Saturday, April 30, 2011

Glen Smyth – Anarchist/communist/Antifa/ SCHOOL TEACHER?

A nice find from our comrades over at Anti Antifa Australia.

Noticed the anti Nationalist posters around Newtown? (Posters HERE ) Well, it’s safe to say that this shady character above is the one to blame. He names dozens of groups who aren’t welcome in Newtown (stormfront is one? last time i checked it was just an internet forum?) because they are “Nazi Scum”

Well hold onto your seats folks, we’ve got some news for this fool coming shortly!

You can visit Glen’s website and tell him what you think HERE

Just for you antifa Australia lol.

Foul Mouth, Rude Ways, No Respect
Bad Manners, No Class, A Defect
Keep Asking, I'm giving, You won't forget
My fist, your Face, You will regret

Be careful What You Wish For 2x

Cry Foul, Cry Wolf, I don't care
Your Eyes, Tell Lies, Don't Stop and Stare
Trick One, Trick Two, You can't trick em all
Your Pride, Your Jaw, Is gonna hit the wall

Be careful What You Wish For 2x

Just because the beard is gray, doesn't mean I can't thrash
Don't write checks that your running mouth can't cash

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Disgusting Jewish comedy sketch mocks the Christian Faith!

Yes folks Brendon O'Connell is sitting in a Western Australian Prison serving a THREE YEAR sentence for saying ""You have a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing." Mean while the Jewish criminals who pushed for the persecution of Brendon O'Connell sit back and have a good belly laugh while watching Israeli Television.


Australia Calling - Shoot The Bastards!

Shoot The Bastards!

A hundred or more illegal immigrants rioted at the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney on 20 April, burnt down buildings and pelted firemen with roof tiles and anything else that they could get their hands on. Why? Because these illegals did not get what they wanted from the government. In the countries from which they came, the army would have been sent in to restore order by shooting the rioters. What does Australia do? Australia tells them that they have been naughty and that they will be sent home if they are convicted of a criminal offence. Pathetic!

HERE to listen.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Mr and Mrs Black African refugee, whats on your mind?

Well what have we here? Direct Threats of violence, racism towards Whites. Are you shocked? Do you think anyone will get questioned or in trouble over these remarks? No way, that type of treatment is only used if you are white and trying to protect your Heritage and culture.

You just have to love the comments from Awak Kongor. Such a nice example of how the Sudanese are settling into Australia. First she threatens to kill a White Girl on Face Book then she claims that "WHITE Girls are getting raped (by black men) frequently coz their stupid"

Awak Kongor "your lucky honey, imma hunt your ass down and kill you myself.
Thats sad coming from me coz i'm the most respectable person out, but after what you just said and this chris bitch Ranting on, any sane person can turn lunatic. White girls are getting raped frequently coz their stupid in america, black girls look after themselves.So shut the fuck up and mind your own bussiness."

What about this proud Australian Sudanese, studying to be a doctor no less.

Tezzy Bbyy @HONEY CAKES "Bitch please! your the fucking animal here. who the fuck are you to talk. your talking about black people in america, if you didn't know, we are fucking sudanese.
i am australian and proud of it. but its bitches like you who m...ake me sick to my stomach. who are you to say that this kind of shit is exclusive to only sudanese people, i know plenty of WHITE people who fuck up just like this. you ignorant idiot, black people don't fucking kill, we don't throw our kids over the westgate bridge and we don't go on a killing rampage. you guys are fucking pyschos. we are the few honey. OBAMA BITCH! how the fuck do you like that! i bet u got raped thats why your talking shit. it takes an exprienced motherfucker to know. i bet it was huge and i bet you loved it. oh wait it was your dad. i am not an animal, i'm in VCE studying to become a doctor u fuckin slut! i'm tyna make a living and i'm actually contributing my fucking community. it makes me sick how your shit talking bitch. and because i'm studying biology i can safely say that we're all animals, we're fucking mammals you little fuck. oh wait you probably won't know what that means. little arrogant whore!"

Now for the kicker folks, all this on a thread started by an Australian Journalist. Can everyone say TNB. I bet this journalist conveniently forgets to see or report this?

Hi everyone-
I hope you don't mind me posting here.

I'm a reporter at the Star Newspaper, which covers Braybrook.
I was hoping to get in contact with any local people from the Sudanese community in Melbourne's West who might be able to provide me with some positive comments about their culture and the benefits Sudanese people bring to t...he area.
If anyone can help out please e-mail me or call me on 03 9933 4816.

On the other hand, if anyone knows what happened at the Braybrook event or knows anyone who attended, please also feel free to contact me- you can remain anonymous!

Thanks Alesha

The Downfall of Fight Dem Back and Mathew Henderson Hau

Yes folks you recall Fight Dem Back? Who could forget those sad social misfits. Once praised by the Australian media and Left Wing Politicians alike. Seems the Fascist Anti Fascist over at Revleft didnt shed a tear at the demise of Fight Dem Back. Nor did they spend to much time reminiscing about its founding members Mathew Henderson Hau AKA Darp AKA "Mat Henderson," " Mathew Lee Henderson," "Darp"or his pals Donald Oorst and Brian Stokes.

Its not the first time we have seen the founding member "Mathew Henderson Hau" recognised for what he is, A pompous arrogant Mamser Boy.

Above reads, "There's a group called Fight Dem Back, which has tryed to represent the 'anti-organised-racist' movement in Australia. But the organisation has mostly been ruined by the egos of some of its members, mostly notably the guy that started it. I think his username or real name is Darp."

