Saturday, December 15, 2012

...Something Wicked This Way Comes...

We can feel it in our bones.
Call it prescience, call it hypersensitivity, call it political paranoia or even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder if you are one of our many enemies but we here at the Towers sense something big in the sphere of the Jews is about to happen, an event. We’ve felt this way several times before over the years and have been routinely vindicated in our predictions.   
You know the feeling, it’s like that electrified emotion of foreboding one gets as your body senses a sudden pressure drop, the sky boils with dark clouds, things take on a weird metallic sheen, objects seem tinged with a greenish glow and hairs stand up as the air is pre-charged with ionising radiation ahead of a big storm front (no pun intended) as you anticipate lightning strikes.
Lightning is quite literally, according to the banal scientific sources, just a massive flow of electrons that superheats gas to a conductive plasma state and radiates broad spectrum energetic radiation including ionizing radiation. The stench of Ozone, which might remind one of the metallic scent of Geraniums, is in the air as oxygen molecules are smashed.
Immediately prior to a lighting strike, as the jagged ‘leader’ bolt speeds towards the earth, tendrils of ionised air known as ground streamers creep skywards to greet the bolt as it cracks. The bolt only appears to come only from above but, in fact, just as water seeks its own level, the earth is seeking to equalize and balance the electrical potential with the aerial electrostatically charged particles, thus the discharge which is not simply one way.    
The radio waves of Talkback ‘Wireless’ have been saturated for the past few weeks with ever increasing references to Jewish ‘suffering’, ‘dispossession’ and ‘victimhood’ which has ramped up inexorably with the approach of Christmas or, as the Jews and their Shabbos Goy generically call it, the ‘Holiday Season’.    
Hot Button Keywords cleverly and cynically contrived and/or selected out of Historical context to elicit deep level, mostly subconscious, Pavlovian reflexive responses in the mass psyche of the population. ‘Hitler, Holocaust, Nazis, Gas Chambers, Ovens, War Crimes, Final Solution, Genocide, Death Camps, Murder Squads, Innocent Victims, Persecuted Minority, Ghettos, Crimes Against Humanity’ etc ad nauseam. If one collates all these tags it reads like a Google search has highlighted all the ‘relevant’ terms for you.
Just as anyone who is simply Socially Conservative, let alone overtly opposed to Multiculturalism and Liberal Democracy, is almost automatically accused, in an overkill barrage of outrageous abuse, as ‘Fascist, Nazi, Hater, Cruel, Insensitive, Selfish, or, lately, Misogynist’. It is what ‘Tanstaafl’ calls the ‘Stupid, Crazy, Evil’ ad hominem attack when a Cultural Marxist simply cannot, or will not, even attempt to mount an argument or defence of their ideology. It is similar to the old tactic of ‘Taking control by leaving’ and yet it is WE who are smeared as ‘Irrational Haters’!  
Clumsy and utterly preposterous ‘analogies’ are being blurted out almost Tourettes style by ABC presenters at every opportunity as if they are under pressure to fulfil some form of official quota. If it were not so insidiously evil it would be comical to those who are aware of the all too familiar strategy.
Although it is by far more prevalent on the Government administered (Taxpayer Funded) stations it is also apparent on the Commercial Channels where the Neo-Con, closet liberal ‘shock jocks’ are even less educated and literate than the half- baked pseudo intellectuals of the Gay Bee Cee and SBS (Soccer Buggery Sodomy)    
This phenomenon occurs every time the Jews commit some major atrocity. The TelAvision will suddenly be flooded with every old show from ‘Exodus’ to ‘Schindler’s List’ and ‘documentaries’ about the most evil regime that ever existed. Erm, nope, apparently it is NOT Communism but German National Socialism. Go figure…   
Do yourself a scholarly favour and research the timelines of ‘coincidence’ with the various Middle East wars and incursions and atrocities committed by the Israelis and see what was on T.V., at the Movies or what Books were released immediately prior to, during and after these events. You will find for instance that particularly in the years 1967 and 1973 there were flash floods of Zionist propaganda hitting our bookshelves and screens to perpetuate the myth of Eternal Jewish Suffering.
There was a ‘documentary’ on the TelAvision only the other night about the history of Berlin presented by the German born British journalist Matt Frei who is an utterly dedicated internationalist and lover of cosmopolitanism which suits his itinerant lifestyle as a travelling shyster for the Controlled Media. A quick study of his profile reveals a typical ‘imbedded’ establishment hack who will say anything to further his career. Although he does appear very Germanic with a typical high flat forehead and ‘box’ head, his lineage is a bit suspect.
He claims his parents were ‘refugees’ (often code for Jews) who fled Silesia before it was stolen from Germany by the thieving Poles. Perhaps his story is true and he is merely another Race Traitor but we are always suspicious of certain generic sounding names. For example, many Jews use the names ‘Newman’ or ‘Freeman’ from the German ‘Neumann’ or ‘Freimann’ because they are so general and nonspecific (like Smith and Jones) while also managing to convey the user’s intent to present as a ‘new’ man or ‘free’ man and it is true that many non-Jews have done this too. This is not a hard and fast clue to anyone being a Jew but it is one of the indicators that need to be ticked off the checklist.   
The program, from an historical perspective, was a disgrace, being more like a travelogue opinion piece full of gossip and hearsay about monumental leaders like Frederick the Great. The Left always have to queer everything by accusing every great White European achievers of being Homo. They are obsessed with smearing everyone with this shit, particularly of course the ‘Nazi, leadership who, if we believed every report were even more perverted than the Weimer Republic filth.
There was much talk about the Communist uprising but nothing about their atrocities just as Rosa Luxemburg was referred to over and again as a ‘martyr’ and her popular moniker of ‘Bloody’ Rosa was not mentioned. Although several of the Commo leaders were shown and discussed, not once was their Jewishness mentioned.
With not the slightest effort or even pretence at being objective the Frei Korps, of course, were portrayed as vicious brutes, thugs, oppressors and enemies of the Working Class when, in fact, nothing is further form the truth. The corrupt, depraved and sick Weimar Republic was lauded as ‘progressive’ and ‘tolerant’ and much was made of its ‘artists’ who were overwhelmingly Communist Jews and ‘artistes’ who were overwhelmingly hideous homosexuals and drag queens. In fact, Frei even showed the current crop of queens in Berlin and indicated they were following a fine tradition of queer Berliners.
Your Old Uncle Victor’s hand hovered over the channel selector button of the remote control as he tried to persevere but he finally dumped the show about ten minutes short of its conclusion. The real abomination in this is that lots of money was obviously spent on the production of this rubbish, money which could have been spent on a genuine program to expose the real truth about Berlin’s history instead of a shabby exercise in Marxist spin and outright lies.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Too white, not right!

 Row over 'white as snow' Miss France 

Nice little commentary from the guys at National Alternative.

by Michael Kennedy
AFP:" A black rights group on Monday slammed the latest Miss France competition for producing a “white as snow” winner from a field it claimed was unrepresentative of the country’s ethnic make-up. Marine Lorphelin, 19, a brunette medical student from Burgundy, was on Saturday crowned Miss France 2013, having edged out Miss Tahiti, Hinarini de Longeaux, in the final round of judging. "
It was bound to happen again. We at Nationalist alternative, along with many other true Nationalist and pro-white spokespeople and organisations have been warning for quite some time about how ‘whiteness’ is something which needs to be eradicated. 

