verbally assaults the White woman is actually as frustrated at her inability to summon the courage and support the other White mother so instead ‘shoots the messenger’ and blames her for ‘waking her baby’. Deep down perhaps she does agree with what is being said but resents the uncomfortable situation she has been placed in by this other irresponsible, in her mind, loud mouthed Woman. You see, the greatest fear all the Whites in that carriage possess, greater even than the fear of physical harm or death, is being labelled a ‘Racist’ so they seek to strongly disassociate themselves from the inconvenient truths being yelled out by that damned stupid woman. Why can’t she just keep her mouth shut? She’s going to get us ALL into trouble.
The extreme irony of the large Negroid female, the main antagonist, trying to take the high moral ground by complaining about the White Woman’s use of swear words is not lost on your Old Uncle Victor. Any who have experienced even brief proximity to Blacks, thugs or otherwise, will be aware of their disgusting and primitive pidgin lingo laced with terms ranging from merely disrespectful to the hatefully misanthropic and misogynist. One wonders would she attempt to ‘correct’ the speech of such a group of Negroid youths who are engaged in impersonating their ‘Gangsta’ rapper heroes, ‘dissin’ bitches’ and ‘hoe’s’ and utilising the foulest epithets in the English language to convey intimidation and violence.
Finally, the ‘Twitter’ comments are not all that surprising when coming from the usual suspects of White hating Muds, self hating White Marxists and self righteous, pompous so-called ‘Liberal Democrats’ but are more shocking for the fact that these people have no qualms whatsoever in revealing their identities, along with snapshots of their faces, to the entire World. Emboldened by the current Anti-White political climate they obviously see nothing wrong, immoral or illegal in inciting violence and advocating summary execution and child abuse (what else is raping and murdering a mother in front of her child?) How these cruel fools reconcile their vicious comments with a claimed desire to live in a free and open world where all people and views are respected and tolerated is beyond the comprehension and imagination of your kindly Old Uncle Victor.
Do not hold your breath for any of these disgusting animals to be condemned or sanctioned in any way let alone prosecuted. (Perhaps this might be a project for highly motivated White Nationalists with the time required to pursue these creeps and shame them with their own words of hate and intolerance.) Do not wait for a witch hunt of these creatures by the daily tabloids or for special televised Police statements and media conferences announcing the establishment of a ‘Strike Force’ to bring these criminals to justice and ‘prosecute them with the full weight of the Law’ for inciting violence and promoting Racial tension. It is open season on White ‘Racists’ but all other species are protected. Here in Australia we witnessed, during the now infamous Cronulla Uprising, the virtual excoriation by the corrupt career politicians, the so-called Anti-Racists and the Ethnic Mafias in league with the filthy whores of the Controlled Media, of anyone who openly identified as a White Australian. Forget about so-called ‘Neo-Nazis’ or ‘Fascists’ or ‘White Supremacists’. For many months after, any who had the audacity to simply call themselves ‘White’ was at the best viewed with suspicion or thought to be ‘misguided’ and at the worst treated as a ‘dangerous’ threat to ‘Multicultural harmony’ or a potential ‘terrorist’ and this is no exaggeration at all.
This incident, and others like it, may be a very good opportunity to highlight the hypocrisy of our enemies and to alert the apathetic White fence sitters to the dire state their Race faces. It is an ill wind indeed that blows no good.

How the British National Party saw it:
Blackout as Emma West is Remanded in Custody!
by Carlos Cortiglia.

The British judicial system is yet again in disgrace as Emma West was remanded in custody on Tuesday the 6th December to appear in Crown Court on January 3rd, 2012! No media outlets have covered the story even though SKY and the BBC and dozens of journalists where at the courts today. Luckily a delegation from London British National Party where there to support Emma and her family and to report on the shocking events. I will write a major piece on this over the next 24 hours but here are the FACTS:
The decision made today to keep Emma West behind bars was a political decision because some courts in this country are no longer Judicial courts. Some courts in this country are Political courts and the magistrates operating today in Croydon Magistrates Court are not judges. They are politicians following the dictats of political correctness and not the spirit of real justice. This is what I saw when all the excuses and explanations given to keep Emma West behind bars were totally, utterly and completely refuted by Emma West’s relatives. The relatives of Emma West said there have been no threats made against Emma West and her family. The supposed danger against Emma West has been fabricated by the Crown Prosecution Service as an excuse to justify a political decision. Even murder suspects have been awarded bail. Bail was not awarded because this is a politically motivated case. What those behind this injustice fail to see is that today levels of hatred against ethnic minorities have gone up exponentially because a frail woman has been demonised. The process, at the request of Emma West and her barrister, will continue at the Crown Court on January 3rd, 2012. Taking the case to the Crown Court was seen as the only hope of getting real justice. The Croydon Magistrates Kangaroo Court would not be the answer. I hope all do-gooders enjoy their turkeys and their Christmas celebrations and especially Christmas Day in the knowledge that somewhere a mother will spend her time away from her family and, most importantly, away from her own child. The mother, the father, the sister and an uncle of Emma West were and we were there to support them. Merry Christmas to the judges and to all individuals that created this injustice. When Judgment Day comes they will be properly rewarded.


Good will prevail said...

Excellent article, just brilliant, It deserves a much wider audience, everyone should read and ponder those wise words.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that the smug and Much Chosen by Proxy afflicted, Rabbi Shmoiley YoTeach should lecture the "West" ie white europeans, on failures that he himself has helped create.
He is in fact gloating at the uncreation he has effected.

Having destroyed European civilisations, who perhaps deserve it for giving their ear to whispering voices of serpentine jewish evil, other races are now flatterd by the lies of the jews, thus ensuring their own exitinction.

The pond of european civilisation rots because it is denied nourishment and light from above by the floating detritus of oily Tikkun Oilam and myriad lies of jews like Boteach who feign piously a monopoly on the courage to care.

They are indeed failed messiahs.

Meeow said...

Anonymous said...

Every sentence hits it right on the head uncle Victor,this is a big issue on a site called ....the british resistance...., apparently what arked it up in the first place was that someone spat on the floor in front of her + 4 somali female pieces of work have avoided jail for kicking the shit out of a white female for no reoson , they walked by saying they had been drinking which they dont normally do because they are muslims , you could not make it up , I totaly agree with good will prevail , Ive posted you on BR site, you have very direct way with words , thanks for what you do... Dave in Melbourne [ 10 pound pom since 1971]