Seems everything they touch turns to shit. Hell even Mathews work colleagues at Turner Freeman Lawyers Level 8, 100 George Street, Parramatta, NSW, 225 Phone: 02 8833 2500 Fax: 02 8833 2549 have had a gut full of this slimy little pretentious self proclaimed JEW. Surprised?

I love this email from one of his work mates.

"I work as a @#$%^ in a city chambers. I am also a #*^ @&%$@&!.

Last Friday morning I looked over a very interesting package concerning a Mr Matthew Lee Henderson. I have previously conversed with colleagues of mine who have received a similar package at their firm in Parramatta some time ago. This email address was listed in that material.

I have my own unique issues with Mr Henderson and this material being circulated made me laugh out loud at its accuracy. I would like to provide you with some more up to date information."

So is it goodbye? Will we see them all return like Stalin's Ghost to be influential Party members of the Australian Greens or the Australian Labor Party? I just hope he gets hit by a bus.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Machete II

From the ‘We told you so’ department of Grim Reality, Whitelaw Towers is pleased to present you with the very latest instalment in our ongoing series of ‘wake the f*ck up’ articles…

“Wild brawl as pageant after-party turns ugly

Megan Levy

25 April 2011

Two men were injured with a machete and a metal chain during a wild brawl that erupted at a beauty pageant after-party in Melbourne's south-east early this morning. More than 1000 members of Melbourne's Sudanese community had gathered at a public hall in Clayton last night to celebrate the Miss South Sudan Beauty Pageant Australia, held the previous day in Springvale.

But the party, which had been advertised on Facebook, turned violent about 2.20am when a number of neighbouring residents in Mary Street called triple-0 to report fighting and excessive noise. A Victoria Police spokeswoman said officers were pelted with bottles and were forced to retreat and call for back-up.

It took 12 police units and three dog-squad units two hours to bring the violence under control. The spokeswoman said a 28-year-old Hampton Park man was taken to the Monash Medical Centre with a cut to his upper lip, stab wounds to his hands and welts to his back.

He told police he had been attacked with a machete and hit with a metal chain during the violence. A 32-year-old man was also taken to hospital with cuts to his ear. Residents said party-goers began arriving at the council-owned hall, which is opposite a senior citizens centre, early yesterday afternoon and the gathering became rowdier as the night wore on.

The event was advertised on Facebook as the "sunday kickback parrrrty".

"Clayton town hall! $15.. Be there befor 10pm," the page said.

In an apparent rebuke to the behaviour overnight, one person posted on Facebook this morning: "you people are embrassing man". The Facebook page congratulates Nyakor Tut, from Melbourne, for winning the beauty pageant on Saturday.

The pageant is described on its website as an "innovative empowering and energetic congregation of young Southern Sudanese women". "The event will celebrate the individuality of the young women, with a reflection on physical beauty but more importantly the inner beauty and confidence that makes a woman," it says.

"The event aims to create opportunities for young Southern Sudanese women to empower them towards greater self confidence and enhance their strength to address a diverse range of needs. It is an opportunity to celebrate as a community the ambitions of young people and their leadership."

Last year's event, as well as a previous event in Adelaide, are also believed to have been marred by violence.

Police have appealed for anyone with information about last night's violence to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit”

Find the original Sydney Morning Herald article here:

Wow! We’re only surprised there wasn’t a good old fashioned, Winnie Mandela style, ‘necklacing’, (an ingenious recycling initiative to utilise those old tyres) or two just to brighten things up a bit. It is only a matter of time before it happens here.

For more information on this time honoured African tradition see:

Apart from the comically oxymoronic concept of an African ‘beauty’ pageant there is the unavoidable fact that you simply cannot have a First World Nation with a Third World population. It is utterly unsustainable. It’s as silly a proposition as an African Space Program.

Any Leftist do-gooders, bleeding hearts, hand wringers and self loathing Whites still hankering after that pilgrimage to Africa can now save themselves the air fare and experience the sights, sounds and smells of Black African savagery, in all its lurid glory, right here in downtown Melbourne. Just make sure you take your guitar and tambourine so you can sing kumbaya 'round the campfire.

Ah! Multiculturalism!

Bringing the World to your doorstep.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Filth That Runs Australia…Addendum

See original article here:
What IS it with the Australian Labor Party? They are literally lousy with Homos and assorted other perverts. In the latest scandal to surface, and let’s face it folks, it has to be pretty bad and blatant to make it to the Controlled Media who are in with this Left Wing scum as thick as thieves, a South Australian Labor M.P., and Minister no less, has been sprung disseminating Kiddie Porn. Of course, protected by his equally perverse bum chums in the Judiciary, he cannot be identified although ABC Radio did originally broadcast his name prior to the gag order being heeded.

See News Item here:

There seems to have developed in the Australian Labor Party over the past couple of decades or so a very real culture of not only tolerance of Homosexuality, which would certainly not have sat well with the original Working Class Trade Unionist types, but an actual implicit, and at times, overt advocacy. Some insipid apologists claim that Homosexuality does not necessarily link to pederasty and other gross perversions but the overwhelming predominance of Homosexuals prosecuted for child molestation and underage/barely legal offences proves they have an insatiable hunger for young flesh.

It is far more sensible for the sake of safety and convenience to assume that all are at least potential child molesters until proven otherwise. For example, one does not need to be familiar with each and every individual Brown Snake and know its record to realise that, as a species, they are highly dangerous and should be avoided and/or watched at all costs. It also makes sense not to have them living among you in your community.