While they might claim to not be against whites, their actions and protests suggest that a world with white people just is not satisfactory.
Another shot fired from the anti-white brigade in their long running war against whites was fired by a black rights group who criticised the choice of Miss France 2013, Marine Lorphelin. The cause of the criticism? That she is “as white as the end of year snow on the steeples of an eternal France.”. It seems that is reason enough to criticise a white person, who is judging from the pictures, quite attractive, being crowned Miss France, a white country.
Louis-Georges Tin, the president of the Representative Council of Black Associations complained about the lack of contestants from non-white communities, that it was unrepresentative of the countries make up. It is unlikely the the French people are concerned about this, and for it to be considered an ‘issue’ that anything French is ‘too white’ is blatant anti-white racism.
But I do agree on one point. That there is a problem with white contestants not being representative of the ethnic make up of France, but not for the reasons that Louis-Georges Tin believes, but because the French nation has gone down the destructive ‘mass immigration and assimilation’ path so far, that this is no longer true. Worse however, is the audacity of such a claim. 

The anti-white culture is so ingrained in the West, the conditioning so strong, that many don’t even see the offensive nature of this complaint. But it is offensive. It is greatly offensive for guests, invited at Frances expense, to enjoy a quality of life which many French worked and died for, to essentially criticise their hosts for containing their own national identity. This is spitting in the face of white France. There are limits to what they should tolerate, surely.
But the fact that there are large numbers of non-whites in France, is no excuse at all in calling for France to become less white, for criticism of white representation. If anything, the lamentations and protests of Frances non-white community proves to the French people, and all of the European nations that a wake up call is needed, and for multi-racialism and assimilation to be abandoned. For the French, the choice is stark, it is to either bow to the demands of groups like the Representative Council of Black Associations and appease whites who demand self destruction, or choose national and ethnic survival, the fight to preserve the French people against a hostile and genocidal political climate.
More and more French people are choosing life for their nation, with the growing support for patriotic organisations such as the Bloc Identitaire and Front National. We wish the French people all the best and await the day when young French people can look towards the future, with a confidence that they as a nation will remain as part of the West until the world has run its course.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Australia calling

Australia calling - $3 billion for africans, but labor cannot find $2 million so that the blind can see The world-leading Australian project to develop a bionic eye, so that the blind can see, looks like stalling and perhaps being forced overseas because the Labor Federal Government cannot find $2 million to fund it. At the same time, Labor has given $3 billion to Africans and $2 billion to Asians to buy their votes in the United Nations and is spending about $2 billion a year looking after asylum seekers who arrive illegally. In Brisbane, Labor is giving $70 million to the council to recreate a floating walkway that was washed away in a flood. Chifley, Curtin and Lang would disown the current crop of idiot Chardonnay socialists who are wrecking the country. Are you angry enough to do something? 

Listen HERE
What a fucking joke these pricks are.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Time for Anarchist @ndy to put on another hat.

Well we still like to drop on over to the last surviving member of Fight Dem Back and see how the other side is going every now and then. What we notice most is this self labeled anarchist can conveniently ignore the big picture on anything concerning Israel and send his minions on a wild goose chase after shadow "Nazis". They are on every corner if you believe this wanker. 

 Israel can nuke a country and not even get a mention from @ndy, yet he can manage to raise his anarchist fist in anger over everything from a strike at McDonalds to some third world action by a bunch of Asian  rice farmers. Come on we can count on one hand the amount times this radical anarchist has even mentioned Israel.

Its no surprise if you have been following this blog for a few years. But that's why we are here. We have been studying these self labeled anarchists and assorted Marxist for a very long time. Boy oh boy have we seen them chop and change to suit what ever direction the Australian left may be heading in. 

In short @ndy and his followers have always attempted to stay one step ahead so that they can influence and manipulate the Australian left in the direction that makes his handlers happy. 

What do we know about @ndy? Well not much. What is known is his ability to create media around himself using his many media savvy friends, an admission a few years back in his comments section that he is Jewish (his words not mine)  and the fact that he manages to this day to be able to stay anonymous while every one around him has been exposed. Not excluding the fact that he has many ties with the old Jewish dominated Left from the 70's and 80's.

In the past two weeks we have noticed a change. First was his article on anarchists being rounded up by ASIO and the federal police. His angle on never speaking nor supplying these fascists with any information. Seems @ndy never gets questioned mind you, he always manages to operate with out being harassed by the state. 

Yep good old @ndy boy, the same guy from Fight Dem Back who openly worked with Federal government ministers, corrupt High court Judges the even more corrupt unions. But his best mates from 2005 until recently has been  ASIO and the Federal Police.

While ASIO and the feds were running around stalking and harassing innocent White Nationalists on info supplied to them from @ndy and his handlers, @ndy and his mates have been busy working away in the back ground. Come on they even once proudly bragged about their sweet little deal with Australian law enforcement. Sure as shit had the feds and ASIO running all over Australia knocking on any ones door who just happened to be a thorn in his side. 

We saw it folks, many of the readers here saw it first hand and suffered from the controversy they created. Those two words people "they created". 

Next was @ndys dramatic entry after criticizing  the Bandit state Israel. After the well publicized rally last week in Sydney that found the National Anarchist being subjected to some real home grown red terror, @ndy has had a crack at Australian Jews who return to Israel to murder rape and generally act like Israeli Jews.

WTF is going on. Israel can drop the equivalent TNT pay load from Vietnam on the open air prison Gaza and not a sound from our brave Anarchist. But when the Left start repeating what we have been saying for decades about Zionism and Israel, its time for the state to roll its controlled opposition. @ndy is well trained in that.

Its been interesting watching @ndy discredit the assorted Left wing groups in Australia. Adding fuel to an already raging inferno that is the Australian Left. The perfect agent provocateur.  Splitting, factionalising the Left, distracting them from the big picture. Steering the middle class drug clouded Che tee shirt wearers agenda away from the facts. But the anti Zionist movement is growing around the world. No amount of steering or controlling can cover the stench that now emanates from Israel and the controlled media. Andy and his sayanim have but one choice, join them and destroy them from the inside. Interesting days ahead.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

National Anarchist 'Gate Crashers'...ctd...

