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Descent into the maelstrom… ctd…

How Hollywood and TelAvision would have us see the Black Man...

...versus the grim reality for millions of White victims of vicious Black Hate Crimes

In light of the clear, rapid and sickening descent into the dystopic vortex of the Multicultural Planet Bizarro wormhole, the demonising of Eugenics and the celebration of Dysgenics (Race Mixing/Genetic Levelling) your kindly Old Uncle Victor thought he’d publish, for the elucidation of the gentle reader, this scathingly accurate appraisal of Negroids in ‘popular entertainment’ from the old ‘way back’ machine. This gem is equally impressive for both its uncompromising analysis of the multi generational decline in artistic standards and social morality in visual ‘entertainment’ and its prescience of darker days to come. (Pun unintended) Yes folks, as you well know, since this piece was penned, those crazy old ghost trains of Hollywood and TelAvision have accelerated and are hurtling, at ever greater velocity, on hot rails to Hell. Enjoy.
The reverse evolution of Black aesthetics in TV and films
The Descent Into Ugliness
Austin Ryan 1994

Two of the most unattractive African-American "actors" to ever step before the camera are Whoopie Goldberg and Wesley Snipes. Whoopi first gained prominence ten years ago for her raunchy stand-up comedy routines which portrayed her as a foul-mouthed, tough, urban black mama. Wesley Snipes began as a two-bit thespian in a slew of unmemorable movies until he was cast as the lead in Spike Lee's tribute to interracial romance, Jungle Fever, the title of which is a euphemism for Negro lust. It is interesting that both Goldberg and Snipes, who have no real acting ability and faces that could stop clocks (even trains), have become "hot property" in Hollywood. Goldberg had a string of box-office flops for eight years, yet is still rewarded with huge movie deals. Snipes is just another Zilch-talented, B-actor, who starred in one low-budget dud after another, until he was promoted overnight to "superstar."
What's going on here? Could it be that Jewish producers, in their zeal to promote miscegenation to the nth degree, have finally succeeded in destroying the one barrier-physical beauty that's always managed, at least so far, to keep the "colour lines" partially intact? In Hollywood's early years, Chosenites cast only high yellows, such as Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne, in roles designed to lessen the natural revulsion of whites to race-mixing. For the most part these actors were "nice-looking," that is, they appeared more white than black. For many years the "marquee" Negro's looks remained unchanged-borderline white, with well-defined noses, lips and other physical characteristics that could be classified as quasi-white. Their mannerisms and locution were also in the Caucasian mode.
As time went by, however, a subtle change began to take place. By the end of the 1950s, Hollywood had groomed its first non-white-looking Negro star, Sidney Poitier, who, despite his ebony epidermis and Caribbean accent, had all the right (white) mannerisms. Poitier was regularly cast in roles intended to make his mostly white audiences "sympathize" and "identify" with his "ever-the-underdog" depictions of blacks. In 1964 Poitier won an Academy Award for his acting in Lilies of the Field, in which he portrayed a handyman who built a chapel for a gaggle of German-speaking nuns. The propaganda in this movie was all too obvious: The nuns, symbolic of Nazi Germany (the archetype of racial intolerance), befriended a Negro (an archetype of racial suffering) whom they ultimately regarded as a co-equal, if not their superior. "Character over skin color" was archetypically vindicated.
In 1967, the Jewish movie moguls, aware that white America had been sufficiently weaned on a steady diet of Poitier as black saint for ten years, cast him in their most auspicious role to date: that of a Negro man engaged to be married to a white woman in “Guess Who's Coming to Dinner,” directed by Stanley Kramer and scripted by fellow Chosenite William Rose. For the purposes of this film Poitier still had to possess all of the attributes of a white man since the baboonish antics of a lusting black would not translate well to the screen. That would have to wait another ten years! Predictably every film critic in America jumped up and down for joy and heaped great gobs of praise upon the movie for its "ground-breaking" efforts to de-stigmatize black-white marriages.
The 70s cinema wallowed in a flood of "Blacksploitation" films that went largely unnoticed by white moviegoers, unless their favourite critic happened to single out one for its "avant-garde" appeal. "Blacksploitation" was a canny effort by Hollywood to let the Negro's real nature run loose on celluloid, with the implied message that it was "farcical," "over-the-top" and mostly campy. In other words, "We're starting to show you the real Negro, but don't get too uptight about it." But for every "Blacksploitation" film there was at least one "legitimate" black film that earned mainstream plaudits. Shaft, one of the most popular movies of the 1970s, became a prototype for a generation of "hip" black dudes with badges. Its star, Richard Roundtree, was more "Black acting" than Poitier, his black-cop predecessor (In the Heat of the Night).
The 70s also witnessed the beginning of "black revisionism," which reached its ultimate form in ABC television's miniseries, Roots, wherein Negroes were portrayed as loving, civilized, productive individuals in pleasant, docile African farming communities until greedy, ruthless whites plundered their land and captured their people. Roots was designed to be watched by as many whites as possible in order to instil in them the desired "guilt complex." Television was selected as the appropriate medium, because on average it draws more than 20 times the audience of a typical motion picture. Roots was an enormous success. Over 40 million viewers watched in horror each night as the white man brutalized innocent black folks. Ironically it debuted when black-on-white crime in America was reaching epidemic levels. Each evening, as whites watched fictional accounts of blacks being murdered by white slave owners on plantations, a dozen or more whites were being murdered by black thugs and gang members.
By the 1980s all pretensions of Negroes being "civilized" were tossed aside in favour of the foul-mouthed, crotch-grabbing types in movies like 48 Hrs., in which stand-up comic Eddie Murphy played a wise-cracking, street-smart, oversexed, criminal Negro partnered with a racist white cop whose life Murphy manages to save once or twice during the movie. In the end, the cop becomes yet another "it only happens in Hollywood" reformed racist. After the success of ‘48 Hrs.’ Jewish film moguls parlayed Murphy's "comic genius" into several other films, all having the same one-note formula as the original. By the end of the 80s, Murphy, an obnoxious darky with a retinue of equally obnoxious black hangers-on, was commanding $15 million per film. Dumbed-down white moviegoers, who attributed Murphy's salary demands to "artistic greatness," were convinced he was the funniest thing since Chaplin. They hadn't a clue that Murphy's "genius" was strictly a Jewish phenomenon-created, hyped and bankrolled by the offspring of Eastern European ghettoites.
As the 1990s began, the antics of Eddie Murphy and his ilk were no longer shocking to whites. They had witnessed the metamorphosis of the Negro from his step-‘n'-fetch it days in the 30s and 40s, when he played inordinately ignorant and preposterous the 50s, when he suddenly became an urbane white posing as a black the 60s, when he was able to assert his individuality and became a trifle "more black" in the process ... to the late 60s, when he starred in a whole series of "daring" "socially-conscious" films designed to prepare whitey for the Negro onslaught to the 70s, when the onslaught finally came, and the Negro was able to strut and swagger and wear loud clothes and curse and use the word "honky" and do drugs and date whites, which everyone thought was "cool"
So it came to pass that the Negro was no longer a Negro. He was a "black" and allowed to do "black things." And if you ever doubted it, all you had to do was watch a little TV. Roots had elevated the Negro to new status in the eyes of the white community. Suddenly he had more historical oomph than anyone. The black became magically-and simultaneously-two different beings at the same time: Stupid Arrogant Negro and Proud African Warrior--an incredible combination that whites never bothered to figure out. They just continued to stand meekly in line for their tickets, ready and willing to have their senses violated by Jewish impresarios who either flung images of degenerate blacks in their faces or, with even more effrontery, paraded their coloured pets across the screen in logic-defying "hero roles" to the point where, by the mid-80s, every modern action movie had to have a Serious Black Cop, every Western at least one Black Gunslinger and every ensemble cast a minimum of two Major Black Stars (even if the film was about a family of WASPs!).
With the growing popularity of rap musk. in the late 80s, a whole new industry was aborning. By 1990, "hip-hop" films, carefully targeted at suggestible white kids who adopted "rap Handsome black: star" loose-fitting shirts, baggy Harry Belafonte pants, baseball caps turned backwards and cheap imitation gold jewellery draped around their skinny necks-were all the rage. From this new genre emerged young black film directors who couldn't make a turkey if they tried (if you believed the critics). Soon Spike Lee became synonymous with "urban rage" and his films were ballyhooed louder at Cannes than John Huston's. Blacks no longer had to look white-or even vaguely white. A sort at "reverse evolution" had taken place over the years. Negroes gradually became as coarse and primitive-looking as the films they starred in. The Chosen, in their boundless arrogance, flaunted their successes by casting uglies in movies that 30 years ago would have meant not only box office failure, but a burnt out theatre.
Jewish filmmakers love nothing more than to replace beauty with its opposite. If they can get away with it, the more exaggeratingly awful the non beauty is, the better. That is why big-boned baboon Oprah Winfrey now reigns as "Queen" of TV talk shows. She is a Jewish-created mockery, presiding over her company, Harpo Productions, that pays her nearly $20 million a year, and allows her to lord it over dozens of obsequient white employees. Winfrey's "success" is just as artificial as that of Bill Cosby, who is yet another Jewish-fabricated gogglebox myth and whose hyper-inflated income is intended to hover over whitey and make him flinch under its mighty shadow. Jews would much rather have a blunt-looking, albeit somewhat expensive, creature like Eddie Murphy as "King of Hollywood" than a "passing" Negro like Harry Belafonte. Ugliness has always been their shtick. So naturally they'd choose the least likely ambassadors of human culture and dignity-Negroes-to represent America at the court of world entertainment.
Showbiz Jews understood long ago that the first Negroes were the advance guard, just transistor actors who would be replaced bit by bit by others with increasingly darker and cruder features, not to mention baser instincts. Belafonte couldn't have known that he was just a "stand-in" for Poitier, who never dreamed as he accepted his Oscar 30 years ago that he was just a pawn, an elegant Uncle Tom assigned to announce the apes to follow. The 70s black actors didn't know that they were just the "undergirding" for a future Eddie Murphy, whose own star has since been partially eclipsed by a pack of vulgar, brutish blacks who owe their fortunes to the same clique that sponsored this cavalcade from the git go.
If the uglification trend continues, Jewish producers will no longer hold their casting calls in the projects, but in the jungles of the Congo, where they'll no doubt attempt to sign orang-utans and chimpanzees to fat movie contracts. The success of the "black cinema" has made it possible for the entertainment Czars to darken the air waves as well. A casual flip through the channels during prime time looks more like a travelogue for Nigeria or a National Geographic special than the white television of yesteryear. Most of these black programs are so unintelligible-with the Negroes reverting back to tribal grunts and groans-that they require subtitles, even though the actors claim they are speaking English. Most appear 10 be talking through broken teeth. One show actually features a Negro "actor-comedian" named Sinbad whose hair seems to change colour with the Unhandsome black: seasons and whose body Robert Townsend posture is so simian that he appears to be dragging his knuckles when he walks. Sinbad spends most of his on-air time (in an immaculate house, of course) mumbling some sort of urban mumbo-jumbo to his "children." It's “Father Knows Best” meets “Bushman From Botswana”. I One is forced to wonder why he calls himself Sinbad in the first place, since he bears no resemblance to the white Saturday matinee swashbuckler of the 50s.
In many ways the Cosby Show was more nonsensical and ludicrous than the current batch of Negro sitcoms. To have us believe that Cosby was a doctor married to a lawyer in a fashionable New York brownstone, the father of a large brood, including three different shades of college-bound kids (one the colour of the black leather couch in the den, one the colour of the lignite coloured coffee table in the living room, the third the colour of the off-white marble staircase in the gallery). It was more unbelievable than Sinbad shuffling around in a spotless kitchen. When we observe our white women and men dating or marrying increasingly vulgar black men or women we come face to face with the connection between movies and television and real life. Is it any wonder that some of our "less discriminating" types would become gradually accustomed and-shudder!-addicted to these Negroes, whose ugly mugs flicker into millions of homes each night and whose ugly pusses light up thousands of movie screens? Hollywood has finally been able to make "black beautiful," not just the watered-down "passing" black of a decade or two ago, but the ordinary, ebony, rough hewn black, whose skin appears to be coated with lacquer-a black so black that his skin gives off a sort of bluish sheen in the daylight. Ugly, nightmarish black. Totem-pole black. Primate black. Now we know why gorillas like Goldberg and Snipes can achieve star billing.