Sadly, for us, there are certain institutions in our current society, the Australian Labor Party and The Greens for example, which welcome and celebrate Homosexuality, thereby concentrating, validating and empowering these perverts through strengthening their networking capabilities and institutionalisation as well as, in many cases, depending on the portfolio, increasing their access to victims.

The protections the Party Machine, the Bureaucracy etc affords them must also not be underestimated. It is only when these individuals become overconfident, clumsy or even overtly reckless that we get cases such as this latest one. Illicit drug abuse often accompanies the activities of these repellent freaks so might account for the aberrant behaviour escalating into ever more extreme acts. Obviously, the vast majority of this problem lies, like the main bulk of an iceberg, below the surface and away from exposure by the authorities and certainly concealed from public scrutiny.

While ever the Fabian Marxists of the Labor and Greens Parties remain in the ascendency the Sodomites will never even feel their disgusting lifestyles under threat, let alone face the quite justifiable certainty of eradication. Hopefully, the cult of the genuine 'Whistleblower' will remain and grow. One good thing about the authoritarian 'dobber' mentality and 'snitch' culture that has developed in recent years
is that more people will feel emboldened to tip the bucket on these maggots.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Villawood Burns!

Above. Villawood Detention Center Burns April 2011. Up in smoke goes the Australian labor Party along with its Zionist Leader Jewlia Gillard.

Just another nail in the coffin for Multiculturalism and Mass Third World Immigration. Say good bye to the Greens and the Australian Labor Party. Not that anyone else has the balls to do what needs to be done.

Here is a report and commentary from Australian New Nation


A ROOFTOP protest is continuing at Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre, where buildings were set alight and rescue workers attacked overnight in violent protests by asylum-seekers.

Seven detainees remain on the roof of the detention centre, alongside a large white sign that reads "We need help", as authorities battled to restore order at the facility.

Riot police were seen entering the building shortly after 9.30am today after about 100 detainees torched nine buildings inside the detention centre, sparking an explosion of a gas cylinder.

Protests at the centre were triggered after two men climbed onto the roof early yesterday.

They were soon joined by 11 others and by midnight up to 100 people were involved, vandalising and setting fire to buildings.

A department of Immigration statement said the "major disturbance" within the Fowler complex overnight included fires in a medical centre, a kitchen, laundry and computer room.

NSW Police were assisting the detention services provider, Serco, to deal with the issues and restore order at the centre, the statement said, while Fire and Rescue NSW firefighters had been on hand to extinguish fires deliberately lit by the detainees.

The spokesman said a full police investigation would be conducted to identify the perpetrators.

Authorities this morning said they had regained control of the situation.

Earlier, firefighters were pelted with roof tiles and other debris as they tried to battle blazes at the facility.

Department of Immigration spokesman Sandi Logan condemned the riot.

"This is not behaviour that behoves someone who wishes to become part of the Australian community,” he told Sky News.

“These are detention centres. We don’t go in there armed. When detainees want to attack fire fighters, when they want to fling roof tiles at them and try to hurt them when they are trying to extinguish a blaze we obviously need to get in the support, which we did overnight, of the NSW police.

“We are now regaining control.”

The Australian Online understands that those asylum seekers involved in violent protests several weeks ago on Christmas Island were not involved in the Villawood riots overnight and were housed in the separate Blaxland accommodation compound at the Sydney detention facility which has not suffered damage

Opposition leader Tony Abbott called on the government to deny permanent residency to asylum-seekers found guilty of criminal behaviour in last night’s Villawood riot.

“It is completely unacceptable that people seeking entrance to Australia should be acting in this way, " Mr Abbott said.

"This is criminal conduct and the normal immigration rules specify that people who are guilty of criminal conduct don’t get permanent residency.”

He called on the government to make it “crystal clear” that asylum seekers who engaged in criminal behaviour against Australian officials were denied permanent visas.

"These criminal acts, setting fire to property, harming, harassing Australian officials, these are criminal acts. This is just the latest in a series of criminal acts taking place inside our detention centres,” he said.

Mr Logan stressed the Immigration Department would have to take stock of a report into the incident.

"It is an ongoing challenge ... to ensure we maintain the mental and physical health of our detainees," he said.

"From time to time, frankly quite unacceptable, quite appalling non-compliant behaviours have occurred and this is an example of it overnight."

About 400 asylum seekers are currently housed at the detention centre.

Mr Logan said Australia had the highest level of care in immigration detention in the world, although he conceded capacity had put the system under strain.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said he was concerned that state police and fire services were prevented from taking immediate action to take control of the incident.

“There are reports this morning that state police and others were held back from the scene. Now that is very concerning in that this is Commonwealth land and we had state police and fire services waiting while fires were burning.

“They need clearly instructions and rules to enable them to protect public safety in these situations.”

Mr Morrison said he was concerned about riots in detention facilities that were located next to residential homes.

“I repeat my call for anyone who is involved in these incidents, these violent incidents to have their processing suspended pended the outcome of a police investigation.”

“The government had an opportunity to send a strong message after the last riot on Christmas Island and it failed to do so.”

Australia's detention centres have recently been plagued by violent riots, suicides and self-harm attempts.

Last month, a violent riot erupted at Christmas Island's high security detention centre following a mass breakout. In the past eight months, six people have died in detention.

A Darwin detention centre has also been the scene of unrest.

Conditions at Villawood have been the focus of a wide-ranging investigation into Australian detention centres by the government's workplace safety regulator, Comcare.

