Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anti-Fascist Action Affinity Brisbane. You dont say?

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Anti-Fascist Action Affinity : Brisbane
"Kill All The Whiteman by NOFX apparently offended/threatened a couple of you.."

Oops I thought we were the haters. Credibility ZERO!

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Here is the offending post off the Face Book wall of the group who are organising demos (lol) against The Hammered Music Festival, a private invite only Festival. When will see the media or Rob Messenger have a go at these twats?

Anti racism is a code word for anti white.


Anonymous said...

lol, kill all the whiteman is a song against globalisation. lrn2 google.

Anonymous said...

It is a racist song sung and composed by a Jew! It implies white people are thieves and asks non whites to "bend over".. it implies whites are rapists.
How hard is it for you clowns to comprehend what the song is about ? The song title sys it all! The song doesn't talk abotu globalisation at all! the song singles white people out and paints them in a negative light. This is racist!