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Google "Zionist Jews Run Wall Street."

Facts are facts, unless you speak about Israel or Jews.

See if you can pick the Jew? He would be the one who blames "White Anglo Saxons" ok. Its not racist to blame the Anglo Saxons with out a shred of proof. Yet if you speak the truth its racist. Get the picture? Anti Racism = Anti White.

I think the writing is on the wall folks?

Brendon O'Connell October/November 2011 UPDATE.

Folks all we can tell you is that he is alive and well at this stage serving out his sentence for speaking the truth in Casurina MAXIMUM PRISON. An appeal against conviction is set to be heard December 13th. Please if you can, write to Brendon and show your support. I am sorry to say that is all info I can give you at this stage. Fingers crossed Brendon will be able to tell us in his words what the hell has been going on since he was gaoled as Australia's First Political Prisoner.

Write to

Brendon O'Connell
Locked Bag 1
Western Australia 6167

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Occupy Sydney?

In the New Testament of the Holy Bible, in Luke 19:13, Jesus The Christ instructs his disciples to 'Occupy Till I come'...

Are we humble mortals to revise our interpretation of these words of wisdom in light of recent socio-political developments? ...nahhh!!!... Spruiking asinine bullshit like ‘Everyone’s welcome’ the limp wristed, Fabian Marxist Faggot, professional Socialist Alliance protester and gay bar loiterer Ben Peterson was on Sydney Talkback Radio this very afternoon vainly attempting to justify the behaviour of his soap dodging bum chums’ ‘occupation’ of Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD.
So where were the REAL victims of Global Corporate Greed and Zionist Jew Hegemony? Where were the REAL struggling battlers with no safety net? Well, gentle reader, they were like your Old Uncle Victor, WORKING and paying Taxes to support these filthy, crusty Reds in their feckless lifestyle or LOOKING for work in an ever diminishing market rather than being ‘useful idiots’ and hijacking what, in theory, is a genuine cause.

WLT QLD corespondent "Ben Peterson, oh yes we remember him"

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The Jews in their own words...ctd...

A Dissident Meditation on Jewish Identity: A Review of Gilad Atzmon’s “The Wandering Who?”
3rd October 2011
Kevin MacDonald

