Saturday, December 24, 2011

Whither Diversity?

Now THAT is the sort of 'Diversity' you can SEE...

But where is this elusive Multicultural social ‘diversity’ we all hear so much about from the Marxist Left? When might we, as humble and ignorant White Rednecks, ‘come to know’ and bear witness to the awesome fruits, the stunningly wondrous gifts of Multiculturalism and, basking in the warm glow of its vast successes, have our ‘Road to Damascus’ conversion to the light and the true way? Where are the hitherto obscured secrets and newly revealed mysteries to be found that would have us excoriating ourselves like Mediaeval Flagellants for our prior sins and stubborn stupidity? It is not as if we have been casually perambulating through the ‘occupied territories’ of this Multicultural Wonderland with our eyes shut, quite the opposite in fact. We have been ever vigilant for that first glimmer, that hint of a promise of the golden age to come but, alas, like the cosmo geeks scanning the skies at SETI, we have yet to produce proof of life in this Multi-Kult hypothesis.
For example, if one travels to the Sydney suburbs of Burwood, Cabramatta, Chester Hill, Eastwood, Epping, Fairfield, Hornsby, Leightonfield, Strathfield and several other Post Code locations one observes ninety percent plus Asians of various hue. Travel to the locations of Bankstown, Greenacre, Lakemba, Punchbowl, Wiley Park reveals a similar lack of ‘Diversity’ in the demographic of ninety percent Arabs. Indeed, the main shopping precinct of Lakemba is like a theme park replication of the Gaza Strip, minus only the sights and sounds of AK47 assault rifles being enthusiastically discharged into the air with abandon. Travel to Harris Park and the greater municipality of Parramatta and see ninety percent Indian Sub-Continentals, Blacktown and see Indians and Negroids. The golden domes and garishly painted facades of Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh temples now greet the undiscerning visitor to the Hills District of North West Sydney.
These grotesquely hideous affronts to the sophisticated aesthetics and civilised sensibilities of Western architecture (they are scarcely even technical challenges to European Cathedrals) now increasingly share the patchwork landscape with the usually more insidious Islamic Prayer Halls which, in turn, remind one of the caravan or shed Aussies used to (when they could afford it) plonk on a block of land whilst they garnered the money and materials to build their dwelling proper. One could bet one’s pocketbook on the fact these ‘halls’ will, in time, be replaced with the full blown monstrosity of the ‘temple’. All these formerly almost exclusively White Anglo Saxon locations mentioned above are now no more than Third World ghettos.
Although your humble writer is fully aware of and understands the Left’s peculiar proclivity for redefining and rewriting history it is still quite remarkable how comprehensively they have co-opted the socio-political narrative with their clumsy, ugly and it has to be said largely oxymoronic Newspeak. It requires vast truck loads of chutzpah to lecture allegedly recalcitrant Whites about the great benefits radiating from Multicultural ‘diversity’ to our blighted and besieged society while, quite evidently and observably, there is no such thing whatsoever apparent to even the most rigorous researcher. No data, no empirical evidence whatsoever exists to support the Cultural Marxists’ seemingly endless self congratulatory ‘reports’ and ‘studies’ etc.
When dealing with such blatantly self deceptive idiots and pathological liars it is best to stand one’s ground and challenge their every preposterous claim, fighting them every inch of the way. Sadly, few among our people would appear to possess the required intestinal fortitude and intellectual stamina to persist in this vital tactic of survival despite the terrible certainty of White Apocalypse should we fail to defend even the miserable remains of our once mighty civilisation.
The ultimate cruel irony of this entire ‘Diversity’ scam is that it is a lose/lose for we White Folks anyway when one considers its only logical alternative in our current predicament, is that of assimilation, which the social engineers pretended, in their well practised cynical mendacity, was the precise opposite of their intentions. They, of course, lied. Once the creatures of these alien Races and Cultures are here, and they demonstrably are, in huge numbers, there can be only two possible logical conclusions to this wicked experiment, further tribalism/ghettoisation or ‘genetic blending’ through mongrelisation. Both are undesirable but the latter is the most destructive.
Either way, ‘diversity’ is utterly unsustainable. In the first instance of Tribalism, quite understandably and in accordance with time honoured natural Human behaviour, people (the Non-Whites at least) will continue to seek out the comfort, safety and financial security of their own community locations and networks of contacts. They will continue to maintain and expand their own shopping precincts and commercial enterprises, their own schools and places of worship and they will exclude and disprivilege ‘the other’ Races because, unlike the guilt laden and self loathing Whites, they have a strong sense of group identity and purpose.
No amount of ‘education’ (read: indoctrination), legislation (in the form of ever more draconian so-called ‘Anti Racist’ and ‘Anti-Hate’ legislation) can ever break these fundamental instincts down because this can only ever work on White people with their high degree of cultural ‘sophistication’, egalitarianism, empathy and altruism. Whereas Whites, particularly Anglo Celts and Northern Europeans, have a strong tradition of volunteerism and self sacrifice evidenced by their disproportionate representation per capita among the ranks of the Salvation Army, the SES, Rural Fire Brigades, etc.