Resplendent in their generic ‘Black Bloc’ street wear and, now very popular among anti-establishment types, ‘anonymous’ Guy Fawkes masks, the National Anarchist crew got yet another lesson in just how cephalically dense and deeply inculcated the N.W.O.’s Zogbots are in their opposition to anything that challenges the hegemony of Totalitarian Liberalism. One seriously wonders why they bother and whether there is a more futile action possible in today’s ‘street activism’. Surely they know the reception they will get and, sadly, there is little hope that Neville Nobody and Fred Nerks will get the true message they wish to convey through the beer haze, sports reports and general electronic fog.
Image and perception is everything and Nev and Fred will just see ‘a bunch of ratbags’ in funny costumes and either merely laugh at the Punch and Judy show or rant and rave about how the Police need more powers to ‘smash the c**nts’. F*ck the Tasers, set Phasers to ‘Kill’…Seriously folks, we’ve given up on Joe Public, he wouldn’t know if a busload of gorillas was up him. Ignorance is bliss and old Joe’s ecstatic. You can’t teach bums and you certainly can’t save an idiot from his own stupidity.     
The small grouplet of bearded Arabs who confronted them, augmented with assorted primitive ‘groids, with their aggressive body language (typical of their Race) and their WAY too well rehearsed chants of ‘Nazi Scum Off Our Streets!’ betrayed their servile obedience to the Zionist agenda and their connections to the blind haters of the extreme Communist Left. The only thing they lacked was tee shirts emblazoned with the legends ‘Official Stooge’ or ‘N.W.O. Approved’. There is simply no way these tools were acting in any way spontaneously.    
Apart from the fact that these feckin’ eejits definitely do NOT own the streets and never will (the State’s Public Order and Riot Squad’s water canon is on standby to put that particular claim to the test…one day…) they prove by the aforementioned behaviour that they are forever the wretched ‘useful idiots’ of the very Chosenites they pretend to oppose. These fools are like putty in the hands of the meshuggah Talmudic Sayanim who fund and run ALL the Leftist organisations.    
Perhaps the many of the Palestinian advocates are motivated by residual misguided loyalty to an era when the Soviet Bloc groomed Arabs to spread Communistic ideology throughout the Middle East but we suspect most there that day know little of real politics and even less of history.
Someone needs to inform them that all the other former Soviet States are now very much Nationalist entities and some, particularly Russia itself, have huge Ethno-Centric (‘Racist’) Political movements and Parties growing rapidly and exponentially on what the sneering liberal democrats of the West pejoratively label ‘Identity Politics’.    
Perhaps they also erroneously view the Ashkenazi carpetbagger Jews who oozed out of the European ghettoes and set up the Bandit State of Israel on stolen Palestinian land as ‘White’ and thereby, in accordance with the Anti-White, Anti-Western narrative of Marxist ideology, are treated as oppressors with ‘White Privilege’.   

National Anarchists upset the apple cart once again.

Seems the State run and controlled left are a little peeved at the moment. Yes folks as we stand by and watch the seriously divided and deluded Australian left, we now see a not so new kid on the block. The National Anarchist movement in Australia the only alternative to the old genocidal Marxist groups that indoctrinate our youth via drugs and Zionist controlled left wing dogma.

You know a lot can be said about the National Anarchist, especially if you are silly enough to listen to the Zionist controlled media and the various left wing groups in Australia. Yep that evil media always parrots what the Marxist present as fact. The only thing that unites the Australian left is their hatred for a group who refuse to tow any party line and just attack real issues with real facts and no hidden agendas.

Anyways check out this vid below. For many of our readers take special note of the various state agents and names from the violent Sydney gang Socialist Alternative.



and faces.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Terrorist training in Australia!

Go figure.....


With the Middle East ceasefire less than a week old, young Jewish Australians are preparing to go to Israel so they can join the army and fight in any future conflict. These young Australians say they are ready to risk everything to support Israel, and the recent violence has only increased their enthusiasm. Australia's youth Zionist groups organise activities and Jewish education programs for teenagers in the hope they will actively support Israel. In the past four years, more than 400 Australian Jews have made the move and most of them have done compulsory military service. Reuben Bolaffi oversees Australia's young Zionist groups and he says the recent conflict has strengthened the resolve of young Australian Zionists to support the Jewish homeland. 

 But wait.........


Foreign Minister Bob Carr has warned it is illegal for Australians to join the uprising in Syria, in light of reports some have become involved in the conflict. More than 30,000 people have died in the uprising against the Assad regime since March last year. "It is illegal under Australian law to engage in fighting on either side, fund, train or recruit someone to fight, or supply of fund weapons for any side," he said. 

But when you read this story all becomes clear.... 


Australia will abstain from a controversial vote to give Palestine an upgraded United Nations status. Sources have confirmed the federal government will not vote for or against the vote expected to take place on Thursday this week. Australia's stance is likely to anger Israel, which has previously made it clear it expected the federal government to join it and the US in voting against the Palestinian resolution. 

 "likely to anger Israel" cry me a river. We all know that the Bandit State Israel, a country that is the size of some our cattle stations here in Queensland has far to much influence for this white boy. Our leaders drop to their collective knees when ever Israel demands. When will we learn.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Australia Calling.

Treason! Thousands of asylum seekers to be released into community
Treason! Detention centres have been so overwhelmed by the more than 15,000 asylum seekers who have arrived this year that the federal Labor government plans to release thousands of them into the community. They are also going to be paid welfare benefits and put in public housing. That means more homeless Australian families will be kicked to the kerb to make way for invaders, who will be paid billions in welfare. Meanwhile, in Western Australia, the government has rejected an Australian company's bid for land in the Ord River region and, instead, handed the 15,000 hectares of land to a Chinese company. Also, gutless morons abuse French woman on bus; and Labor thugs threaten witness at the Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry into corruption within the former New South Wales Labor government.

Click HERE to listen.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Whats with all the adds?

No we haven't sold out. But you may have noticed all the advertising that is now showing up all over the place at WLT. Funny considering when ever we have attempted to sell anything or raise money from this blog for various reasons we have been threatened with being shut down time after time for doing so.

Yet blogger can use our blog to sell all types of crap that we would never indorse. May be its time to move on from blogger, unless anyone can come up with a solution. So for now we appologise for the inconvenience.

Anyway please enjoy this video advertising the truth in History.

Anonymous: Operation Israel

Well I'm not sure how to take this. Many times I have seen the group "Anonymous" by no real fault of their own actually do the bidding of the Neo Cons and Zionists. I mean you cant blame them? "Anonymous"  just like so many are the product of a Western Education system that enforces certain lies and corrections in history to help protect the guilty and frame the real freedom loving people of the world. But from the video below I believe that there may be some internal battles going on at the top level of this "Anonymous" phenomenon.

Looks like people such as myself and many others who share the same beliefs as we do at WLT are no longer the only ones being mislabeled as "Terrorists" for simply not following the Zionist media and its puppet master.

One things for sure many people on my side of the fence have never stood by and said nothing on this subject and many others concerning the Bandit State Israel and Zionism.  Sadly it takes Israeli threats of shutting down the internet to get them to act. I wish them luck on this one.
Just a brief history on the Bandit State to keep you up to speed.

Australia Calling.

Labor corruption worst since Rum Corps, inquiry told

The New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption has been told how former Labor cabinet ministers conspired to make a $100 million profit from coal mining approvals in a web of corruption and lies that counsel assisting the ICAC described as the worst corruption since the days of the Rum Corps. Also, more shocking revelations of pedophilia in the churches.

Click HERE to listen.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Very Interesting...Allied War Crimes...but wait...there's more...