Gilad Atzmon, The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics (Winchester, UK and Washington, DC: Zer0 Books, 2011, 202 pp.)
Gilad Atzmon is one of those rarest of all birds—the sort of person who would be called a “self-hating Jew” by Jewish activists. Except that he doesn’t really hate himself and really doesn’t have much of a Jewish identity at all. He is an honest leftist who happens to be of Jewish origin; or perhaps one should label him a liberal devoted to the values of the Enlightenment, without the typical Jewish blinders. Although he has a few blinders of his own, he sees quite clearly the incompatibility of Zionism with post-Enlightenment Western civilization.
For Atzmon, Zionism is all about Judaism as racial identity politics, ethnic cleansing, and manipulating Western governments via the Israel Lobby. As a child growing up in Israel, “supremacy was brewed into our souls, we gazed at the world through racist, chauvinistic binoculars. And we felt no shame about it either” (p. 2). He began his journey of embracing the West as a result of immersion in jazz. Eventually, “I somehow already yearned to become a Goy or at least to be surrounded by Goyim” (p. 7).
For Atzmon, the racialism so fundamental to Zionism is an aberration from Judaism the religion. He has no problem with people who “regard themselves as human beings that happen to be of Jewish origin.” The problem arises with “those who put their Jewish-ness over and above all other traits” (p. 16). This sort of Jewish essentialism was central to Zionism from the beginning, often with strong racialist overtones. Quoting Vladimir Jabotinsky, the father of the Israeli right:
A Jew brought up among Germans may assume German customs, German words. He may be wholly imbued with that German fluid but the nucleus of his spiritual structure will always remain Jewish because his blood, his body, his physical racial type are Jewish.
Atzmon reviews the data showing that Zionism began out of a concern that Jews would lose their racial distinctiveness by assimilation (see also here, p. 152ff)—a “tribal preservation project” p. 70). “Separation is a strategy of ghetto-building, and Zionists have followed this strategy since the late nineteenth century” (p. 41). This is certainly true, but Atzmon seems unaware that in this regard, Zionism was simply building on traditional Jewish separatism. Indeed, early Zionists were well aware of this. As the early Zionist Elias Auerbach phrased it, “Zionism would return Jews ‘back into the position they enjoyed before the nineteenth century—politically autonomous, culturally whole, and racially pure’” (Ibid, p. 158). The original enemy of the Zionists was the Enlightenment and the assimilationist tendencies of Western civilization.
True Zionists are therefore Jews first and foremost—to the point that they put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of the countries they live in. Atzmon thus cites the work of Victor Ostrovsky, the former Mossad agent who described the huge network of Sayanim ready to help the cause of Israel by aiding the Mossad. This of course is exactly the type of behaviour that has led to the loyalty issue of anti-Jewish attitudes throughout history. Atzmon is quite clear that the loyalty issue applies in spades to the neoconservatives and the rest of the Jewish establishment with their constant drumbeat of wars for Israel—“the neocons transform the American army into an Israeli mission force” (p. 70). Paul Wolfowitz (a central focus of Atzmon’s ire) as a Sayan.
Atzmon is quite aware that if anti-Semitism didn’t exist, strongly identified Jews would have to create it: “Zionism is maintained by anti-Semitism” (p. 33). The perception of anti-Semitism creates a bunker mentality that justifies everything. Atzmon has a nice chapter on the deceptive self-images of liberal secular Jews who spout phrases of universalist humanism but in their innermost beings are anything but universalist or humanist. This is indeed the central masquerade of Jews in the post-Enlightenment West, what he calls “the Jewish tribal left” p. 72). He traces this stance to the very origins of the European Enlightenment when Moses Mendelssohn advised Jews to “live in a dual, deceptive mode, if not practically in a state of schizophrenia. … He must have realised that universalism and tribalism are opposing categories. … This solution led to false and deceptive behaviour. … This behavioural code, though very pragmatic, happens to be non-ethical by definition. It is based on deception—both self-deception and deceiving the other” (pp. 55, 57). The result is that Jewish identity in the Diaspora is what Atzmon terms a “negative identity”:
Rather than understanding who you are, one invests some effort in differentiating oneself from the other and from the universal. Rather than listening to one’s conscience and engage in an authentic ethical judgment, the negating subject sets his or her relationships with his or her surrounding environment, based on pragmatic and practical decision-making and exchange. At most one may present a pretence of ethical thinking, but no more than that. (p. 63).
Prime examples of this pragmatic veneer of ethics are neocon ideologues who “always present a seemingly ‘ethical’ argument. They employ what looks like a moral excuse in order to introduce a pretext for a war. … Clearly the Palestinians and the Iraqis are paying a heavy price as victims of the politics of negation, politics that convey a deceitful image of righteousness” (p. 64).
Although Atzmon is quite aware of the deceptiveness of the secular Jewish left, noting that the Israeli left, like its Diaspora counterparts, has eagerly endorsed all of Israel’s wars (p. 79). Unfortunately, he thinks of Jewish socialism and Jewish progressive activism” only as “integral parts of the Zionist network[;] they are concerned with the future of the Jewish secular tribe — they are there to collect the lost souls amongst the humanist Jewish, to bring them home for Hanukkah” p. 76).
Would that that was the whole story. Atzmon fails to go beyond Zionism in his analysis of the Jewish left in the Diaspora in the West. The reality is that the Jewish left has been the most important force in the dissolution of the West as an ethno-cultural entity while tenaciously holding onto its own ethno-culture. The Jewish left has been the backbone of the left throughout the West since early in the 20th century, and it has been by far the most important component of the Jewish Diaspora community in Western nations throughout the 20th century into the 21st century. Prior to WWII, the Jewish left used its influence to support international socialism and the USSR where Jews had become a dominant elite, and since WWII it has had a critical influence promoting massive non-White immigration, multiculturalism, and the displacement of the traditional people and culture of the West.
It is this assault by the Jewish tribalist left masquerading as enlightened universalists that was a major source of anti-Semitism during and preceding the National Socialist era in Germany. For example, in Mein Kampf Hitler wrote of the liberal Jew “while he seems to overflow with ‘enlightenment,’ ‘progress,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘humanity,’ etc., he himself practices the severest segregation of his race ” (see here, p. 150). Similarly, Atzmon notes “emancipated Jews insist on celebrating the fruits of enlightenment; they celebrate their right to determine who they are. On the other hand, Jewish politics is tribal, it is intolerant of Jewish dissidence or any form of self-determination that may oppose what it regards as Jewish political or tribal interests” (p. 105).
The only “ethical” principle is what’s good for the Jews: “both Judaism and ‘Jewish ideology’ are devoid of universal ethics” (p. 113). Both the Israeli left (Matzpen) and the neocons (Wolfowitz) use Western rhetoric “to justify the Jewish right to self-determination and the destruction of Arab regional power and Islam. For the Matzpenist, to liberate Arabs is to turn them into Bolsheviks; the neocon is actually slightly more modest — all he wants is for Arabs to drink their Coca-Cola in a Westernised democratic society. Both Judeocentric philosophies were doomed to failure, because the notion of self-determination is overwhelmingly Eurocentric” (p. 109.; italics in text).
In the long run, I predict that the Diaspora strategy of the Jewish mainstream will lead to a resurgence of racial identity in the West as Whites realize that they and their culture are under assault by massive non-White immigration and multiculturalism. Judaism is indeed incompatible with Western culture, and as its influence grows, the West will inevitably be Balkanized into competing ethnic/racial groups—precisely the population structure that inevitably results from a powerful strategizing group in a Diaspora context, exacerbated now by the massive immigration and multiculturalism unleashed by Jewish intellectual and political movements.
Throughout history, Jews have always been an elite, typically making alliances with non-Jewish elites and often collaborating in oppression of the peoples dominated by the elites. Here Atzmon traces the Jewish preoccupation with making alliances with the powerful to the Book of Esther, where Mordecai schemes to influence the king on behalf of the Jews. Atzmon describes several modern examples, most interestingly Rabbi Joachim Prinz’s 1934 letter to the NSDAP where he affirms the idea that Jews are a race committed to maintaining racial purity, while seeking common ground with the dominant power, the German government.
But it was an alliance based on interests, not principle. Later, after emigrating to America, Prinz as head of the American Jewish Congress, became the quintessential liberal. According to Atzmon, the only consistency was his realization that “whatever is good for Jews is simply good” (p. 164). Similarly, Jewish organizations have treated the Armenian genocide not as a historical narrative, but have solely been concerned about how it affects the interests of Israel. For Jews, there are no principles, only interests.
In the contemporary West, Jews have expanded on the historical Diaspora strategy of making alliances with elites to focus on three ways of obtaining influence, citing a comment of ├╝ber-Zionist Haim Saban: Donations to political parties, establishing think tanks, and controlling media outlets. Right. This is not the place to recount Jewish media domination and political influence, but it is worth noting that Saban has practiced what he preaches: Saban controls Univision, the Spanish language network and led a group that bought Kirsch Media Group, a German media conglomerate; he has contributed millions of dollars to Democratic political causes and lesser amounts to Republicans; and he funded the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution to the tune of $13 million. This strategy, which ultimately stems from Jewish wealth and active engagement in the political process, has given Jews influence far beyond their numbers.
Atzmon at times gets a bit off the rails. For example, he proposes that Alan Greenspan engineered the housing bubble in order to distract people from the war in Iraq. A definitive account of the Jewish role in the greatest elite fraud in history remains to be written. And it is certainly true that Greenspan, along with Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, bears responsibility for de-regulating the financial markets and enabling the housing bubble. However, Atzmon doesn’t provide any evidence for his view, and it would seem that simple greed seems at least as likely an explanation.
Atzmon creates a narrative in which traditional Jews living in European societies “saw themselves as American, British or French people who happened to be Jewish,” but then Zionists came along and eventually convinced most Jews that they were Jews first and foremost — “the birth of Zionist separatism” (p. 39). In general, Atzmon is far too eager to paint Zionism as the original sin of Judaism. While it’s true that this is a good description of what one might call the official public ideology of Judaism in post-Enlightenment European societies, it is not at all an accurate description of Jewish behavior. In fact the loyalty issue long pre-dates Zionism. Jews have always had strong international connections and interests that transcended where they happened to live. Perhaps the most historically important example of this was the worldwide campaign of the organized Jewish community against the Russian government from the late 19th century up to the Bolshevik Revolution—a campaign that at times opposed the national interests of the countries where they lived (see here, p. 67ff).