Last week, the commonwealth watchdog issued the Immigration Department with a lengthy improvement notice about dangers for workers at Villawood as part of a crackdown on the seven immigration detention centres.

A senior Comcare investigator found that alleged ringleaders of the Christmas Island riot transferred to Villawood's high-security area were placed under the control of a worker who had not been trained for the job.

The Australian Greens said the mass protest at Villawood was symptomatic of a broader failure within Australia’s immigration system.

“Any violence or destruction of property cannot be condoned, and does not improve the situation for anyone. The Greens remain concerned about the safety and welfare of all those at the centre including asylum seekers, staff, and emergency personnel,” said Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

“The current detention network is untenable, and when you combine overcrowding, indefinite detention, and stretched resources, it is like a pressure cooker.”

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen will make a statement today on the incident.



Rioting detainees not welcome - Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says immigration detainees found guilty of criminal behaviour are not welcome in Australia.

His comments come following riots at Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre overnight, in which buildings were set on fire and firecrews attacked.

"It's completely unacceptable and people who are responsible, guilty of criminal acts, should not be given permanent residency," Mr Abbott told reporters in Sydney today.

Resident anger over plans to build a detention centre in Hobart was just "another sign of the crisis in border protection", he said.

"The only way to end these problems is to stop the boats and the way to stop the boats is to adopt the policies of the coalition," Mr Abbott said.

"You've got to deny the people smugglers a product to sell and that's what this government has comprehensibly failed to do."




Happy Easter/Eastre.

Well as many of my brothers and sisters gear up for spring in the Northern Hemisphere, down here in the Southern Hemisphere we are preparing for our winter.

Many of our Christian readers this weekend will spend time in prayer and contemplation. Sacrifice being the theme of the weekend. I would hope that they and everyone else spare a thought for one of the flock who has also made a sacrifice. Spare a thought for your Christian Brother Brendon O'Connell this weekend. He has also found himself persecuted by the Rabbis.

Shocking stuff.

For those of us who look back to a much simpler time (minus the Rabbis). I wish you all a Happy Eastre. To our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, plant a seed. It doesn't have to be in the garden. Plant a seed in the mind of your fellow man.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday the 20th of April 2011.

The voice of a real Australian White Nationalist.

One of the best debates I have personally witnessed in a few years is raging over at Australia's favorite State Sponsored Anarchist site, Slackbastard.

Now I regret having to supply a link to such a State Asset such as @ndy, but I feel this time around we can bend the rules. Good old Victor from Whitelaw Towers dips his toe into the Anarchist sewer. Please read the following, then follow the link to read this debate in full. Maybe a good idea to use a proxy if you feel so inclined.

For the ease of our readers,Victor from WhiteLaw Towers comments will be in yellow.

Aussie says:

April 18, 2011 at 10:00 am


Why do you get words people have used and try to define them to the point where you have confused and/or misinterpreted the simple point they were making, is it really necessary to get your point across, anyway its no good arguing.(?)

I’ll assume for the sake of this dialogue that your ‘question’ is not simply rhetorical and attempt to answer it. I do not actually, at least consciously, try to deliberately misconstrue or manipulate other people’s words. I do however make great efforts to clarify the intended meaning of those words. Call it pedantic indulgence but I instinctively tend to ‘proof read’ the material of other posters.

I seek only the truth.

Why is it ‘no good arguing’?

I assure you my opinions are not swayed by anyone, nor am I on someones (sic) “team”. Andy gets up my nose, like yours, on a regular basis. Its (sic) not what is important, he is helping to expose the large scale insanities of the world.

Is he? Is he really? Think about it…carefully.

I don’t get into the nitty gritty garbage, partly because i (sic) don’t understand it, and partly because i (sic) don’t care. It doesn’t need to be so complicated is my point.

But if you really, truly, madly, deeply ‘don’t care’ why are you even posting comments on this website?

This word “racism”, I don’t like it because it puts millions of people into a category.

Well, you know what they say, ‘clichés’ and ‘stereotypes’ exist because the original subjects/material exists, simple as that. I’ll admit to fitting certain stereotypes on the surface but, as you know, every individual goes much deeper than that. So what?

The essential issue with the word should not be what it appears to do, in that it appears to categorise individuals into a certain group, but rather the identity of the person and/or special interest group and the specific socio-political agenda it was intended to advance and the results it was contrived to facilitate.

On the other hand, it does exist, especially in countries such as Australia (mostly because of the unhealthy cultural identity they created).

So you summarily bestow ‘existence’, along with moral judgement, upon a word/concept/construct that you ‘don’t like’ and therefore possibly challenge the very validity of? Please explain…

Actually, I believe you’ll discover, if you research honestly and deeply, no such ‘creation’ occurred. The people who established/created the colony and nation of Australia had no doubts whatsoever about their Racial/Cultural Identity. They KNEW exactly who they were, from whence they came and were not confused at all. These were the days BEFORE the pseudo intellectual sophistry of Political Correctness.

Because of the design of the human mind

“Design”? Do I detect the presence of a Creationist? I thought all @ndy’s mates were committed Evolutionary Humanists. Surely there can be no “design” in Evolution, only Natural Selection.

this cultural identity can quite easily create a snowball affect (effect?) and get out of hand… eek!

“Out of hand”?

Call it racism or what ever you wish, its (sic) just a word

Oh, if only it were.

its (sic) the concept that this county has, that this country is better or deserves more that is the problem, it is also a problem in many other predominately white countries and is just a problem with humans in general, if enough people disagree, this snowball affect can be stopped with the fact, that people do what is normal, and go along with what is normal in their society.