Walked into a door...several times...a 'revolving' door...apparently...Our brave Tommies are assisting him to medical assistance...aren't they?
The author Bill Bryson has made comments regarding what he perceives as a peculiar attitude of the British people. He said they intrigued him because, in his opinion, they had ‘fought a noble war’ and ‘did the right thing’ for Human Rights blah, blah, blah, yet they still behaved like ‘losers’ and seemed to feel they had ‘failed’ and lost something. Well Bill, this is because they HAD lost a LOT.
They had been duped into being the stooges of the Zionists of International Capital and sacrificed tens of thousands of their most virile youth. They had become shackled to decades of crippling debt via the so-called ‘Lend Lease’ program. They had lost most of their Naval fleet’s best capital ships and thereby were no longer the preeminent Sea Power. They had lost most of their Empire and the rest was soon to follow. Unlike the Americans, who had plundered the technology of the Germans in the greatest Patent Heist of all time and whose troops returned to a far more affluent nation than the one they’d left, the wretched Brits went home to almost another decade of rationing, the meat rationing for example not ending until mid-1954!
No wonder the Britain of the late Forties and Fifties was so grey and miserable compared to the American Fifties dreamtime of big, flash cars, gigantic refrigerators, colour televisions and other luxury consumer goods produced by their intact (untouched by bombing) former armaments factories. But on top of this, in a large scale case of ‘guess who’s coming to dinner’, just as they were finally digging themselves out of their post war privations and England was starting to ‘swing’ in the early Sixties, surprise, surprise, the Brits were ‘rewarded’ with the enriching and bountiful gifts of Multiculturalism just to rub their noses in it. Waves and waves of Third World filth washed in on a black and brown tide from the Caribbean and the Indian sub-continent. Oh joy! Their coloured ‘cousins’ had come to stay and ‘share’ in the fruits of their hard work. Funny that, innit? Our coloured ‘friends’ have an uncanny sense for sniffing out affluence and its inevitable generosity and welfare. Like flies at a barbecue, they are impossible to shake once they’ve got a whiff of that smell. They will follow Whites, even when they flee the wreckage of their own cities, like a caravan of camp followers so as to benefit from the White Man’s labours.
So why does your Old Uncle Victor still persist in banging on about World War Two when it is apparently so irrelevant to our cause today? Because it is NOT irrelevant at all. In fact it is absolutely VITAL to our cause. Because, like the so-called Holocaust©, the myth of Allied chivalry and our assumed status as Champions of Truth, Justice and the Forces of Good is utterly dependent on maintaining the obscene lies of our wartime propaganda because, you see, once a liar has embarked on telling whoppers he must keep ON telling bigger and bigger ones to cover the widening cracks in his façade that might become apparent to those pesky types and trouble makers who ask awkward questions.
This is why the Holocaust© Myth is now, utterly unprecedented since the days of the Inquisition, protected from scrutiny by LAW! None may question the veracity of The Word of the Chosenites upon pain of (social, political, financial) death. And any who ARE still brave or foolish enough to highlight the glaring inconsistences in the officially anointed version are immediately slammed with LEGAL action in many European Nations for ‘Defaming the memory of the dead’ or other preposterous, trumped up offences!!! Those that are not covered by such legislation because they live beyond the jurisdiction of these places are themselves defamed as ‘kooks’, ‘cranks’, ‘nutty Conspiracy Theorists’ or simply the routine ‘Anti-Semites’, ‘Haters’ or Neo-Nazis’.
But that’s all fine and good…apparently…to slander and vilify people who just want to know the TRUTH. As the Historian David Irving calls it, ‘the search for truth in History’. Is this such an evil and despicable pursuit? Admittedly there is a certain percentage of bullies, psychopaths and sadists in every Human population, regardless of Race, Class or Creed, although some Cultures are certainly more predisposed to callousness, but the sheer intensity of hatred for the enemy and the degree of the mistreatment of Civilians and Prisoners is unmatched when one seriously studies the appalling conduct of many of ‘our boys’ in the Allied Forces that conquered Germany and their subsequent reign of terror and torture which lasted well into the late Forties! With no serious advocates, except perhaps the International Red Cross and certain other Humanitarian organisations which were effectively blocked from assisting, the Germans were systematically brutalised, starved, tortured, murdered and robbed as well as being displaced in violent ethnic cleansing all over Europe.
It has been estimated, for example, by some (honest) Historians that the expulsion of Ethnic Germans from European nations where they had lived for dozens of generations was the largest movement of people in Europe ever, yet almost nobody today is even aware it happened! The reason is very plain and simple. The Germans and their handful of advocates had no equivalent to Hollywood and Television. They did not write the history books or make the propaganda ‘documentaries’. And even if they did or had done so they had been so effectively stamped with the mark of the universal pariah that none would wish to even hear their accounts, let alone believe them or feel pity for them. We see today that whenever the subject is broached in discussions or on forums that the response is almost always a variation on the themes that ‘Well, they deserved it, didn’t they?’ or ‘Well, look at what they did to the poor, innocent Jews!’ or the simplistic (and entirely inaccurate) Basil Fawlty theory ‘Well, they STARTED the war, didn’t they? They invaded Poland!’
Actually, come to think of it. I can’t imagine how outrageously insulting and hurtful it must have been for that generation of Germans who had lived through the war and post war, suffering all sorts of hardship and abuse and then had to put up with asinine jokes and comedy skits that made fun of the conflict that had resulted in the brutal murder of millions of their kin, topped off by the massive lie that they had been personally responsible for the whole atrocity. The U.S. Secretary of War during World War Two was a certain Henry L. Stimson (an ex-diplomat. Go figure.) who was virtually singularly responsible for removing the Japanese cultural capital of Kyoto from the list of Atomic bomb targets and hurriedly substituting Nagasaki instead. His reasoning, along with other Proto-Multiculturalists, was that it was such a beautiful city, so vital to the Japanese character and identity, that destroying it would ‘rip out the heart’ of the Japanese culture and, presumably, render them useless for cooperation in the great ‘reconstruction’ and ‘rehabilitation’ program.
The question literally screaming to be asked, of course, is why such apparently brow furrowing, hand wringing sensitivity was lavished upon these impassive, sallow skinned, squinty eyed, bow legged, bucked toothed, psychopathic Pagan Yellow Devils who had raped, tortured and murdered their way through the Pacific (actually DOING the stuff the National Socialists were accused of…and in spades) while the White Christian European Germans had their priceless cultural and historical sites, including the finest examples of Gothic Cathedrals etc, quite DELIBERATELY and ruthlessly targeted for absolute destruction and obliteration from Human History. The nation that had gifted the World with the exquisite genius of Bach, Beethoven, Durer, Goethe, Wagner et al was slated for EXTERMINATION by loathsome creatures not fit to do their laundry. Although your Old Uncle Victor can personally recall viewing HUNDREDS of Hollywood Movies with lurid, cartoonish depictions of alleged ‘Nazi’ brutality perpetrated by cruel ‘Aryan’ types he can only remember TWO films which portrayed the sadism and savagery of the Japanese military, ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’ and ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence’.
Apparently the Chinese, who suffered terribly under Nippon’s jackboot, have made several of their own films but in the Western ‘Anglosphere’ they would be virtually unknown. The very concept itself of the entire Allied Bombing Campaign in Europe, with its vile tactic of indiscriminate ‘carpet bombing' carried out by ‘Thousand Bomber raids’, almost exclusively on Civilian Germany, was nothing more than bitter and indulgent vengeance demanded by the high ranking Jews such as Henry Morgenthau and hundreds of other ‘advisers’ who had wormed their way into key positions in the Allied leadership. This campaign was based on the principle of demoralisation and the crushing of the spirit of the Central European peoples who comprised the German Reich and their high culture of fine arts and technology. Why else firebomb an undefended, declared ‘open city’ full of refugees like Dresden? This was TERRORISM and ATROCITY writ large and possibly the worst (single incident) War Crime ever committed in Europe.
For the information of the gentle reader the average mortality rate for Allied prisoners in Japanese P.O.W. camps was 45% whereas the rate for Allied prisoners held in German P.O.W. camps was merely 4%!!! So why was Germany so comprehensively demolished and their regime so demonised by the official ‘histories’ and decades of popular culture? It can be but one thing. The Germans had humiliated and expelled the Jews. The Japanese by comparison had only raped, tortured and murdered other wretched Goyim including an estimated TWENTY MILLION Chinese alone. As the Talmud teaches though, a thousand Goyim are not worth One Jewish Fingernail.
Do the Maths…
G.I.'s 'mucking in' with some freelance dentistry...Those Third Worlders know nothing about dental hygeine...Thank God for Amerika...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest we forget.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
 Lest we forget.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Once you go black, the country doesn’t come back.