Another one of Atzmon’s blinders relates to the racial/ethnic component of Judaism. He notes some of the passages in the Old Testament where God commands slaughter and genocide, but fails to note in the same passages that the whole point of this violence is to prevent intermarriage with the victims. Dead people can’t be marriage partners; they can’t pollute the gene pool. Thus he quotes Deuteronomy 7: 1–2: “When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations … you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.” But he leaves out the next line: “You shall not make marriages with them, giving your daughters to their sons or taking their daughters for your sons” (Deut. 7:3). For the Jews, the God of the Old Testament is nothing more or less than the racially pure Jewish gene pool.
Indeed, Atzmon completely avoids any mention of modern population genetic studies that show conclusively that Jews are indeed an ethnic entity and that widely dispersed Jewish groups are more similar to each other than to the peoples they have lived among for hundreds or thousands of years. Instead he relies on Shlomo Sand’s The Invention of the Jewish People to argue that Jewish peoplehood is an invention of the 19th century resulting from the influence of German nationalism.
Part of Sand’s argument is that the events described in the Bible are imaginary. This may or may not be true, but the point is that the events illustrate the mindset of the authors, and that mindset is decidedly on the racialist/ethnocentric side. There is a deep concern with intermarriage in multiple passages in many books of the Old Testament, all with the drumbeat that intermarriage is the ultimate form of Jewish apostasy. Moreover, this concern with intermarriage was characteristic of historical Jewish Diaspora communities. Intermarriage not only removed one from the Jewish community but was a stain on the entire family, thus damaging the marriage prospects of relatives into future generations (A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, Ch. 3 & Ch. 4). The historical data are quite clear that the Jewish people are an ethnic entity, and these results are highly compatible with contemporary genetic evidence.
Moreover, there is no evidence to support the Khazar hypothesis—also adopted by Sand and Atzmon — that Ashkenazi Jews have no genetic connection to the Middle East or to other Jewish groups but rather stem from a conversion event of a Turkic people in the Middle Ages. There is no evidence to indicate that is where the Ashkenazi population came from–linguistically (Yiddish is a German dialect), contemporary population genetic evidence, or their own historical memory. There is in fact evidence that the Khazars converted to Judaism, but it’s long way from that to supposing that the Khazars are the ancestors of the Ashkenazim. The reason people like Atzmon buy the Khazar hypothesis is that they think it de-legitimizes Israel–a political motive. But one need not support Israel even if one acknowledges the ethnic coherence of Judaism, and certainly there is no need to think the US should support Israel unconditionally just because Jews are an ethnic entity. Atzmon comments: “Many Jews, even secular ones, continue to regard mixed marriage as the ultimate threat.” Right. And the fact that these concerns go back to the origins of Diaspora Judaism is exactly why Judaism remains an ethnic entity.
Atzmon is at his best in dealing with the culture of the Holocaust. In Chapter 16 (“Trauma queen”) he dismisses the reality of Jewish Holocaust trauma among Jews who never actually went through the experience, noting that whatever feelings they have are manufactured by what he calls the “Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome” — where Jews are manipulated into feeling trauma by media images of imminent destruction and by being transported to Auschwitz for the purpose of “maturing into traumatised Jewish adults” (p. 131), thereby suppressing any possible empathy for the Palestinians. “The well-established Judeo-centric tendency to interpret almost any political and ideological criticism as a declaration of impending Judeocide is a severe form of collective Pre-TSS” (p. 131). There is always a “Shoah to come” (p. 132) lurking around the corner, likely to be set off by any criticism of Jews, no matter how rationally based (see also here, pp. 11–12).
Atzmon notes that the Holocaust cult has all the features of a religion and none of the features of a historical narrative:
It has priests (e.g., Simon Wiesenthal, Elie Wiesel, Deborah Lipstadt) and prophets (… those who warn of the Iranian Judeocide to come). It has commandments and dogmas (‘Never Again’) and rituals (memorial days, pilgrimage to Auschwitz, etc). It has an established, esoteric symbolic order (kapos, gas chambers, chimneys…). It also has a temple, Yad Vashem, and shrines — Holocaust museums in capital cities worldwide. The Holocaust religion is also financed by a massive global financial network …. This new religion is coherent enough to define its ‘antichrists’ (Holocaust deniers) and powerful enough to persecute them (through Holocaust-denial and hate-speech laws). (pp. 148–149)
The Holocaust has therefore achieved “meta-historical status” — beyond factual inquiry, its “’factuality’ sealed by draconian laws, and its reasoning secured by social and political institutions” (p. 149). It is a powerful political force on behalf of Jewish interests—e.g., it “is touted as a pretext for nuking Iran” (p. 152).
Many of these points have also been made by Peter Novick his The Holocaust in American Life. Novick adds that the culture of the Holocaust was promoted as the main source of Jewish identity and in the effort to combat assimilation and intermarriage among Jews. An important lesson is that “tolerance and diversity [are] good; hate [is] bad, the overall rubric [being] ‘man’s inhumanity to man’” (pp. 258-259). The Holocaust has thus become an instrument of Jewish ethnic interests as an instrument to silence opponents of high levels of multi-ethnic immigration into Western societies. And, regarding the metaphysical uniqueness of the Holocaust, it would be hard to improve on Abe Foxman’s comment, cited by Novick (p. 199) that the Holocaust is “not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself.”
Atzmon makes the interesting point that the Holocaust religion is simply another version of age-old Jewish fear — the pre-traumatic stress syndrome discussed above. It is a bunker mentality of impending doom that rationalizes even the most extreme actions to prevent it. One might also note that it functions as a modern version of Jewish chosenness — that Jews are a special people whose sufferings are unique.
Atzmon is not so much a Holocaust denier as someone who denies the metaphysical status that the Holocaust has achieved—its uniqueness, its being beyond questioning, and its historical transcendence—all of which have made it into an enormously powerful weapon for achieving Jewish interests and in particular for making Israel’s behavior beyond reproach. Thus, he does not deny that his great-grandmother died in WWII, but he refuses to give her death any special status: Her death “was indeed bad and tragic, but not that different from the fate of millions of Ukrainians, on learning the real meaning of communism. … [Her fate] was not so different from hundreds of thousands of German civilians who died in deliberate, indiscriminate bombing, just because they were Germans” (p. 175).
Famously (due to its being quoted in a hit piece by former IDF prison guard now Zionist media hack Jeffrey Goldberg), Atzmon writes the following, with differences in Goldberg’s version in red:
I think that 65 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, we must be entitled to start asking questions [to ask the necessary questions]. We should ask for [some conclusive] historical evidence and arguments rather than follow a religious narrative that is sustained by political pressure and laws. We should strip the Holocaust [holocaust] of its Judeo-centric exceptional status and treat it as an historical chapter that belongs to a certain time and place.
Adding the word ‘conclusive’ seems particularly malicious. Goldberg’s real aim in quoting this passage and several others is to tarnish John Mearsheimer who endorsed Atzmon’s book. Atzmon therefore becomes a pawn in the larger game of de-legitimizing the most effective critique thus far of the Israel Lobby—effective because Mearsheimer and his co-author Stephen Walt are elite academics in the area of foreign policy. If Mearsheimer had not provided this opening, Atzmon’s book would doubtless have gotten the silent treatment—a very common and effective Jewish strategy in dealing with uncomfortable realities.
Immediately after the above passage, Atzmon truly crosses the line—to go where few, if any, Jews dare to go:
65 years after the liberation of Auschwitz we should be able to ask — why? Why were the Jews hated? Why did European people stand up against their neighbours? Why are the Jews hated in the Middle East, surely they had a chance to open a new page in their troubled history. … Why did America tighten its immigration laws amid the growing danger to European Jews? We should also ask what purpose Holocaust denial laws serve? What is the Holocaust religion there to conceal? As long as we fail to ask questions, we will be subjected to Zionist lobbies and their plots. We will continue killing in the name of Jewish suffering. (pp. 175–176)
The question why Jews have been hated in so many times and places is indeed the fundamental question one has to ask. Atzmon merely poses the question without any attempting to provide a theory for understanding historical anti-Semitism. (My version is that all the important historical outbreaks of anti-Semitism are due ultimately to real conflicts of interest.) But he is quite clear that the ideology that anti-Semitism is an “’irrational’ social phenomenon that erupts ‘out of nowhere’” is a non-starter, since it implies that a very large percentage of the human population is “potentially mad” (p. 182).
The closest Atzmon comes to answering the question is to ask another one: “Can Israeli behaviour throw light on the events that led to the Holocaust, or other instances of persecution of Jews?” (p. 182). Again, he doesn’t really try to answer this question, but I will give it a shot. Historical anti-Semitism involves a variety of conflicts of interest (e.g., loyalty issues, economic domination, and, since the Enlightenment, the construction of culture), and here there is the obvious conflict between the legitimate interests of the Palestinians in retaining control over an area they had settled for centuries.
However, another common denominator between important examples of historical anti-Semitism and the behaviour of Israel is Jewish aggressiveness. From its beginnings in 1948, Israel has consistently pushed the envelope, beginning with the expulsion of the Palestinians, wars of territorial expansion, with some of the more nationalist elements in Israel openly advocating Jabotinsky’s call for a Jewish state extending from the Nile to the Euphrates, thereby fulfilling God’s promise in Genesis. There is also the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank, the erection of an apartheid state, and the constant beating of the war drums, first against Iraq and now against Iran.
Similarly, beginning with the Enlightenment, Jews have aggressively sought to refashion European societies to suit their interests. Atzmon asks why America closed its doors to further mass Jewish immigration with the Immigration Law of 1924. The reason is simple: Jewish immigrants were prone to leftist political radicalism bent on reshaping the entire society in ways that were foreign to traditional American culture. The organized Jewish community had already launched successful campaigns to get Christianity out of the public square facilitated by Jewish economic success in the big cities. There was also deep concern about the effects on public morals of Jewish control of the movie industry. (These are all themes of Henry Ford’s International Jew which was quite influential during this period.) In later decades Jewish groups would aggressively campaign for massive non-White immigration and they would aggressively establish alliances with non-White ethnic groups, both actions that will ultimately dispossess the traditional people and culture of America and force White Americans to confront a hostile non-White majority, doubtless dominated by the organized Jewish community. Such actions are quite different, for example, from the behaviour of Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia: remaining in the background and content to form a business elite with little involvement in politics or the construction of culture.
To conclude, Atzmon has written a daring book and one that is sure to result in his being ostracized by the Jewish community. While he has a few blinders of his own, the book is an invaluable account by someone who clearly understands the main symptoms of Jewish pathology.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Won't you be my Teddy Bear?