“Problem”? When did Human nature and survival instincts become ‘problematical’?

This happens because at the core of humanitys (sic) problems (are) is their mind (s). To completely fix humanity, each individual would need to help themselves, but i (sic) won’t get into that!

Why not? Jump in. Go on. Don’t be shy. This is what Human discourse and debate is all about.

Although i (sic) don’t always agree with the methods on here like yourself, its (sic) this information that stops that snowball effect, by exposing its falseness.

There are a Zillion other sites that not only ‘expose falseness’ but make way more sense than this one.

Peoples (sic) opinions about other people count for nothing.

Wrong. In a normal, healthy, functioning society they count for much, particularly if those opinions gain general currency through media broadcasts.

To sum all that up, the guru comment went in Andys (sic) favour simply because you didn’t take how serious the hurt, worry, fear, anxiety, winging, (whinging?) violence, slavery, and all other forms of suffering is in the world today that has a lot to do with this thing called racism.

Oh, I take all of that stuff VERY seriously but, as an honest, well read, truth seeking White Man, I can identify the engine, the original source, that drives this deliberately contrived chaos.

I used the term guru because Andy has given it to me about being, or trying to be, in his words, a “guru”.


Aussie says:
April 18, 2011 at 10:33 am

One other thing, you talk about politics and what needs to happen for all to be good, and how everything needs to be based on facts, that couldn’t be more true, question is, how will that ever happen?

A fair question. The answer is that it can’t but that the quest for truth and accuracy is an ideal that should never be subsumed by selfish ambitions, political expediency or outright deception. Think of it as an ultimately unobtainable standard or benchmark that should nevertheless serve as a goal to be strived for.

Have you ever studied the human mind (the core of any problem)

Misanthropy is one thing but if you truly believe “the human mind” is “the core of any problem” then I despair at your self loathing that leads you to summarily condemn your fellow Man, presumably, for thinking.

the world is structured on peoples (sic) viewpoints

Not true. It is structured on the agenda and intentions of the Cryptocracy and the Industrial/Military and Global Financial Complexes they control.

politics is the best place to create an “unconscious” state of mind

Wrong again. TelAvision is where virtually ALL ‘opinion’ is manufactured.

which means people identify with thoughts they didnt (sic) choose to have, they just picked them up somewhere in life and identified with them to the point that they are convinced they have the right answer

You underestimate the intellect of the average Human. Even the dullest drone is more discerning and critical than you claim. It is far more complex than you present.

teams of people working against each other for personal satisfaction, forcing people to have their opinion.

That is a gross oversimplification of a complex system.

The biggest problem (among many) is the minds satisfaction in being right, wars have been fought over this alone. My opinion, politics needs to “consciously”, start all over again.

Without wishing to appear too disrespectful, that last comment, in MY opinion, tags you as being very young. NOT that there’s anything (necessarily) wrong with that…BUT…it does betray a significant degree of political naivety and social immaturity.

Read more…and often…

Additionally. Regarding @ndy’s labelling of me as a ‘bigot’ and a ‘racist’. Leaving aside the various strict dictionary definitions and technical interpretations of these terms for a moment I would like to say that I certainly do not fit the generally accepted popular intended meanings when employed in the common vernacular.

For example the term ‘bigot’ is normally used to describe someone who is not only strongly opinionated and strident in their beliefs but also closed minded. I utterly refute this allegation.

Similarly the term ‘racist’ is generally understood and accepted to mean a person with an entirely irrational hatred of other Races, which would seem to imply an intrinsic and serious personality disorder or even a psychosis. In this respect it is closely associated with the rather more technical term ‘xenophobe’ which, determined by its etymological origins, is more usually employed to describe an irrational ‘fear’ of ‘the other’.

Neither of these terms allows for the quite mundane, normal and perfectly justifiable actions of an individual belonging to a distinct ethnic entity striving to maintain the Racial/Cultural integrity of the tribe/nation. Neither do they permit the logical intellectualisation of an innate Human faculty for defence and protection to be developed into a complex, sophisticated philosophy that might be utilised as a framework upon which to establish and maintain a long term Racial/Cultural Imperium for the exclusive benefit of group members.

Every organism, sentient or otherwise, has, as their most fundamental and inalienable entitlement, the right to develop, refine and perpetuate its own seed line for the exclusive advancement of its own kind. Any action that would seek to diminish or extinguish that right would, in effect, be an act of Genocide. What other possible agenda could any authority have that would demand the quite deliberately engineered insertion of clearly inassimilable elements into a formally homogenous and stable society other than to ruthlessly crush its uniqueness through dilution and genetic levelling?

How’s that for Human Rights? Where is the sovereignty, both of individuals and traditional groups?

So please summon the courage and vist old @ndys site using the proxy provided and take the time to study the debate. I assure you its worth it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Warning to the Muslim World by David Duke

Dr. David Duke warns the Muslim world that the revolution in Egypt and elsewhere must not stop now, that it must continue until every nation is free of Zionist control and is truly independent.

Racist Homicidal Maniacs

Talmudic Judaism - Dr. William Pierce from Ares on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Say NO to White Genocide!

Fighting White Rabbit GeNOcide! Anti Racism is a code word for anti WHITE! HERE

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The continuing tragedy that is You Tube "Jew Tube"

Click on image.

