Thursday, December 01, 2011

When Facts become racial hatred.

When an obscure group decide to educate the population on the true color of crime, you can expect the Multicult Fascists to start screaming for heads to roll. Its all love and light and freedom of expression and beliefs until you question their agenda.

Race-hate pamphlets shock Warwick

ROSE City residents received a nasty shock on opening their letterboxes this week to discover an extreme racial hatred pamphlet.

Warwick resident John Randall awoke to find a two-page leaflet in with his mail that addressed issues of 'The Spearhead: Black on White Crime" and emphasised the need "for a white Australia".

Mr Randall said he was shocked to see such an "extreme" leaflet in a friendly town.

"I'm disappointed for our town that someone has identified Warwick as a target for a racial hatred campaign," he said.

"But I'm also angry that someone was trying to import trouble from elsewhere and disrupt what I see as a very peaceful, harmonious place to live.

"I thought there were racial vilification laws that made that type of race hatred rubbish illegal."

The newsletter was signed off with details of the Australia First party whose motto, created by founder Graeme Campbell, is "Australia must remain predominantly white".

When contacted by the Daily News about the publication, chairman of Australia First Dr Jim Saleam said it was not his doing.

Although the newsletter mirrors similar political views to those of Dr Saleam, he was adamant he did not write it and his name was on there for some "unknown reason".

"But I have no problem with anyone putting my name on a newsletter, it's freedom of speech," Dr Saleam said.

Warwick Peace Festival director Ruth Power said she also found the pamphlet disturbing.

"I feel disappointed and I feel this sort of thing doesn't help anyone and it's scary," Mrs Power said.

Mrs Power said the propaganda-type tone of the newsletter was not the kind of message we should be sending to the community.

"It's pushing a particular point of view and it's a very superficial take on people and it's dangerous really," she said yesterday.

"This is not the kind of environment we want our children to grow up in."

Another Southern Downs resident concerned about the newsletter was co-ordinator of a multicultural friendship group, Fiori Cruz.

"It's just going to create more problems and they're just trying to create fear in Australia, but really, how could Australia survive without multiculturalism?" Mrs Cruz said.

"I tend to ignore things like this, I mean I've seen it in Sydney and Brisbane and Melbourne but never thought it would happen here."

Mr Randall said a great town like Warwick didn't need the negative influence of this sort of advertising.

"Warwick has always had a reputation of an easy-going friendly town, very much 'live and let live'," Mr Randall said.

"We don't need the nasty racist rubbish that the people from the Spearhead are peddling."

Warwick resident John Randall

Source " IN a move set to rock the local business community, Warwick Chamber of Commerce president John Randall yesterday announced his resignation from the role.

Mr Randall – who is also employed as Warwick’s economic development officer for the Southern Downs Regional Council – took over the presidency in March from financial advisor Danny Spry."

"A HIGH-PROFILE Southern Downs Regional Council officer has left his role after an investigation into use of internal email and telephone communications, the Daily News can reveal.

John Randall, who up until this week was the Warwick-based economic development officer, last night confirmed he was no longer employed by the council but was tight-lipped about the reasons for the parting of ways. Mr Randall - who has been widely tipped as a possible mayoral contender - became the centre of controversy late last year after claims of a conflict of interest over his dual roles as a council employee working in the business arena and his presidency of the Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Ron Bellingham last night confirmed chief executive officer Rod Ferguson would put a report on Mr Randall before councillors at today's general meeting, but would not comment further.

"You have to look at the separation of powers," he said.

"This is an employee issue, so it's one for the CEO.

"I know there will be a report to councillors tomorrow and the CEO will discuss it."

The mayor said he couldn't comment on whether Mr Randall was sacked or resigned." Follow the money trail $$$$$$$$$$. Suspect you ask? Its all about CHEAP Coolie Labor!

"The council has so far declined to divulge the reasons behind Mr Randall's dismissal but did make reference to a six-week investigation into "internal email and telephone communications".

Neither side will comment on what is rumoured to be upcoming legal action in the matter.

At the time of his leaving council, Mr Randall was understood to be working on key projects including exploring opportunities for local firms in the Surat basin, securing a share of the chicken meat industry - with a national retail value of $4.5 billion annually - and a gas pipeline from Toowoomba to Warwick."