Old Uncle Victor, like most kids of his generation, had a ‘Teddy Bear’ or two at various stages of his early childhood. Little did he realise the cute and traditional cuddly toy was named after an evil, wicked ‘Racist’! An American President, no less! ‘Teddy’ was the nickname of an American President whose visage is immortalised in a gigantic rock carving on Mount Rushmore. Read on, gentle reader…

Racial Views of Theodore Roosevelt

By Edward Kerling 1994
Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President from 1901 to 1909, is best known for his exploits with the Rough Riders, his conservation work, his expansion of the public park system, and his admonition to "speak softly but carry a big stick" in foreign affairs. Few today, however, are aware that by current standards Teddy Roosevelt was a ‘White Supremacist’ of the first water.
A central part of Roosevelt's weltblick was evolution, which he accepted as "the fundamental truth" and necessary for "sound scientific thought." A belief in social Darwinism was implicit in his remarks; just as one could trace the rise and fall of members of the animal kingdom, the same could be done for human societies, races and nations. It was from this perspective that Roosevelt was to make all his racial judgments.
In The Winning of the West Roosevelt straightforwardly attributed the rise and spread of civilization, the advances in the conquest of nature, and the achievements in the arts and sciences-progress, unparalleled in human history-to "One race, the so-called White Race, or... more specifically, the group of peoples living in Europe, who undoubtedly have a kinship of blood, who profess the Christian religion, and trace their culture to Greece and Rome."
Roosevelt was generous in sharing the glory equally among his white compeers and did not limit his appreciation to any one branch of the Caucasian racial tree. Beginning with the Iberian people of Portugal and Spain, he believed almost every nation of Europe had sought and found a place in the movement of expansion. Many of Roosevelt's statements during the late 1800s and early 1900s are applicable today. In 1912 he wrote, "The only tyrannies from which men, women, and children are suffering in real life are the tyrannies of minorities." Decades before our current welfare state, he warned: The worst lesson that can be taught a man is to rely upon others and to whine over his sufferings. If an American is to amount to anything he must rely upon himself, and not upon the State; he must take pride in his work, instead of envying the luck of others; he must face life with resolute courage, win victory if he can, and accept defeat if he must, without seeking to place on his fellow men a responsibility which is not theirs.
In 1913, Roosevelt made clear his thoughts on a pure democracy, where the votes of the manufacturer and the farmer are cancelled out in our day by the vote of the parasitic third-generation welfare queen: A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user. The mere possession of the vote will no more benefit men and women not sufficiently developed to use it than the possession of rifles will turn untrained Egyptian fellaheens into soldiers. On the subject of whether whites "owe" American Indians for the land, Roosevelt, the big game hunter, stated: During the past century a good deal of sentimental nonsense has been talked about our taking the Indians' land ....The simple truth is that the [Indians] never had any real ownership in it at all. Where the game was plenty, there they hunted; they followed it when it moved to new hunting grounds, unless they were prevented by stronger rivals, and to most of the land on which we found them they had no stronger claim than that of having a few years previously butchered the original occupants.
Teddy's views on Mexicans were out-and-out ‘racist’: Anyone who has ever been on the frontier and who knows anything whatever of the domineering masterful spirit and bitter race prejudices of the white frontiersmen, will acknowledge at once that it was out of the question that the Texans should long continue under Mexican expect them to submit to the mastery of the weaker race, which they were supplanting. Whatever might be the pretext alleged for the revolt, the real reasons were to be found in the deeply marked differences of race, and in the absolute unfitness of the Mexicans to govern themselves, to say nothing of governing others.
Viewing blacks as the "White Man's burden," the 26th President stated in 1901 that, since they could "neither be killed nor driven away, I have not been able to think out any solution of the terrible problem offered by the presence of the Negro on this continent. ..."
On the merits of blacks, he was less than charitable. "A perfectly stupid race," he wrote in 1895, "can never rise to a very high place. The Negro, for instance, has been kept down as much by his lack of intellectual development as by anything else." In 1901 he wrote author Owen Wister, "I entirely agree with you that as a race, and in the mass, the Negro [is] altogether inferior to the whites." In 1905 he opined, "Laziness and shiftlessness, these, and above all, vice and criminality of every kind, are evils more potent for harm to the black race than all acts of oppression of white men put together."
Roosevelt gave considerable thought to the scientific aspects of race crossing. In past centuries there had existed a persistent, though by no means exclusive, belief that race-mixing would destroy one or both races involved. He was convinced that when two divergent and persistent human types, such as white and black cross, neither the white nor the black type persists in the mulatto offspring to any degree of purity. Only if the mulatto continued to breed the white or black type exclusively would one of the types reappear in pure form in succeeding generations, thus eliminating one ancestral root. Shortly before his death Roosevelt wrote, all the best men in the United States, not wholly among the whites, but the blacks also, believe in the complete separation of the races so far as marriage is concerned."
Some years earlier, Roosevelt composed a letter to author Hamlin Garland on the theme of Race suicide: A Race whose Men will not work and will not fight ought to die out, and unless it will. generally does. And, of course, if the women flinch from breeding the deserved death of the race takes [place] even quicker. ...
Roosevelt felt that the "Woman who flinched from childbirth" stood on a par "with the soldier who drops his rifle and runs in battle." In his annual presidential message (1904), he charged that a race which does not have plenty of strong healthy children is decadent. He told the English historian George Otto Trevelyan, "The diminishing birthrate among our people is an ugly thing. In New England, for instance, the old stock is not quite holding its own."
In 1911, Roosevelt reviewed Octavia Charles Beale's controversial book, Racial Decay. He heartily approved of the Australian author's thesis that the decline of the birthrate in France, Britain, Australia and New Zealand was due in part to "the capital sin; the cardinal sin against the race and against civilization-willful sterility in marriage...." At its present rate of decline, Roosevelt correctly predicted, the birthrate in Australia would be stationary by 1950: "If this is so, then the men who rally to the battle cry of 'a white Australia' have indeed ground for anxiety as they think of the teeming myriads, steadily increasing north of them."
The possible decline of the white race was a specter that haunted Roosevelt. He feared it would become soft and let itself be pushed out of first place. Five years before his death, he once again insisted, "the fundamental and unpardonable crime against the race [was] the crime of Race Suicide."
All quotations from Theodore Roosevelt on Race, Riots, Reds and Crime. Compiled by Archibald B. Roosevelt (Sons of Liberty, P.O. Box 214, Metairie, LA 70004).

Oh I thought I was the Nazi!

Fucking Hypocrites.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Australia-Hijacked by the Left!

Hell who didn't see this coming? When you consider the puppet masters on the left side of politics are the same people who also hold the population of the world in perpetual slavery, one has to wonder why bother when this lot jumps on board?

Please watch the vids, its a real eye opener to witness the stupidity of the Australian Left. Brain washed fools.

Source Truth News Australia.

Tonight I am joined by Craig Stanford to reflect on the occupy Reserve Bank protest which we filmed on 15 October 2011.

In our discussion we look at some of the techniques being used to create "group consciousness" at the protests here and overseas, such as hand signs and chanting, and we ask whether such tendencies are supportive of human freedom.

Although the protesters claim they are the 99%, our finding is that they are largely made up of anti-capitalist, socialist, collectivist and eco-fascist minorites within our society.

There was no sign of the huge anti-carbon tax movement, which, according to many polls, represents the views of the vast majority of Australians.

Speakers at the event were heavily promoting the "action on climate change" mantra, and the strong presence of the socialist alliance and green left weekly further reinforces the impression that this movement is essentially owned by the radical left.

Does the socialist flavour we saw in Sydney reflect the tendencies of the wider global movement? According to Charles Gasparino of the Murdoch-owned New York Post,

It’s not an overstatement to describe Zuccotti Park as New York’s Marxist epicenter. Flags with the iconic face of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara are everywhere; the only American flag I saw was hanging upside down. The “occupiers” openly refer to each other as “comrade,” and just about every piece of literature on offer (free or for sale) advocated socialism in the Marxist tradition as a cure-all for the inequalities of the American economic system.

In Rome, the violence has been blamed on left-wing groups, which is predictable, but possibly an attempt to demonise groups which the government wishes to suppress.

Overall, there is still much potential for this movement to become a force for positive change, but there is also a huge opportunity for it to become merely another vehicle for those who think they can steer human civilsation in a particular direction.

