Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anti-Fascist Action Affinity : Brisbane. "Kill All the White Man"

Click on image.

Yes friends, what do all these dead beats we have pictured in the past few hours stand for? Anti Nazi, anti Fascist, anti State maybe? Well there sure as shit isnt any "Nazis" around anymore unless you believe the MSM or Darrin Hodges. Well maybe we could find a few people who could possibly be called Fascist, but sadly the majority of them are on the Left side of the political arena. Maybe the State? Sure as hell isn't that considering its the State that protects them, its the State they always complain to. Well lets see.... Whats this? "Kill All the White Man" Maybe we should ask Rob Messenger to ban them also? No that's right his son probably runs it.

What a fucking pathetic joke this is being pulled on the Australian public by our Zionist controlled media.

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Anonymous said... this song is for fun..its not surious its full of irony.. please:) and antifa hasnt leaders that person represent antifa:) peace