Big business just loves a multicultural environment. This environment supplies cheap NON WHITE LABOR!

Let out the State Run puppets. Deputy Editor of the Warwick Daily News, said:


"Racial vilification and white supremacy groups are nothing new in this or any other western country, but their presence in Warwick, at least in the nearly eight years I've been here has been merecifully non-existent.

As much as I am a defender of free speech and freedom of political expression, the bile these bigots spew out has no place here and in modern Australian society in general.

There is nothing wrong with having a genuine discussion about the pros and cons of multi-culturalism, immigration and the like and the recognition that different cultures and religions have different sets of values.

But the pure hate expressed in the literature doing the rounds of Warwick at the moment - distributed by anonymous dropkicks - cannot be allowed to go unremarked upon.

To whoever is peddling this rubbish, you have no place in our community, which will only toleratre genuine debate on the issues of the day."

Jeremy Sollars Deputy Editor

Sounds rather one sided don't you think?

Oh but it gets better, roll out the real FASCIST!

Labor Party member and former secretary of the ALP Warwick Branch, Margaret Lyons.


"What a shame I am not at home at the present and reading the Warwick Daily News online.

Once again it appears that small minded people are trying to stir up trouble in the fair town of Warwick.

I have not read the pamphlet but if it is any thing like the ones seen elsewhere everyone should do with it what I have done and file it in the waste paper basket. People of this ilk should look at the backgrounds of our origins.

Come on, live and let live. It takes a lot more muscles to smile than frown and at this time of the year one should be contemplating why we have Christmas.

Let us change our attitudes toward others and in response to freedom of speech comments ONE HAS TO POINT OUT THE LAWS THAT GOVERN SPEECH AND RACIAL COMMENT IN PARTICULAR.


Doesn't that make your blood boil readers?

Now a statement from the group who have been accused of "thought crime".

Dear Jeremy Sollars,

"I write in regards to the article published in the Warwick Daily News on the 25/11/2011 entitled “Shock At Race Hate Pamphlets” and the opinion piece written by Jeremy Sollars.

I am the publisher and editor of The Spearhead for the local action group, New National Action.

The Daily News wrongly described the publication as an “extreme racial hatred pamphlet”.

The Spearhead is not an “extreme racial hatred pamphlet” but a fortnightly newsletter of a local action group that simply wants to take our nation back from the traitors who hold power and who are selling our country out.

Of course we want to end the 45 year madness of multiculturalism/racialism.

The two articles that were published by the Daily News are nothing more than examples of extreme political correctness and a hatred for freedom of speech.

One can't expect any thing else from the Daily News considering that it is just a conservative mouth piece for the local establishment.

The Daily News constantly attacks the local opposition political groups while it publishes National Party propaganda.

An example of this would be the opinion piece written by Jeremy Sollars on the 25/11/2011.

Sollars slandered local nationalist patriots by denouncing them as “dropkicks”.

John Randall wrongly claimed that Warwick was a “friendly, peaceful and harmonious” place.

I would like to know where he has been living for the past ten years.

Thanks to government policies and programmes, Warwick now has a racial problem.

We have Asian workers undercutting local workers at the meatworks.

Warwick also has a problem with Aboriginal crime.

The local establishment and the Daily News have ignored those problems as they force their agenda upon the locals.

Any one who resists receive police intimidation and some people have even been sent to mental hospitals simply because of what they believe in.

So, we are not “importing trouble” because it is already here.

Dr Jim Saleam, National Chairman of the Australia First Party, did not write the Spearhead and he was not the one who distributed the copies. He lives in Sydney, 500 miles from Warwick!

It was the local patriotic nationalist group.

Jim Saleam's name was not published in The Spearhead as your paper wrongly claimed.

Kindly Regards "


Anonymous said...

"but really, how could Australia survive without multiculturalism?" Mrs Cruz said."

WTF? We were doing absolutely fine from 1788 to 1973, which is approximately when multiculturalism became official policy under Whitlam and Australia started going down the drain with a bullet.

Keep up the good work in Warwick, Toowoomba and elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Great to know there are good decent trully Australian people out there, you have made this young Aboriginal have alittle more faith in human nature, if people dont like australia they are free to move anywhere they want, thanks to the lovely people of warwick (minus one) those racist types are un australian and are the people doing all the damage, wrecking society for all of us