ALL Non-Whites have the inbuilt genetic imperative of survival and group think identity very deeply ingrained into their socio-pathology manifesting in their ‘me first’ and ‘charity begins at home’ attitudes. Their black marketing and monopolising strategies will continue to flourish and they will continue to pay little to no Tax, contribute little to no assistance to civic projects that might benefit those outside their in-group and be conspicuous by their absence in volunteer organisations and charities with a broader community focus that might extend beyond their own Racial kin.
The ‘enrichment’ factor in the Multi-Kult mythos is for the interlopers only as the host society is drained, via the teat of the Social Welfare nipple, of its vital wealth and energies at the expense of the indigenous White Australians. While on the subject of indigenous, does anyone reading this honestly and truly believe that once critical mass has been reached and non Whites in general, particularly Asians and specifically Chinese, are in majority control positions within our various strata of government, that the indigenous Black Australians, our Aborigines, will continue to enjoy being indulged with the tens of Billions of Taxpayers Dollars and countless other benefits?
One would expect they will pine for the good old days of when the hated ‘Gubba’ or ‘Whitey’ underwrote their feckless existence and could always be relied upon to respond enthusiastically to their every demand and obey with slavering obsequiousness the edicts of the United Nations.
Not particularly noted by history for their accommodation for and generosity to ‘foreign devils’ one can easily envisage these wretched Antipodean Blacks being paid short shrift by their new Sino masters. If ‘food security’ is still a major concern of the Chinese Diaspora by that time, and we see no reason to suspect it won’t be, then perhaps these ‘original’ Native Australians might find themselves converted to a readily available source of protein in the form of a ‘Soylent’ food product. Soylent Black anyone?
The Pollyannas and Useful Idiots of the broader Left will shake their little fists and protest their impotent rage against the machine (even though they are cogs and gears in that very same machine), the sandal and socks wearing vegetarian schoolteachers will bleat their Marxist dogma in their infuriatingly calm, reasonable and conciliatory tones, the bow tie ‘academics’ and ‘professors’ will publish their ‘peer reviewed’ papers (reviewed by other anointed fellow travelling doppelgangers that is) and continue their lemming-like march to the brink of extinction. The paedophile faggots of the Queer Mafia will dance their Mardi Gras conga lines and demand access to kiddies and the right to marry them.
The soft (a bit) Communists of the Greens will abolish Last Will and Testaments so that, accompanied by their stated policies of the reintroduction of ‘Death Duties’ (asset stripping your descendents) and taxing us for breathing (Carbon Dioxide) they will ensure the maintenance of a massive slush fund from which to feed, clothe and import the unwashed filthy barbarian dregs of the Third World, coming to a suburb near you, while THEY enjoy the post code insularity of living in fully secure gated estates in the nicest areas and send THEIR kids to private schools.
Eyes glazed with lobotomised passivity the Sheeple will stay tuned and won’t ‘touch that dial’ as they chomp their way to morbid obesity through kilos of deep fried genetically modified Frankenfood and the ‘sports fan’ yobbos will yell incoherent obscenities, between burps and farts, at the ‘no payments ‘til the Apocalypse’ monster screen digital TelAvision as they swill down litres of mass produced, generic, tasteless lager.
Not only don’t these yobbos care that the vast majority of newsreaders and T.V hosts are now hand picked Non Whites, that Commercial Advertisements feature an obscenely disproportionate number of Non-Whites, that ninety percent of ‘bargain stores’ are Asian, that almost every Taxi driver is an Indian Sub-Continental, that every Post Office is staffed by the same along with every Seven Eleven and similar ‘convenience store’ they don’t even NOTICE anymore. And yet, because the TelAvision tells them so, they will in turn tell you to your face that this is a nation of ‘Diversity’.
The tired old hackneyed excuse that these Third Worlders only predominate these industries because White Australians either consider these jobs below their dignity or are too lazy to do them is a crock of shit. These creatures come from societies where corruption, cronyism, nepotism and the most crude and brutal violence are mundane facts of life. They know precisely what they are doing when they monopolise the ownership, management and staffing of these industries, employing only their friends and relatives and keeping White people out.
Ask yourself this, if the Racial percentages were reversed and there remained a vast predominance of Whites in these jobs there would be accusations of unfair discrimination, enquiries and legislation concocted to reverse this trend. Because it is ‘only’ Whites who are clearly being shut out of job opportunities there is not a peep from concerned ethnic ‘Community spokesmen’, the Controlled Media or the Government. Whitey can simply go and get fucked!
Well, here’s some homework for you, gentle reader. The next time, the very next time, that someone says within earshot of you, that we live in a Multicultural paradise that has great ‘diversity’ smack them between the eyes with a vigorous challenge to their bovine credulity and extremely casual approach to the truth. Do not be overly aggressive as such but simply strongly assertive. It is only if these types are permitted to continue getting away with spouting this claptrap can the hegemony of Cultural Marxism remain in its lofty, secularly deified position of authority. Fight them. Fight them without fear and without pity. We have only been bullied into our current dire predicament because many have failed over the decades to speak up and effectively protest each incremental step toward the abyss of White Genocide.

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