One of the best articles I have read in a very long time. Our nations our culture our heritage is under siege. It does not matter if this article is written for the US market, it reads the same for all Western Nations and White Folk who strive to survive in a world that has gone mad.

"Do you get it yet?

Look, I know you probably despise us. You’ve been told your entire life – by your schools, your churches, and your heroes of sport, screen, and stage – that there is no greater sin than racism. You wanted to be a good person. Heck, you are a good person.

So you treated everyone with respect, no matter where they came from. You figured everyone should have an opportunity. You believed in playing by the rules. You believed in freedom. You believed in America. You thought that what makes this country great is that everyone, from whatever background, can make it together. You may have even voted for Obama that first time, despite some policy disagreements, because you really wanted to believe that race is irrelevant, that skin tone doesn’t matter, that the only colors we need are Red, White, and Blue.

You’re a conservative, maybe even a libertarian. But you don’t want to make “arbitrary” distinctions between people. After all, we’re all children of our Creator. So you gave Obama a chance.

Unfortunately, instead of hope and change, you got a national health care program that frightened you and would increase your health care costs. You got more racial division, not less. The economy didn’t improve – in some places, it got worse. There was a huge stimulus program – but you can’t say what all that money was spent on. And because you care about your country, you worry about the debt, and federal spending, and fiscal responsibility.

So you supported Mitt Romney. Perhaps you even participated in a Tea Party rally or two a few years ago, careful to stick to fiscal issues rather than divisive social concerns. You were embarrassed by how white the rallies were and did your best to bring in racial minorities. You liked Herman Cain. You liked Allen West. You wanted to get blacks off the Democratic Plantation.

The economy was collapsing so you supported a campaign focused on growing the pot for everyone. You said a rising tide lifts all boats. You talked about jobs, about growth, about making America proud again. You talked about how blacks are hit more than anyone else from the bad economy, how Hispanics in Nevada have been devastated by crushing unemployment, how a culture of dependency is taking root in entire communities. And you believed the conservative pundits that told you that America was rising, as one, to bring about real change.

And because you’re a patriot, you felt justified in being angry. You felt your blood boil when you read how Americans begging for help as terrorists stormed into our embassy were contemptuously ignored for hours. Your heart broke when you read about the mother of the Navy SEAL crying out in anguish that “Obama murdered my son” and a grieving father at his son’s funeral treated to our buffoon of a Vice President joking about testicles. Your jaw dropped when Bill Clinton gloated that the military is “less racist, less sexist, less homophobic” now that Barack is in charge. You watched in disbelief as the President of the United States palled around with interviewers on hip hop shows like the “Pimp With a Limp” on the anniversary of 9/11 and used former crack dealers turned rappers on the campaign. You knew something was wrong, but come Election Day, we’d “Remember in November” and America would be America again.

And then this.

So you’re probably in a state of shock. They all lied to you. It wasn’t even close. Ohio, Pennsylvania, even Virginia – Virginia! – the great Southern state of Washington, Jefferson, and Lee. All went to Barack Obama. And as you watched the gloating on MSNBC, the victory parties in the major cities, the undisguised loathing for you at the likes of the Huffington Post, or Gawker, or Slate, you felt a sick feeling in your gut that something was deeply wrong.

Mitt Romney won the same share of the white vote as Ronald Reagan. It didn’t matter. You worked your butt off at your church, your charity group, your neighbors. It was undone by some Somalis who can’t speak English that the Democrats bussed in and told to vote “Brown all the way down,” and they weren’t just referring to the Democratic candidate’s name.

Take a good, hard look at those Obama victory rallies. They are celebrating your dispossession, your displacement from the country your ancestors built. They don’t even disguise their hatred. And even though you don’t think in terms of race, they do.

Michael Moore called it a victory over hate. Howard Fineman gloated that America was turning it’s back on tradition, and thank God. Twitter erupted with black voters screeching in triumph, bragging that America belongs to them now.

Even the President of the United States said “voting is the best revenge.” Revenge for what? Aren’t we all in this together? Doesn’t this country belong to all of us?

Do you get it yet? It’s revenge against you – for existing. It’s revenge for “racism,” for conservatism, for success, for being strong, and proud and accomplished. It’s vengeance against the America that once was. They have their revenge for the fact that your country existed. Barack Obama is President of these states united, and was re-elected because, not in spite of the fact that he despises everything America was.

Look, I was like you. I was a patriotic, normal Republican. I knocked on doors for city council. I wanted Colin Powell to be President, because “a black Republican will help everyone get beyond race!” I was there too.

And then I started looking around.

It doesn’t matter if black unemployment is skyrocketing and their communities are devastated – they vote black. It doesn’t matter if Nevada has the worst economy in the country – they vote Hispanic. It doesn’t matter if candidates are running for re-election from the Mayo Clinic, or Congressmen think islands tip over if too many people are on them, or if blacks are worse off, by every measure, when African-Americans on in charge. It simply doesn’t matter.

There are vast swaths of the country where elections, policies, and good government simply no longer matter. Camden, NJ, Detroit, MI, Birmingham, AL, and other once proud metropolis are shattered wastelands, and they are lost – forever – regardless of how bad they get. Let’s make it perfectly clear – George W. Bush was probably the last Republican President this country will ever see. Once you go black, the country doesn’t come back.

Perhaps you think it will all be OK if the GOP just wins the Hispanic vote. After all, Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove tell you they are socially conservative and patriotic. Unfortunately, they favor Obamacare even more than they favor unrestricted immigration. They have their problems with President Obama – because he doesn’t support immigration enough. If you want to win the minority vote, you have to become more liberal on economic issues. Even the Beltway conservatives know it. And despite what your ministers and priests tell you about “Christian Hispanics,” they have higher rates of illegitimate births and abortions too.

