Middle Eastern drug gangs turn Sydney into wild west

Middle Eastern drug gangs are rampaging through Sydney shooting up houses and cars, murdering people on the streets, and even shooting it out with each other on street corners . . . all unchecked by the police who appear to lack either the ability or the will to act lest they be called *gasp* racist.

For the past three months, almost every day there has been some kind of gangland shooting that has involved Middle Eastern drug gangs. Some days there has been more than one shooting. Illegal weapons are pouring into the country, concealed in shipping containers from the Middle East, but all that the police, the controlled media and the idiot politicians talk about is making firearm ownership more difficult for law-abiding citizens. There is only one solution and it is obvious: deport all people of Middle Eastern origin, immediately and by as much force as is necessary to achieve that end.

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