Yet another video declared inappropriate by "You Tube". Yet another Brendon O'Connell video removed for naming Verint and daring to bring attention to its Australian PR spokesperson and all round Sayanim Steve Lieblich.

When pressed to point out the inappropriate content, You Tube refused to answer. That's two O'Connell videos in two months.

Water off a ducks back I say, time and history is on our side. These cocky Zionists who are currently in positions of power, along with their criminal followers and supporters will blow it, they always do.

Comment of the week!

FugaziQuo said...

Yes, JewTube consider it "inappropriate" to mention the fact that the Israeli fifth-columnist, Steve Lieblich, is heavily involved with Verint. I had never heard of this creep until he began making public statements at the end of the O'Connell trial. I then did some digging and discovered that Lieblich is a former IDF veteran whose business interests include an association with Verint. So I wrote piece calling for Lieblich to be investigated. My website,, was then taken down after someone made a complaint to Bravenet's legal department.

Steve Lieblich is a high-ranking player in the Australian Jewish lobby, make no mistake about that. He is the de facto spokesman for Western Australian Jewry. Anti-Zionists in Perth/western Australia need to get on Lieblich's case and expose him.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Plebs have had enough!

Australia Calling - Gillard called liar . . . and nobody even blinked

Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been slammed as a liar again and again in public over her pre-election promise that there would not be a carbon dioxide tax, which was followed by an announcement soon after the election that there would be a tax. The public, other politicians and the media have called her a liar. Once this would have raised a terrible fuss. Today, nobody seems to expect anything else from a politician.

HERE to listen.

Update on Brendon O'Connell from Acacia Prison Western Australia.

Here are the account details for the trust account to put money in for Brendon's Appeal.

Account Name:- Australian Constitutional Trust

Bank for Trust Account:- Commonwealth bank

Bank Branch :- Norfolk Island

Account number :- 062 950 10004014

Nominate Brendon O'Connell as the Beneficiary
The 1st 6 digits identify the bank and its branch

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Last call for "Hammered" boarding track 14.

Well everyone who is going is well aware that we are now one weekend away from Queensland's biggest and best White Nationalist, National Socialist gathering. We thought we would give it another shove, just in case the media decided to run a few unbiased articles concerning "Hammered"

Now we may even be able to get a little more traffic for our comrades down Mexico way at 9% Production. These guys are the original warehouse for fascist.

Check out this months specials, 3 CDs for $50 or 6 CDs for $100. So support the movement, drop over to 9% and order big HERE

See you all at "Hammered" don't forget the sunscreen.

The Wild Colonial Boy.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Australia Calling - Illegals to be housed in five-star golf resort

Illegals to be housed in five-star golf resort
Australia Calling

A five-star golf resort on the Gold Coast is to be used to house illegal immigrants while they wait for their asylum applications to be processed by the traitor Labor Government in Canberra. While Australians are losing their homes and being disconnected from electricity because they cannot afford to pay Labor's extortionate new power charges, nothing is too good for the unarmed illegal invaders of our country.

HERE to listen.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Why not bomb Mugabe?

Mugabe (right) with the head of Zimbabwe Central Intelligence Happyton Bonyongwe (left), and Constantine Chiwenga, the angry gorilla in the center, commander of the Zimbabwean Army.

If we are really bombing Libya to “protect civilians,” why aren’t we bombing other nations that have committed offenses far worse?

In a list of the most brutal governments on the African continent, Libya wouldn’t even make the top 5! The absolute worst is probably Zimbabwe, yet the western media goes out of its way to avoid reporting anything about it.

640+ victim mass grave found in Zimbabwe!

A pro-Mugabe group “discovered” the mass grave of 640 and counting Zimbabweans in an old mine shaft. They immediately announced that they discovered victims of a massacre by “racist” white colonial forces over thirty years ago.

The move was designed to strengthen Mugabe’s popularity ahead of the upcoming election. Not that the election really matters. Mugabe loyalists engage in mass ballot stuffing and use violence to keep areas most hostile to Mugabe from voting.

The “find” was supposed to remind people of how evil the white man was, and how Mugabe liberated them from the white man’s evil clutches.

The claim was immediately debunked by international monitors, because many of the bodies are still fresh.

The Mugabe regime issued a bulletin inviting people to visit the site and witness “the horrors inflicted on us by the white man.” One journalist said people at the site were “dancing to appease the spirits,” and vowing to kill the remaining white people in the country.

Mugabe’s Minister of Black Empowerment (yes, this is his real title) immediately ordered that no DNA tests would be performed on the victims. Instead he announced that witchcraft will be used to identify the remains. (yes, we are serious!)

According to the pro-Mugabe group, this is only one of five abandoned mine shafts known to contain bodies! Source


"Now, the few White farmers still left there live in constant fear of Mugabe’s men showing up to confiscate what property and lands they still have, possibly even torturing and killing them on the spot." Read on here at Incogman.

Afrikaner independence: discussed in THE HAGUE: UNPO

Press Conference in The Hague - to find a peaceful solution for the plight of the AfrikanerBoer nation HERE

On Tuesday, April 5 2011 from 1am to 3nm - at the The Hague, Netherlands conference hall of the Kruger Paul convener of Boer Election Committee Unrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organisation , Paul Kruger, (pictured: the elected convenor of the AfrikanerBoer Electoral Commission) is holding an international press conference and talks with human-rights organisations – under the guidance of UNPO – about the overwhelming human-rights violations targetting the AfrikanerBoer minority under the ANC-regime. Talks will be started at this international platform to try and find a peaceful solution for the autonomic rights of the AfrikanerBoer nation.