Under the title "Why are we outside the Reserve Bank of Australia?", Occupy Sydney features this comedy sketch from 2008.

Does the socialist flavour we saw in Sydney reflect the tendencies of the wider global movement? According to Charles Gasparino of the Murdoch-owned New York Post,

It’s not an overstatement to describe Zuccotti Park as New York’s Marxist epicenter. Flags with the iconic face of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara are everywhere; the only American flag I saw was hanging upside down. The “occupiers” openly refer to each other as “comrade,” and just about every piece of literature on offer (free or for sale) advocated socialism in the Marxist tradition as a cure-all for the inequalities of the American economic system.

In Rome, the violence has been blamed on left-wing groups, which is predictable, but possibly an attempt to demonise groups which the government wishes to suppress.

Overall, there is still much potential for this movement to become a force for positive change, but there is also a huge opportunity for it to become merely another vehicle for those who think they can steer human civilsation in a particular direction.

Under the title "Why are we outside the Reserve Bank of Australia?", Occupy Sydney features this comedy sketch from 2008.

The "occupy" groups have been conducting what they call "general assemblies", a term reminiscent of the United Nations.

The Sydney group has stated:

The GA works on a basis of consensus decision making, and therefore is the only accurate way of representing what the entire group wants the world to know. The Occupy Sydney general assembly at Martin Place aims to provide a forum for all voices to be heard and are constantly learning better ways to be inclusive of all perspectives.

There you have it, just another case of controlling both sides of the debate. I wonder who would do such a thing?

and ASIO is watching who?

The RSL betrays Vietman Vets AGAIN...

The A.M. Talkback stations today were blazing with outrage from Vietnam Veterans and spokesmen for various associations at the latest example of Politically Correct maggots rubbing the noses of decent Australians into the festering filth that is Global Multicultural Marxist dogma.

Several related their stories of being vilified not just by the usual suspects from the crusty Leftoids (mostly spurred on by the hateful rhetoric of The Whitlams and fellow travellers) but the elitist 'old guard' of the various returned services organisations of which the RSL was the worst by far.

There is NO comparison, and never can be, between the apparent 'burying of the hatchet' between the Rats of Tobruk and the Afrika Korps.

The 'inconvenient' truths and facts are that the Germans in North Africa were brave, honourable and noble adversaries whereas the NVA, Viet Cong and Chinese regulars launched against the Allies against Communism were sadistic, sub-human, yellow monkeys with zero concern for the rules of war and the tenets of Human decency.

Zionist Strauss-Kahn Evades Justice Again

Monday, October 17, 2011

For Darrin Hodges

Gotta love them Jews, eh Dazzles?

'Oliver Cromwell and the beheading of King Charles 1st in 1649 financed by Jewish Bankers of Amsterdam led by the Jewish financier and army contractor of Cromwell’s New Model Army, Fernandez Carvajal and assisted by Portuguese Ambassador De Souza, a Marrano (secret Jew), saw an opportunity to exploit in the civil unrest led by Oliver Cromwell in 1643.
A stable Christian society of ancient traditions binding the Monarchy, Church, State, nobles and people into one solemn bond was disrupted by Calvin’s Protestant uprising. The Jews of Amsterdam exploited this civil unrest and made their move. They contacted Oliver Cromwell in a series of letters:
Cromwell To Ebenezer Pratt of the Mulheim Synagogue in Amsterdam, 16th June 1647:
“In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.”
To Oliver Cromwell From Ebenezer Pratt, 12th July 1647:

“Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles shall be given opportunity to escape: His recapture will make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.”
Cromwell had carried out the orders of the Jewish financiers and beheaded, (yes, Cromwell and his Jewish sponsors must face Christ!), King Charles Ist on 30th January 1649.
Beginning in 1655, Cromwell, through his alliance with the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam and specifically with Manasseh Ben Israel and his brother-in-law, David Abravanel Dormido, initiated the resettlement of the Jews in England.
Source: Isaac Disraeli, Life of Charles I, 1851; Hugh Ross Williamson, Charles and Cromwell; AHM Ramsey, The Nameless War; Lord Alfred Douglas, Plain English, 1921; Geoffrey H. Smith, The Settlement Of Jews In England.'

"Satan, laughing, spreads his wings..."


Teutonic Warrior Chick, who is pulling the strings?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holidays in the sun…

The wages of exploitation. Balinese Luxury Condominiums. The wretched primitives reap the 'benefits' of the White Race Traitors' 'generosity'...
“A cheap holiday in other people’s misery…” © Sex Pistols 1977
Old Uncle Victor has always felt revulsion as well as confusion and exasperation at the huge amount of White Australians who appear fascinated with visiting Third World shit holes for ‘Holidays’ while living in one of the most amazingly beautiful and interesting countries on Earth. So why do these tools persist with this peculiar behaviour? It’s not as if these Pacific region destinations offer any cultural, historical experiences that can enrich the hearts, minds and souls of enlightened White European people. Okay, so there might be some nice beaches and even some anthropologically or sociologically of mild interest but once you’ve seen that and the wretched living conditions in which these primitive people live, why would you ever want to go back? Especially again and again.
The answer is as simple as it is crude, despicable and revolting. It’s CHEAP. Yes folks. It’s almost entirely down to money. These mostly low to middle income Whites can play at being rich and lording it over the miserably impoverished Muds for a few days for less than the price of an overnight stay in a decent Australian Hotel and then brag to their mates about their ‘overseas’ holiday like they’re wealthy playboys. However, there is another, even more sinister, aspect to this. All this contact with, immersing in and ‘appreciation’ of these ‘exotic’ cultures by these lowbrow ignoramuses, these ‘Ugly Australians Overseas’ inevitably results in the ultimate abomination of miscegenation. All too often it entails elderly Paedo-Predators gaining access to young brown flesh or just as desperate ‘ordinary’ White sexual perverts hankering after interracial sex or even a marriage with these brown females who are supposedly more grateful, loyal and subservient than White Women.
Just like the Race Traitor Schapelle Corby slut (she was married to a Jap), he was, even at his young age, something of a veteran at the old super cheap Turd World slum holiday game. He can hardly resort to the old ‘young, dumb and full of cum’ plea. For example, he was reportedly picked up by the Indonesian Police leaving a low rent ‘Rub ‘n’ Tug’ where he’d been negotiating some ‘meet ‘n’ greet, press the flesh, up close and personal contact with the natives, liaison with some buck toothed, bandy legged, squinty eyed yellow monkey. Back home ‘friends’ revealed to the Daily Telegraph that there’s a little more to this story and, let’s face it, anyone with a functioning brain would have read between the lines even on the initial vague reports and known what was behind the headlines.Friends say the boy and his family had been to Bali several times. “They go away a lot,” friend Lili Lemesurier, 16, said. “My sister went away with them to Bali when she was dating his older brother.”
Psychiatrist Dr Danny Thong, who visited the boy yesterday, said he admitted using marijuana occasionally in the presence of friends over the past two years. The high-profile Bali psychiatrist, who treated Corby and members of the Bali Nine, visited the boy at the request of his lawyers. "He admitted that he took some marijuana since two years ago, not regularly and usually in the presence of friends - that's all," Dr Thong said. "I can only classify him as a very light user. He is only using it in company, not by himself."
So let’s examine what we have here gentle reader. We have a sadly typical White Trash family from a particular region of Australia, the NSW Central Coast, that is sadly notorious for Houso parasites who have zero Racial Cultural Identity. A community, with some exceptional pockets of affluence, where the denizens are lowlife dopers who reside in Houso ghettos like Wattanobbi, Wyong or any of the dozens of caravan parks that dot the area. It’s a crying shame that this once beautiful recreational area has become the dumping ground for the vile type of creatures even Redfern, Macquarie Fields, Claymore or Mt. Druitt would reject. It really is the pits.
This kid is just a germ from this Human garbage dump. A cocky little arsehole who thinks he’s ‘streetwise’ at Fourteen and the sort of sub 80 percentile I.Q. waster who’s usually observed hanging around shopping malls and car parks ‘tagging’ everything in sight with graffiti. What a joke. He doesn’t even know he’s alive. He’s been bonging on since he was Twelve!!! Probably sniffin’ glue as well. Do we feel even the faintest empathy or sympathy for this family of maggots?
This utter waste of White Skin?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Threat of Fascist Attacks Revealed! Zionist Fascist maybe?

"FASCIST and nationalist extremist groups are active in and pose a threat to Australia, with the country's security agency saying there are legitimate concerns they may spawn a terrorist in the style of Norway's Anders Breivik."

Ok lets pick this apart. Anyone who is aware of the NS/Fascist movements, two completely different political animals are aware that Norway's Anders Breivik was and is a Christian Zionist.