Well, c’est la vie. America is still America. Government isn’t everything right? You can still have a decent life in this country, right?


You probably have a kid or two. Do you have any illusions about what he is learning in school? He is being taught that white people are uniquely evil, that he is the recipient of unearned “privilege” because he was born, and that to be a moral person, he has to turn his back on his ancestors – i.e. you. If you’re a Christian, you’re faithfully taking your child to church once a week – and five days a week he’s being taught about the glories of homosexuality, or the wonders of Islam, or how black people single-handedly built Western Civilization. None of it makes sense – except that it is all targeted against you.

Let’s say you send him to college. Well, you can look forward to paying off student loan debt for the rest of your life. It would be great if you could get free money for college on account of your race, but you’re white, so no one cares about you. This assumes your child can even get into a decent school, as every major school in the country fiercely defends anti-white racial preferences.

What will he learn there? Well, he will be carefully taught to despise you, that your religion is nonsense, and that his heritage is evil. Professors admit this is their job. But the fiscal crunch will cut the fat, right? Actually, schools are cutting mathematics and serious programs, while shoveling more money to anti-white programs. The school will pay tens of thousands of dollars of your tuition money to bring in guys like Tim Wise, who will gloat that “CONSERVATIVE WHITE PEOPLE, yr nation has left the building.” And all these professors, and anti-racist guest lecturers, and professional “activists” for causes you’ve never heard of will make more money than you ever will – and you’re paying their salaries.

Now that you’ve bankrupted yourself and burdened your child with student loans, it’s time to get a job. Unfortunately, there are few to be had. The government is still hiring, but unfortunately, your “white privilege” doesn’t extend to having a job.

You know who else defends them? Corporate America. The 1% is actually pushing anti-white racial preferences more than the universities. Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Microsoft, and all the great “job producers” that you’ve been defending? They despise you, give money to your enemies, and discriminate against you because you’re white. When your right to be treated equally went before the Supreme Court, sixty-eight Fortune 500 companies filed amicus briefs to make sure you and your children can’t get jobs. Those are the people you want to give tax cuts.

Want to have a small business? Better not try to do anything with the government or from federal funds – those are set aside for minorities. Also, any of your nonwhite competitors get special financial benefits for operating so good luck competing. Incidentally, Barack Obama is going to dump some more regulations and taxes on you, especially through Obamacare. The Secretary of the Treasury doesn’t have to pay taxes, but, well, you do.

Well, maybe you want to be a cop or a fireman then. You can’t. Those jobs are set aside for minorities, even those who can’t pass the test. Especially those who can’t pass the test. Remember those heroic NYC firefighters on 9/11? Well, your government sued them for being too white and racist. Even dying for your masters doesn’t get you anything.

Let’s say against all odds, you manage to get a job. Well, better keep your head down. You never know when a co-worker will accuse you of racism or sexism. There doesn’t need to be a reason – it could just be out of spite. Or because you’re Republican. Or because you reported them for stealing or incompetence. If anything, count yourself lucky they don’t shoot you – the media will report that you, as a racist, had it coming. Every moment, of every day, you are on the brink of professional and personal destruction, because you are white.

At least you can come home to a loving family right? Well, if your children watch television, they are being carefully instructed to disregard anything you teach them. Even children’s programming executives laugh about how what they do is a “fuck you to the right wing.” When they grow up, they’ll worship celebrities of dubious talent who mock and despise you. You’re surrounded by filth – you can’t go to a restaurant or a store without background music from some bimbo relying on autotune to “sing” about S&M or threesomes.

Of course, that’s assuming your kids aren’t another victim of “random” crime by “youths.”
As a father, sitcoms portray you as an idiot. As a husband, commercials mock you as sexually undesirable because of your race. As a white man, movies openly call for you to be killed. And if by chance you do something admirable, why, Hollywood simply changes the race.

And what about your wife? Of course you love her. But what is the culture telling her? If she leaves you, she gets your kids, your money, and any future earnings. The culture tells her she has no obligation to you or your children. The law rewards her if she abandons you. The media tells you the real problem is a “war on women.” Maybe you’ve got a great girl, but just take a glance around the broken families and shattered men around this country, and ask yourself if the United States is a fit place for decent men and decent families.

Starting to get it yet? Every moment of every day, you have to bend the knee. Then, maybe, they’ll let you have your job so you can pay taxes to sustain people who hate you. Maybe, you’ll have the privilege of working long hours to pay the mortgage, which costs you more, because you’re white. Maybe, you can spend a few years with the children that the entire society is trying to turn against you. Maybe you can have a dinner with the woman you love and hope that she can ignore the culture telling her she’s a traitor to her sex by staying with you. Maybe you can avoid the doom that hangs over your head every second.

And then, you can die. In fact, hurry up and do it. The Democrats are more becoming bolder in just telling you these things.

The worst part is you had it easy compared to your kids.

Then, when it’s all over, your life wasn’t nothing. It was less than nothing. You actively contributed to your own destruction. Despite your surrender and respectability, you’ll be remembered as a racist, a relic of an evil society.

Want to change this? Well, you will never have the possibility of Republicans fixing the problem for you. Ever again.

This isn’t Network. I’m not going to tell you I don’t know how to make things better. I’m not going to tell you to get angry. I know you’re angry and it hasn’t done a damn bit of good for you or anyone else.

I’m going tell you what the solution is.

Everything you loved about what used to be your country came from one group of people. It’s the group you belong to. It’s the white race. And it’s not an accident that the same people who hate your country, your religion, and your family hate your race more than anything.

You’re a white man. “American” doesn’t mean anything anymore. If anything, citizenship is actually a burden. As a white American, you are a second-class citizen in jobs, education, and government benefits. No one cares about you and no one ever will. Those in power will deny that your suffering even exists. So why are you fighting for these people?

The nation you loved is still there. But it’s not in the flag of a government that hates you or in the guns that serve people who don’t care about you. It’s in the faces of the white people that built this country and that sustain it today. That’s what you have to fight for.

You need to fight for a country of your own. We need revolution if ordinary people anytime, anywhere are to have anything even close to a moral and pleasurable life. And it makes more sense than spending your rapidly diminishing days shuffling through this horrifying nightmare that used to be your country.

You aren’t alone. We’re fighting for it right now. I can’t force you to join us. I don’t know where you are in your life.

But I want you to know one thing. You can’t pretend you don’t know anymore.

You can’t kid around with talk about “taking back the country,” or “freedom,” or “liberty,” or the “Real America.” This is the Real America now. This is freedom. This is what it led to. This is the only thing it could have led to. What happened to the American Dream? It came true. “Equality” is being taken to its logical conclusion – and all you can ever hope for is serving the people who hate you.

You can’t pretend this is still your country or that you are a free man. You aren’t. You can’t pretend that you can keep playing by the rules and somehow win. You won’t. 