UNPO is an influentual international platform for minorities which have no political representation. Their efforts have, amongst others, already led to the peaceful autonomy of former Balkan states - away from the Russian Federation, allowing the autonomy of small nations such as Lithuania and Estland who also, similar to the BoerAfrikaners, count about 3-million people. These former Balkan states now live in peaceful co-existence with their former Soviet neighbours. Similarly, the AfrikanerBoers also, under the guidance of UNPO, can gain a similar status in South Africa – and without any need for the use of violence to gain their political and cultural autonomy.

Press conference in The Hague, The Netherlands: Tuesday April 5 2011.

The news media and other interested parties are invited to the press conference at the The Hague office of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organisation, (UNPO), Tuesday April 5 2011 -- interviews conducted between 10h00 – 13h00 - at Nr 70 Laan van Meerdervoort,, The Hague, the Netherlands

Subject: Serious human rights violations against the Afrikaner minority in South Africa: and a peaceful solution:

Interviews can also be conducted individually with Mr Paul Kruger, a legal and the democratically--elected convenor of the Afrikaner/Boer electoral commission (VVK) – and also with the coordinator of UNPO. The Afrikaners have been members of UNPO since 2008. (background from UNPO on its member 'the Afrikaners"

Human rights violations on record include:

a) AFRIKANERS_PRETORIA-WAITING_FOODHANDOUTSFREEDOMFRONT Ethnic-cleansing of Afrikaners from their traditional farms, towns and cities through land-confiscation and armed violence:- .. also includes the government-directed removal of their cultural rights; the deliberate impoverishment of Afrikaners due to the near-total ban on access to the labour market in South Africa for all the Afrikaner-Boer workers under ANC-laws: creating hundreds of Afrikaner ghetto-shantytowns where children suffer starvation (denied both food-aid and government support-benefits):

Dutch documentary by journalist Saskia Vredeveld ( IKON-TV) "Arm Blanken/Poor Whites" HERE

b) Laws created by ANC-regime bar all indigenous skilled 'white' citizens from entire SA labour market : the only legal criteria allowed for hiring workers is ‘racial representation” i.a. in favour of 94% black majority in each individual organisation:

c) Widespread armed attacks by youth-militias against urban and suburban Afrikaner/boer families -- accompanied by massive hatespeech campaign by ANC-regime' - which advocates use of genocidal hatespeech chant sat public meetings i.a.: 'Kill the Boer ' and " One Bullet One White Infant

For the latest murder attacks, sexual mutilation attacks, executions and murders on

Picture galleries of victims of the above: 2010/2011:

Here and HERE

DVD of documentary "A Bloody Harvest" by SA TV-documentary producer Susan Puren of M-Net:

YouTube videos HERE and HERE

d) Top genocide expert warns of Boers under serious threat from black-racists: Dr Gregory Stanton, founder of "' has been issuing warnings of 'growing danger of armed violence by black-racists against Afrikaner/Boers since 2002: recent quote:

Genocide Watch share your concern for possible genocide of the Boers in South Africa. It has been on our Countries at Risk chart for a very long time now" HERE "We also compiled a report on the violence as early as 2003" HERE

Current trials of black youths who slaughtered Afrikaner/Boer families - often execution-style, often accompanied with horrific sexual-mutilations etc are hardly reported in the mainstream English-language news media: HERE and HERE
infant ’

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Angry Old Men?

Saw Motörhead at Luna Park's Big Top the other night and was reminded, by observing way too many ‘try hards’ in the crowd, at how clumsily contrived and ‘straight off the shelf’ many hard music ‘fans’ have become over the years. Sure, there were a lot of Gen ‘X’ers and even a few ‘Boomers’ there who seemed to have their shit wired together and had no need for pissing competitions but these Gen ‘Y’ers are a problematical bunch to say the least.

Sheesh! Talk about buy the tee shirt FIRST and then pretend you’re hardcore and know everything. It would seem apprenticeships of any sort are circumvented by this I-Pad generation of ‘World at your fingertips’ techno zombies. Jeezuz! I even copped heaps of quizzical looks and even several questions about my 1991 Aus/NZ Tour shirt! Imagine if I’d explained I have been a dedicated fan since I bought their first Twelve Inch Vinyl Record in 1975! Can everyone say short attention spans, inbuilt redundancy and instant obsolescence?

I recall sometime in 1977 seeing Rose Tattoo play at the Bondi Lifesaver venue in Sydney. It was hot, sweaty, intense, loud and violent. Fights erupted spontaneously all over and, since glass containers were not banned in those halcyon days, many ‘glassings’ and ‘bottlings’ occurred. Different days. I recall subsequent gigs I attended seeing Angry launching into the crowd or crawling around the stage in sheer exhaustion due to the intensity of the delivery. It was scarcely a sedentary act. Even Radio Birdman’s stage diving, crowd surfing and other antics paled by comparison. Good value. Back in those days of Real Punk Rock (before it was criminally appropriated and morphed by limp wristed Pop ‘Anarchists’ like Green Day etc into the Lame-stream) we would go and see bands like Radio Birdman, the Slugf*ckers or even Thrush and the C*nts.

Later there were other notable locals like the Multi Racial Hard Ons etc. But, excuse the cliché, but it really was all about the music to us and we all rocked away to The Clash as well as the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and the Stooges because we didn’t really care much about the Politics. It was all just FUN. We just laughed at the mad lyrics and laughed even harder when the Dead Kennedys and The Exploited hit the scene in the early Eighties with their even madder lyrics. Later, in the Eighties, Metal acts like the AC/DC sound-a-likes Heaven and Lightning Rock were our pub rock equivalents to overseas acts like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest etc.