Christian Zionism and Zionism is something that Australian Fascists, National Socialists and more importantly White Nationalists totally reject. ASIO knows this and if they dont they are outright liars. Hell even the State run AntiFa know this yet still avoid the truth to protect their masters.

"The assessment, in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation's annual report to Parliament, also reveals Australia's right-wing extremists, much like the Islamic fundamentalists they loathe, draw inspiration from overseas via the internet."

Our assessment over the years has shown the only threat to this great country is the bloody government and it how it draws inspiration from regimes such as the United States Government and Israel.

''There has been a persistent but small subculture of racist and nationalist extremists in Australia, forming groups, fragmenting, re-forming and often fighting amongst themselves,'' the report states."

Cheap shot ASIO, considering much of the infighting fragmenting and re-forming has most likely in every case been instigated by YOU!

"The appraisal also states there has been a recent rise in anarchist or ''anti-fascist'' groups, with the ideologically-opposed groups coming into conflict."

Its true that Australian Anarchists along with Australian Antifa have often bragged about supplying ASIO and the Federal Police with info on various groups and citizens of this country. Very convenient that ASIO speak so highly of them.

Besides the Christian Zionist Right and the Zionist controlled left, whose favorite pastime is calling each other "Nazis", who are these brave antifascist? ? It couldn't be the washed out Jewish run groups such as Fight Dem Back and the State run Anarchist such as @ndy. Again I have to ask, who are these Anti Fascists? This lot?

Well if that's Australia's leading Intelligence group, all I can say is no wonder the country is fucked. Lets hope one day someone in ASIO wakes up to the real threat in this country. Dont hold your breath.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Letter For Kate


We are all guilty of indulgences that inevitably, in the fullness of time, as they say in the classics, prove to be the stuff of folly, yet still we cannot help but to reach out and try to convey our most genuinely heartfelt thoughts to others in the vain hope that they might take our words on board and somehow review their current misguided (in our view) ideologies and, if not change their essential position, at least bestow a more generous understanding and respect on our opposing views.
It is with this exercise of doubtless futility in mind that your kindly Old Uncle Victor reproduces below a copy of his first, last and unanswered correspondence to Ms. Kate Ausburn for your elucidation. Perhaps the gentle reader might think Victor a little ‘soft’ or even ‘whimsical’ in his apparent ‘pleading’ approach to an obviously hardened Leftist but, in his opinion, it is always worth the effort to treat newly encountered political animals with the benefit of the doubt.
Although his reputation for bombast, verbosity and, at times, overblown rhetoric, is not entirely undeserved or overstated, he nevertheless fiercely defends his methods and stubbornly maintains his personal sovereign right to exploit the language of his ancestors (English) in any way he sees fit to further the cause of White Resurgence.
His dedicated detractors like Darrin 'It's just Politics Jim' Hodges will doubtlessly delight in Old Uncle Victor's transparency and veracity and interpret it as weakness but what else would one expect from duplicitous, slimy and mendacious weasels like that? Honesty and openess are anathema to the reptilian scum.

If one has not fallen unconscious and is still reading at this point then one might as well read on…
While ever the so-called ‘Left’ persists in marginalising Racial Realists and denying them a public forum for the logical and reasoned expression of their genuinely held beliefs and concerns, rather than simply demonising them as wicked and evil, there will always be bitterness and resentment that will manifest as ‘hatred’ thereby legitimising the so-called Left’s claims in a self fulfilling prophecy. This ‘hatred’ though is born of frustration at what appears to be, and actually is, quite deliberate political disenfranchisement, suppression of open discussion and the narrowing of the spectrum of permissible thought.
The advent of so-called ‘Hate Crime’ legislation, whereby any offence may attract ‘double demerit points’ and load any sentence by at least 25%, based merely upon the perception of the ‘victim’ or their ‘agents’ that there was a Racial factor involved, rang the death knell for the last vestiges of any rights Whites might have had left to defend their position and resist the Balkanisation of the First World West. We have seen the Race card dealt off the bottom of the pack so many times now it is tiresomely commonplace and fully expected but we are yet to observe any NON Whites being successfully prosecuted for genuine ‘Hate’ crimes.
The ‘Left’ feigns objectivity and even fakes empathy in its ‘journalistic’ activities while betraying, to those with even half a clue, their clearly biased socio-political agenda that traces the arc of the ‘approved’ trajectory of thought. Until (don’t hold your breath here folks) they assess their role as ‘useful idiots’ for the very System they profess to oppose and are absolutely honest in their appraisal there is no hope of any genuine dissidence ever prevailing against the ruthlessly corrupt and despotic Global elite of Zionist International Finance and Corporate vampirism.
Every Ethnostate of Culturally and Racially homogenous people is entitled to independent sovereignty. Is it not ironic that the very same people who will piss and moan about the encroachment of ‘civilisation’ on primitive peoples in places like Brazil and champion their civil rights to remain unique and untouched will also insist on the genocide of White Western Humanity via Multiculturalism, massive Third World immigration and the consequent Racial blending and Genetic Levelling that obliterates the most creative, inventive and generous people who have ever existed?
When did it become ‘hateful’ to prefer one’s own kind over others? For example, what of the 100,000 plus Australians, almost exclusively White Europeans and many women and children, who are currently living on the streets? Victor will only ever give money to the Salvation Army, the Bush Fire Brigade and similar ‘hands on’ volunteer organisations whose actions are clear and visible and because they do observable and practical work to aid OUR Australian people. Not a single Dollar of charity or so-called ‘Aid’ should go overseas until all of OUR people are looked after. Charity begins at home and if you have not even got your own house in order what right do you have to go frittering valuable resources away on strangers overseas?
In the hierarchy of victimologies the Palestinians have very stiff competition from their Talmudic oppressors, the so-called Jews, who have virtually copyrighted group suffering while still perpetuating their own unique form of bizarre self worship expressed as ‘Judaism’. Owning Hollywood, lock, stock and barrel is a monumental advantage, there really is no business like Shoah business, and the Hebrew Hate Factory churns out propaganda blockbusters on an industrial scale for the consumption of the stupid ‘Goyim’ (Cattle). The accusation of ‘Anti-Semitism’ hurled against any who resist Jewish hegemony is hilarious, particularly when employed against Arabic peoples, when one considers that among the current, self identifying ‘Jewish’ community, there is very little Semitic blood. The Jews of today are overwhelmingly (perhaps 80 to 90 percent) Ashkenazim, a melange of Turkic, Mongolic and Tartaric with distinctly Armenoid features who were formerly known as ‘Khazars’. Originating from the Ancient Pagan peoples of Khazaria in the Russian Pale, between the Caspian, Black and Aral Seas, they were converted to Judaism under the rule of Khagan Bulan sometime in the Eighth Century. Following the destruction of their Empire by the Kievan Rus (Varangian Vikings) these Black Sea Nomadic ‘Nouveau Jews’ mixed with wandering Gypsies during a several centuries long Diaspora and spread throughout Greater Russia and Eastern Europe. It is these wretched people who swelled the ghettos in places like Hungary, Germany and Poland and who made such a terrible name for themselves as panhandlers, snake oil merchants, confidence tricksters, usurers and general trouble makers. These creatures have ZERO claims to Palestine as a ‘homeland’. They are ‘Johnny come latelys’ with no bloodline connection to the Holy Lands.
Seriously, be totally honest with yourself for a moment. How much of what you think you ‘know’ about the World, its History and its Peoples did you learn from reliable and verifiable sources and how much actually came from Hollywood and TelAvision? Really. And while we are on the subject of sources, it is always advisable to not only read between the lines to detect the author’s agenda but to also do background research on them to determine their ethnicity, politics etc. NOTHING produced by Humans comes without bias and spin and even, or particularly, the ‘peer reviewed’ claim on material needs to be treated very sceptically as increasingly these institutions and organisations are stacked with cronies and ‘fellow tribesmen’. Every glowing review, every gushing accolade at the brilliance and insight of some new book or ‘study’ as ‘challenging’ virtually guarantees the work is loaded with a ‘progressive’ agenda that is anything but ‘challenging’ or ‘controversial’. Instead it will be the usual envelope pushing, wedge jamming, never enough ‘radicalism’ that marks the steady and inexorable march toward existential nihilism, the ultimate and tragic manifestation of the universal implementation of Humanist principles.
We are currently witnessing the virtual death of History at the level of general societal consciousness (consensus reality?) and a people with no past can have no hope of a future, only despair at an endless and plastic present. We have been promised a golden future for decades now by the social engineers but have instead been delivered the cultural vacuum of a miserable dystopia. For all its perceived ‘colour and movement’ and apparent romantic ‘creativity’ in its jarring juxtaposition of ultimately inassimilable ethnological groups, Multicultural Globalism is miserably superficial and fraught with the dangers and destructiveness of long term ‘identity crisis’ among its disparate component elements.
Hollywood routinely presents us with utterly preposterous representations of the various Human Races. While perpetuating the myth of White privilege, Whites are portrayed so badly and non whites so nobly that one wonders how we ever our managed our excellent achievements in Medicine, Science, Industry, Transport, Civil Construction, The Arts etc. If this is not ‘Hate Propaganda’ then I do not know what is.
So called ‘progressive’ education and social conditioning, initially delivered primarily by School Teachers (read: Marxist Curriculum Facilitators) and underwritten by increasingly draconian legislation, has denuded our White Males of all their positive ‘Manly’ attributes and reduced them to confused brats and neurotic milksops who either meekly comply with the System’s demands or lash out irrationally and ineffectually with impotent rage. Male suicide and self harm is now right off the scale. You won’t find many modern day ‘Vikings’. We are no longer ambitious doers, we are simply passive consumers.
Essentially, all White Nationalists really want is a genuine form of ‘Social Justice’ (Equal Rights for Whites) not pre-empted by the ridiculous presumption that Whites are somehow uniquely guilty from birth of the original sin of being ‘Racists’ and ‘Haters’ and a return to the traditional community values, moral and ethical structures that reinforced our Peoples’ great advancements and inventions. We are currently facing the very serious reality of an arrested development of our civilisation’s progress due almost exclusively to the unnecessary and destructive effects of Racial tension brought about by the forced Multiculturalisation (read: Race Mixing) of all the White First World Nations.
Mediocrity, be it academic or simply expressive opinion, is rewarded with praise for being appropriately conformist and supportive to the new ‘progressive’ socio-political paradigm. The most banal, untalented and unoriginal thought is lauded for its commitment to toeing the ‘Politically Correct’ line. The Lemmings must march in lockstep. Conversely, vigorous intellectual research conducted with ruthless honesty and any pursuit of excellence is condemned, often hysterically, as ‘elitism’ and is viewed as ‘counter revolutionary’.
If one never encounters, examines or even seriously studies contrary argument, as ‘objectively’ as is possible, to one’s own entrenched views and never has to extend ones intellect beyond the warm comfort zone of self righteous assurance then one will inevitably end up, like all long term Leftists, merely squabbling over the interpretation of minutiae of already anointed concepts contained within the Marxist dialectic. Corralled within the parameters of a cloistered pseudo intellectualism how original can one ever be? Of course Objectivity is, ironically perhaps, itself a Subjective concept, the necessary but unachievable ideal.
This is actually one of the very few positive aspects of being a White Nationalist today. As socio-political pariahs living within this caustically hostile environment we are not only tempered by the constant conflict and sharpening of arguments but are also well versed in a deep understanding of the enemy’s works. Something the Left are lacking severely. Too many years now, pretty much everything Post WWII, has led to the Left having a very fragile glass jaw that is extremely susceptible to powerful and logical argument, backed up by the facts and ‘inconvenient truths’. This has resulted in the Dogma of Cultural Marxism being reduced to little more than the articles of faith for a cult like following, in other words, a Religion rather than a Science.
Like all Religions it is critically dependent upon mantra-like repetition of outrageous claims, no matter how utterly preposterous, counter intuitive and plainly fictional they might be, to drown out any opposition and the more wishful and flaky the theories the louder and more forcefully they are chanted. Sheer volume and ever increasing stridency are the instinctive responses to criticism along with desperate legalistic threats to silence the naysayers. THAT is the moment, the instant in time that WE know it is only a matter of patience and waiting for the collapse of the entire rotting edifice.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