I’m not saying you need to drop everything. I’m not pretending I know exactly what to do. But I’m saying you need to remind yourself each morning that you are a slave and people who hate you rule you. I’m saying you need to recognize that America today is a filthy lie, the most vile and despicable fiction ever foisted upon decent people. I’m saying everything good and generous about you is being used to kill you. I’m saying there are people out there like us who really care about you and want to help you. Your government and your society does not.

You can ignore me. Wave the American flag and pretend everything is going to be OK.  But it won’t be. Turn on the TV. Listen to the radio. Look – really look ­– at the culture that surrounds you. I think you know it too.

Do you get it yet? America, your America, is finished. But you don’t have to be. It’s time to fight for what comes next. It’s time to fight for a country of our own.

It’s time to stop being Americans. It’s time to start being White Men again."

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Cruel Britannia ctd...

From an article written by Ian Cobain in The Guardian Newspaper and published on Saturday 17th December 2005

Despite the six years of bitter fighting which lay behind him, James Morgan-Jones, a major in the Royal Artillery, could not have been more specific about the spectacle in front of him - "It was," he reported, "one of the most disgusting sights of my life."
Curled up on a bed in a hospital in Rotenburg, near Bremen, was a cadaverous shadow of a human being. "The man literally had no flesh on him, his state of emaciation was incredible," wrote Morgan-Jones. This man had weighed a little over six stones (38kg) on admission five weeks earlier, and "was still a figure which may well have been one of the Belsen inmates". At the base of his spine "was a huge festering sore" and he was clearly terrified of returning to the prison where he had been brought so close to death. "If ever a man showed fear - he did," Morgan-Jones declared.

Adolf Galla, 36, a dental technician, was not alone. A few beds away lay Robert Buttlar, 27, a journalist, who had been admitted after swallowing a spoon handle in a suicide attempt at the same prison. He too was emaciated and four of his toes had been lost to frostbite.
The previous month, January 1947, two other inmates, Walter Bergmann, 20, and Franz Osterreicher, 38, had died of malnutrition within hours of arriving at the hospital. Over the previous 13 months, Major Morgan-Jones learned, 45 inmates of this prison, including several women, had been dumped at Rotenburg. Each was severely starved, frostbitten, and caked in dirt. Some had been beaten or whipped.

The same week that Major Morgan-Jones was submitting his report, a British doctor called Jordan was raising similar concerns at an internment camp 130 miles away. Dr Jordan complained to his superiors that eight men who had been transferred from the same prison "were all suffering gross malnutrition ... one in my opinion dying".
They included Gerhard Menzel, 23, a 6ft German former soldier who weighed seven stones, and was described as a living skeleton. Another, admitted as Morice Marcellini, a 27-year-old Frenchman, later transpired to be Alexander Kalkowski, a captain in the Soviet secret police, the NKVD. He weighed a little over eight stones, and complained that he had been severely beaten and forced to spend eight hours a day in a cold bath.

Prisoners complained thumbscrews and "shin screws" were employed at the prison and Dr Jordan's report highlighted the small, round scars that he had seen on the legs of two men, "which were said to be the result of the use of some instrument to facilitate questioning". One of these men was Hans Habermann, a 43-year-old disabled German Jew who had survived three years in Buchenwald concentration camp.
All of these men had been held at Bad Nenndorf, a small, once-elegant spa resort near Hanover. Here, an organisation called the Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre (CSDIC) ran a secret prison following the British occupation of north-west Germany in 1945.

CSDIC, a division of the War Office, operated interrogation centres around the world, including one known as the London Cage, located in one of London's most exclusive neighbourhoods. Official documents discovered last month at the National Archives at Kew, south-west London, show that the London Cage was a secret torture centre where German prisoners who had been concealed from the Red Cross were beaten, deprived of sleep, and threatened with execution or with unnecessary surgery.
As horrific as conditions were at the London Cage, Bad Nenndorf was far worse. Last week, Foreign Office files which have remained closed for almost 60 years were opened after a request by the Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act. These papers, and others declassified earlier, lay bare the appalling suffering of many of the 372 men and 44 women who passed through the centre during the 22 months it operated before its closure in July 1947.

They detail the investigation carried out by a Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Tom Hayward, following the complaints of Major Morgan-Jones and Dr Jordan. Despite the precise and formal prose of the detective's report to the military government, anger and revulsion leap from every page as he turns his spotlight on a place where prisoners were systematically beaten and exposed to extreme cold, where some were starved to death and, allegedly, tortured with instruments that his fellow countrymen had recovered from a Gestapo prison in Hamburg. Even today, the Foreign Office is refusing to release photographs taken of some of the "living skeletons" on their release.

Initially, most of the detainees were Nazi party members or former members of the SS, rounded up in an attempt to thwart any Nazi insurgency. A significant number, however, were industrialists, tobacco importers, oil company bosses or forestry owners who had flourished under Hitler.
By late 1946, the papers show, an increasing number were suspected Soviet agents. Some were NKVD officers - Russians, Czechs and Hungarians - but many were simply German leftists. Others were Germans living in the Russian zone who had crossed the line, offered to spy on the Russians, and were tortured to establish whether they were genuine defectors.

One of the men who was starved to death, Walter Bergmann, had offered to spy for the British, and fell under suspicion because he spoke Russian. Hayward reported: "There seems little doubt that Bergmann, against whom no charge of any crime has ever been made, but on the contrary, who appears to be a man who has given every assistance, and that of considerable value, has lost his life through malnutrition and lack of medical care".
The other man who starved to death, Franz Osterreicher, had been arrested with forged papers while attempting to enter the British zone in search of his gay lover. Hayward said that "in his struggle for existence or to get extra scraps of food he stood a very poor chance" at Bad Nenndorf.

Many of Bad Nenndorf's inmates were there for no reason at all. One, a former diplomat, remained locked up because he had "learned too much about our interrogation methods". Another arrived after a clerical error, and was incarcerated for eight months. As Inspector Hayward reported: "There are a number against whom no offence has been alleged, and the only authority for their detention would appear to be that they are citizens of a country still nominally at war with us."
Today, the older people of Bad Nenndorf talk about August 1 1945, the day the British arrived, with undisguised bitterness. A convoy of trucks pulled into the village, and the Tommies took over from an easygoing US infantry division. Within hours, the British had ordered everybody in the centre of the village to pack their belongings and leave. Bad Nenndorf was heaving with refugees from the bomb-ravaged ruins of Hanover, 18 miles to the east: hundreds of people were given 90 minutes to pack some food and valuables, and get out.

"We thought everyone would be allowed back in a few days," recalls Walter Münstermann, now a retired newspaperman, but then a 14-year-old. "Then the soldiers started putting barbed wire fences around the centre of the village, and slowly we began to realise that this was going to be no ordinary camp."
Walter and his neighbours realised that the centre of their village was being transformed into a prison camp when they heard that the British were converting a large, 40-year-old bath-house, ripping out the baths and installing heavy steel doors to turn each cubicle into a cell. They saw the first batch of prisoners arrive in the back of a truck. Later groups arrived at the village railway station in cattle trucks.