I’ve got another confession to make and I couldn’t give a flyin’ f*ck what anybody thinks or says. Rose Tattoo were/are Australia’s best Rock Band and Angry Anderson is Australia’s best Rock ‘N’ Roll ‘character’. In a former life his name was Gary, he had long hair and sang in a Hard Rock, proto Metal band before adopting, as many did in the early Seventies (See Slade etc) the aesthetics and dress sense of a (White) Working Class street gangster, all short hair, boots, black stovepipe jeans and blue singlets, oh, and tattoos. Although, in the Tatts’ case it soon became obvious it was the real deal rather than a cynical ‘showbiz’ affectation. As with Motörhead, the precious Homos of the Music Meeja just couldn't cope with such audacious honesty and an 'in yer face', DILLIGAF attitude so they either panned them or ignored them.

Anyway, Angry Anderson, according to a recent Radio interview, believes in ‘THE Holocaust ©’ (like Dresden wasn’t one) He is, whether @ndy and his bourgeois bum chums believe it or not, genuinely Working Class. He is a product of a blended Race marriage. His mum was Mauritian. He does work hard for ‘Yoof’ focused charities. He works with indigenous people. He is a single parent of four children. So what’s not to like @ndy? He is definitely NOT a money grubbing ‘Pop Star’ or poser as @ndy’s mates have labelled him in the past.

Okay, so he’s not the best educated or even, despite his rather theatrical and, at times, strident loquacity, the most articulate commentator but he is what he is. Perhaps that’s precisely why @ndy and Co hate him so much because, like Pauline Hanson, he is too unsophisticated and honest to understand it is not polite (Politically Correct) to point out the Emperor has no clothes. Like the toddler who embarrasses his parents by loudly enquiring when out shopping ‘why is that lady so fat?’ (one of my own sons did this to me) he has the honesty that can only come from either not knowing social politics is based on deception or not caring. Perhaps, with Angry Anderson, it is both.

But all that being said, his down to earth lucidity when dealing with complex Political issues is actually refreshing in comparison to the turgid, pseudo intellectual wankery of the self promoting pundits and ‘experts’. Like Occam’s Razor he cuts straight to the chase. Of course, his critics, like @ndy, reveal more about themselves than they do about Angry Anderson when they summarily smear him as simplistic or even ‘cretinous’ for employing simple, street level logic to deliberately obfuscated socio-political issues cloaked in Neo-Marxist sophistry. His political talents are obviously limited as much as they are enhanced by his own personal experience and access to real information but who cares? He is foremost and primarily an entertainer. We don’t, or at least shouldn’t, expect him to be an infallible guru.

Australia used to be full of blokes like Angry Anderson, at least in the Country and the Urban Working Class areas and, let me tell you Folks, it was far better for it. Basic units perhaps but at least they were honest and upfront and called it like they saw it. The average Aussie really was a largely unpretentious, self deprecating, knockabout bloke who lived with no fear of telling the truth.

Lying (Political Correctness) as opposed to normal, everyday bullshitting was regarded as very bad form. It was okay to exaggerate when you’d had a few beers at the pub but to deliberately mislead and promote falsehoods was a low act. Unlike today where it has become a secular state ‘religion’. Cultural Marxism and its hammer of Political Correctness have scared the piss out of the moral cowards who make up the bulk of today’s Australia.

Everyone is so frightened of ‘offending’ anyone’s delicate sensibilities that they are like old ladies hiding behind their net curtains and peering out at the big bad world in abject terror at being labelled ‘Extremist’ or ‘Racist’ for speaking their minds despite knowing, at a deeper level of consciousness, that it is always more trustworthy to go with your first impressions and ‘gut feelings’ than let some academic or bureaucrat or politician bully you into chickenshit conformity with convoluted ‘logic’ or trickery.

No, @ndy and Co hate his guts because they know he is, unlike them, the real deal but they impotently grind their teeth because he has had the temerity to ‘come out’ with some relatively ‘conservative’ socio-political views when they are convinced that every true Working Class lad should be a card carrying Red. How DARE he let the side down? Angry Anderson is, despite his Mulatto Racial status, a fiercely proud Aussie Patriot and that burns the Reds more than anything. The ultimate irony of course is that @ndy and his State funded ‘Anarchists©’ Pty Ltd have about as much street cred as Paris Hilton but with even less class.

Perhaps, by now, some of you are wondering just what Angry Anderson said that was so 'dangerous' and 'controversial' to provoke such vitriolic hatred from the Reds and general condemnation from the Lame Stream Press. Well here it is: July 2007: "It's not ill-conceived to look at certain people and question when they come out here what they bring with them," Anderson told The Daily Telegraph. "We have strict quarantine laws and it should be the same when it comes to cultures that do not want to integrate. We should be very careful about where certain Muslims come from and what they believe. If you come here, you should behave yourself – it's as simple as that," he said. "If people come and live in any country and their way of life is so different they need their own special laws, then possibly they have to pick somewhere else to live. The idea of any Muslim being photographed for a passport or a license with one of those shrouds on – sorry, it just can't happen." March 2010: He told a Federal Parliamentary Committee into the impact of violence on youth that life experience has taught him "Aussies use their fists" when they fight and that "weapons were introduced by other cultures".

Wow! That's revolutionary stuff, eh?