I once had a farm in South Africa

So how did the Black Population of South Africa handle the responsibility given to them by various regimes around the world by ending White rule? The Jewish controlled Marxist/Terrorist Regime the ANC seem to be doing just fine dont ya know. Whats that you say, you had no idea that the ANC was just another Jewish inspired Marxist Terrorist group.
Pictured right. Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo). Slovo was born in a shtetl in Lithuania and grew up speaking Yiddish and studying the Talmud. He joined the ANC's terrorist wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe, in 1961 and eventually became its commander. He was named Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986. ("Joe Slovo," Jewish Chronicle, Jan. 13, 1995). More HERE

I once had a farm in South Africa Censorbugbear Reports.

“ I once had a farm in South Africa: but it was destroyed by the black-racist African National Congress-government: “

The ANC government’s shocking neglect of the more than 65,000 commercial farms it has already confiscated since 1994 can best be illustrated with ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.

Even more ominous is the fact that the regime has lodged yet another new Bill to confiscate even more land, ‘ in the public interest ’: link:

Eyewitness accounts, Oct 2011:

Pieter Oosthuizen commented on Oct 6 2011 that his sister drove last weekend from Jan Kempdorp to Johannesburg – and that along the entire 400km distance, there only were three farms still planted with food-crops. “It used to be one continuous display of productive farms the entire distance. Now, most of the land has been torched and covered in weeds.’

Stephanie Vouros “driving to Witbank on Oct 5 2011, one could only discern barren earth. Outside Ogies there used to be lush farm-lands, now it’s just barren soil as far as the eye can see. Almost as if all the farmers decided to stop planting altogether, or they have been murdered. The farm-houses have broken-out windows and there’s no livestock – and right up to Middelburg it was the same dismal scenery. We are facing a massive famine.’

This lush, well-maintained and highly productive sugar/citrus/banana farm outside Komatiepoort was taken over in perfect conditon by the ANC-regime in April 2007 – and below is what it looks like in October 2011:

This farm right next to the Ngwenya Lodge in Komatiepoort was sold to the SA government 3 years ago - and this is what it looked like in the first week of October 2011. An aerial picture taken from a helicopter also shows that the entire homestead ‘s roof has disappeared: just the empty shell of a once flourishing homestead remains. What is happening to South African
food-supplies and commodity prices if all 85,000 commercial farms are destroyed? The ANC regime by the end of 2010 had already confiscated 65,000 once very productive farms just like these…and still want more of them. But to what end?

ANC-regime lodges new Bill for land-confiscation ‘in the public interest”: the ethnic-cleansing of white land-owners continues:




LIMPOPO Letsitele Valley – Local farmers urge reinstatement of the self-defence rural commando system after there were another five farm-murders in their region in February. The latest two farmers to be murdered in South Africa are Belgian farmer Etienne Cannaerts (61), kidnapped and found with his throat slashed near Ellisras/Lephalale on Friday. A day later farm manager Paul Dunn (49), of Constantia Citrus Products in the Letsitele valley outside Tzaneen was shot dead during a fierce gunfight with three attackers inside his homestead. A total of five people were murdered on Limpopo farms in February said Dr. Theo de Jager, vice-president of Agri SA. “People are angry. Many farmers phone me, demanding for the reinstatement of the (citizen-volunteer) commando system.”

The Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa wants the SAPS to acknowledge the legality of their volunteer farm-watch system ‘s use of green flashing lights on their patrol vehicles. “The police insist that green patrol lights are ‘illegal’ and have clashed with TAU-SA several times about their use’, said TAU-SA in a statement issued after the latest farmmurders in Limpopo.

Local farmer Japie Ellis of the Lephalale area told Beeld newspaperthat Belgian-born farmer Etienne Cannaerts probably was attacked and kidnapped after he had opened his farm gate upon his return from offloading his workers on Friday. “The attackers drove Cannaerts in his own vehicle to a water-pan on the farm, his hands and feet were tied up and his throat was then cut. “His body was found that night on a remote farm road,’ said Ellis. Police superintendent Ronel Otto confirmed that nothing was robbed.

A family friend of the Cannaerts couple Mr Marco Ruiter said the murderwas ‘gruesome. “Cannaerts and his wife Ingrid lived on the farm for the past six years. They do not have South African citizenship. We do not want to talk about it. Mr Cannaerts’ body is being shipped to Belgium for a post-mortem examination and he will be buried there,’ said Ruiter.

And Dries Enslin, chairman of Agri-Letaba, said that farm manager Paul Dunn, left, died in the ensuing gunfight after he more than likely was alerted to three attackers breaking into his homestead again – and in the firefight Dunn injured one attacker before he was shot dead. The farm manager was shot in the chest, neck, right arm and back. Superintendent Otto said ‘various household goods were stolen’. The injured attacker was traced by his blood trail followed by local farmers who also used a private helicopter to locate the injured gunman. He’s now under police guard at a local hospital.

Enslin said that in this region alone a total of twelve crime-incidents occurred in the past ten days on Letsitele farms. said Doors Le Roux chairman of TAU-SA in the district. They have asked for an urgent meeting with the local ANC-MEC in charge of security for Limpopo province and police commissioner cdr. Calvin Sengani to ‘discuss the issue’. The Letsitele-area farmers participate in the sector-policing programme of the SAPS and have a ‘good relationship’ with the local police – but that much more obviously needs to be done.As it happens Agri-SA is holding a crime-conference in Centurion on Monday in which the lack of security on farms countrywide will also be ‘discussed’ with Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

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