Ingrid Groth, then a seven-year-old, said locals claimed that if you crept up to the barbed wire at night, you could hear the prisoners' screams. Mr Münstermann, who passed the main gate on his way to school each day, insists that the opposite was true: that it was a sinister place precisely because "you never, ever saw anyone, and you never heard a sound". Among the people of Lower Saxony, Bad Nenndorf became known as das verbotene dorf - the forbidden village.
The commanding officer was Robin "Tin Eye" Stephens, 45, a monocled colonel of the Peshawar Division of the Indian Army who had been seconded to MI5 in 1939, and who had commanded Camp 020, a detention centre in Surrey where German spies had been interrogated during the war.

An authoritarian and a xenophobe with a legendary temper, Stephens boasted that interrogators who could "break" a man were born, and not made. Of the 20 interrogators ordered to break the inmates of Bad Nenndorf, 12 were British, a combination of officers from the three services and civilian linguists. The remaining eight included a Pole and a Dutchman, but were mostly German Jewish refugees who had enlisted on the outbreak of war, and who, Inspector Hayward suggested, "might not be expected to be wholly impartial".
Most of the warders were soldiers barely out of their teens. Some had endured more than a year of combat, at the end of which they had liberated Belsen. Some represented the more unruly elements of the British Army of the Rhine, sent to Bad Nenndorf after receiving suspended sentences for assault or desertion. Often, Hayward said, they were the sort of individuals "likely to resort to violence on helpless men".

The inmates were starved, woken during the night, and forced to walk up and down their cells from early morning until late at night. When moving about the prison they were expected to run, while soldiers kicked them. One warder, a soldier of the Welsh Regiment, told Hayward: "If a British soldier feels inclined to treat a prisoner decently he has every opportunity to do so; and he also has the opportunity to ill-treat a prisoner if he so desires".
The Foreign Office briefed Clement Attlee, the prime minister, that "the guards had apparently been instructed to carry out physical assaults on certain prisoners with the object of reducing them to a state of physical collapse and of making them more amenable to interrogation".

Former prisoners told Hayward that they had been whipped as well as beaten. This, the detective said, seemed unbelievable, until "our inquiries of warders and guards produced most unexpected corroboration". Threats to execute prisoners, or to arrest, torture and murder their wives and children were considered "perfectly proper", on the grounds that such threats were never carried out.
Moreover, any prisoner thought to be uncooperative during interrogation was taken to a punishment cell where they would be stripped and repeatedly doused in water. This punishment could continue for weeks, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Naked prisoners were handcuffed back-to-back and forced to stand before open windows in midwinter. Frostbite became common. One victim of the cold cell punishment was Buttlar, who swallowed the spoon handle to escape. An anti-Nazi, he had spent two years as a prisoner of the Gestapo. "I never in all those two years had undergone such treatments," he said.
Kalkowski, the NKVD officer, claimed that toenails were ripped out and that he had been hung from his wrists during interrogation, with weights tied to his legs. British NCOs, he alleged, would beat him with rubber truncheons "while the interrogating officers went for lunch". Hayward concluded, however, that "there was not a shred of evidence to support these allegations".

Whatever was happening during the interrogations must have been widely known among many of the camp's officers and men. In common with every CSDIC prison, each cell was bugged, so that the prisoners' private utterances could be matched against their "confessions".
Inspector Hayward's investigation led to the courts martial of Stephens, Captain John Smith, Bad Nenndorf's medical officer, and an interrogator, Lieutenant Richard Langham. The hearings were largely held behind closed doors. A number of sergeants - men who had carried out the beatings - were told they would be pardoned if they gave evidence against their officers.

Langham, who had been born in Munich and fled to England with his parents in 1934, at the age of 13, denied that he had mistreated prisoners and was acquitted. Charges of manslaughter against Smith were dropped but, after a court martial held entirely in secret, he was found guilty of the neglect of inmates and sentenced, at the age of 49, to be dismissed the service.
It is unclear whether any of Stephens's superiors knew, or condoned, what had happened at Bad Nenndorf, although his lawyers said they were prepared to spread the blame among senior army officers and Foreign Office officials. Before his court martial began there was nervous debate among ministers and government officials about how to avoid the repercussions which would follow, should the truth become known.

Ministers were anxious that nobody should learn that CSDIC was running a number of similar prisons in Germany. There was also what the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Frank Pakenham, later to become Lord Longford, described as "the fact that we are alleged to have treated internees in a manner reminiscent of the German concentration camps". The army, meanwhile, said it was determined the Soviets should not discover "how we apprehended and treated their agents", not least because some would-be defectors might have second thoughts.
Finally, there was the inevitable fall-out for Attlee's Labour government. As Hector McNeill, foreign minister, pointed out in a memo to Ernest Bevin, the foreign secretary: "I doubt if I can put too strongly the parliamentary consequences of publicity. Whenever we have any allegations to make about the political police methods in Eastern European states it will be enough to call out in the House 'Bad Nenndorf', and no reply is left to us."

Stephens was eventually court martialled behind closed doors. Amid complaints of a half-hearted prosecution, he was acquitted of two charges, two others were withdrawn, and he was free to apply to rejoin MI5.
In Bad Nenndorf, the remaining prisoners were shipped out, the wire ripped down, and the prison shut down. The baths were reinstalled in the cubicles and, gradually, the spa returned to its traditional business of catering for the health needs of elderly German tourists.

The closure of Bad Nenndorf was not the end of the story, however. The archives reveal that three months later a custom-built interrogation centre, with cells for 30 men and 10 women, was opened near to the British military base at Gütersloh. The inmates were to be suspected Soviet spies, and would be medically examined before interrogation.
When Frank Pakenham complained that most of the interrogators had been at Bad Nenndorf, and demanded that "drastic methods" should not be employed, Major-General Sir Brian Robertson, the military governor, put his foot down.

Why, he exclaimed, if the military authorities were required to justify the arrest of each inmate, and then handle them according to the standards "enforced by the prison commissioners in our own enlightened country", there was little point in having an interrogation centre at all.
Death subterfuge

One of the most bizarre episodes at Bad Nenndorf followed the death of a former SS officer called Abeling. He had been so severely beaten during his arrest in January 1947 that he was unconscious on arrival at the prison, and died shortly afterwards.
The camp's officers instructed a local gravedigger to prepare a grave for a British officer who had died of an infectious disease. Abeling's corpse was sewn into a blanket, lowered in, and covered with quicklime. A firing party was on hand to ensure that the dead man was buried with full British military honours, and a white wooden cross with a false name was erected over the grave.

The reasons for such subterfuge are made clear in declassified Foreign Office papers at the National Archives. Abeling, formerly a member of an "annihilation squad" in Warsaw, had been working as an agent for the Americans at the time of his death, spying on his old Nazi comrades under the codename Slim.
The report notes that the Americans "insisted that 'Slim's' death must be kept a very closely guarded secret, because of the fact that the US authorities had been employing him in the full knowledge that he was wanted by the Polish government as a major war criminal".

Today the wooden cross over Abeling's grave has been replaced with a gravestone. It still bears the name of the man that local people believe to be buried there: John X White, born 1.8.1911, died 17.1.1947. 

Still loud 'n' proud about how WE were the Good Guys?