Monday, January 02, 2012

As If We Couldn’t Guess…

It is always informative to research the etymology of our traditional enemy’s political terms and every bit as important as studying the Racial backgrounds, motives and agendas of the particular individuals promoting those terms. However, it can be a little difficult to even know which words are suspect when these terms have gained such broad currency and general acceptance in the community. This popularisation of politically loaded pejoratives and its resultant control of the political discourse has been the key factor in the overwhelming success of the Cultural Marxists. When one owns much of the language of debate then how can one lose?
A good argument though, from the White Nationalist position, can be made when one reveals to one’s opponent the common source of the vast majority of the Left’s terminology. They can deny it, but when they are forced to join the dots and they see the pattern emerging, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to sustain a logical and valid position. Do not forget to stress that White Nationalism, unlike insipid Marxist Liberal Democracy, deals with FACTS and is utterly uninterested with OPINIONS on how the World perhaps might or should be when viewed through the distorting lens of Humanist Utopianism. We are Spiritual, Absolutist, Natural and Practical, they are Materialist, Relativist, Unnatural and Theoretical.
Next time you are faced with a brainwashed Leftist simply start picking them up on the words and phrases they use and quiz them as to what they understand them to actually mean and where they got them from. This will do more than simply embarrass them it will utterly discredit them and their argument because, as you will point out, nobody has the right to criticise anyone while promoting an ideology that is made up from terms and concepts the advocate does not even understand the meanings and sources of. Over and over and over again we find through our studies that there is one very small minority Race, one Religious Cult, one alien parasitic group that has hijacked and monopolised political debate by owning the very language of that debate.
Nature and Physics dictate that Liberal Democracy’s intrinsic decadence and permissiveness must eventually rot it from the inside like a form of moral and spiritual tuberculosis. It’s stubbornly unrealistic Utopianism, inverted morality and viciously misanthropic control mechanisms are simply unsustainable. During the drawn out decline and slide to inevitable catastrophic collapse however it will become increasingly hazardous to be a dissident. Great brutality will be meted out to the unbelievers. We have already observed, in the past year or so, a dramatic escalation in the hateful rhetoric spewing from both the system’s high priests and their robot armies of faithful acolytes. These secular ‘defenders of the faith’ who summarily condemn and tag simple questioners and unconvinced doubters with hardcore cynics and sceptics alike, employ terms such as ‘Climate Denier’ (with deliberate and obvious reference to the so-called Neo-Nazi Holocaust© Revisionists) to suppress debate and shut down argument.
This is because Marxist Political Correctness has imbued language with such incredible power to shame, disprivilege and (supposedly) discredit its critics that words are like bullets. They can, quite literally ruin your life. Today just one or two words are enough to frighten the bejeezus out of ordinary Folk who, ironically, rarely even properly understand the meaning of the terms. They just know, largely instinctively and reflexively, that they do not want people thinking they are a ‘Racist’ or a ‘Fascist’ or a ‘Hater’. Many would, quite frankly prefer to be called a sexual pervert or even a child molester. At least the state protects these creatures whereas it is open season on White Nationalists.
This crude tactic is eminently suitable for creatures who are abject physical, as well as moral, cowards. The most weedy dweeb can deliver devastating damage to virtually anyone simply by smearing them with these heavily loaded terms of political taboo instantly rendering the target a social pariah.
Leftists simply adore bureaucracy and the entire convoluted legislative process, these closet authoritarians who pretend they hate ‘reactionary authoritarianism’ and call it ‘Fascism’ claim they are ‘progressive’ simply because they want to destroy the existing (the little that remains) traditional social/moral matrix. As we have said before, it’s the revenge of the nerds, the school prefects and the kids nobody would talk to at school. These perennial misfits, rather than getting a real life, tend to gravitate to government bureaucratic jobs, endless university studies, teaching, Leftist political organisations etc while carefully navigating a course through an artificial life and meticulously avoiding reality.
Below are some of the more commonly utilised terms adapted from articles contained in ‘Metapedia’ the online alternative Encyclopaedia. The definitions may not be totally comprehensive and there might still remain certain points of contention but they provide a good, overall understanding of the history behind this Leftist Newspeak. As stated in a previous post, if we do not effectively resist the tyranny of Liberal Totalitarianism and succeed in planting seeds of doubt about the Multi-Kult into the minds of every person we speak to then we are truly doomed as a Race. This is now, more than ever, a battle of ideas and world views. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.
Racism is a conceptual framing in Trotskyist and especially cultural Marxist theory and dialectics. The term is widely used as a newspeak epithet, usually in two contexts. The term is meant to intimidate the person on the receiving end. Primarily it is used against any organised socio-political movement created by ethnic Europeans for their own group interests, completely independent of Jewish leadership, influence or ideology. It is also used by Luddites to attack the empirically verifiable science of Racial Anthropology and its conclusions, particularly when researchers study Race and intelligence. This is because science conflicts with the Marxist dogma of egalitarianism and debunks the fraud of Communism.
While some true believer race denialists are to be found among the useful idiots who parrot the party line, it is unlikely that the malicious, mostly Jewish, ideologues behind the epithet genuinely believe there are no differences between the races. In its initial 1930 coining by Leon Trotsky, a Communist Jew and mass murder, the term racists is used in an arrogant sneer at what he calls "Slavophilism", the "messianism of backwardness" and also the "Teutonic jackasses". It is along this line, always attacking European self-determination specifically, that the phrase continued to be developed by various Marxist perverts such as Magnus Hirschfeld and the Frankfurt School. The purpose of its usage, forms part of a Jewish group evolutionary strategy for group hegemony, at the expense of their most able competitors.
Conspiracy theory is an epithet invented by Jewish philosopher Karl Popper, from his 1945 work in support of rootless cosmopolitanism entitled The Open Society and Its Enemies. In this context, Popper coined the phrase in a polemic against what he called "totalitarianism" (National Socialism and so-called "Stalinism"). At the same time Popper claimed "I do not wish to imply that conspiracies never happen. On the contrary, they are typical social phenomena." Since that time the phrase has been used mostly commonly to describe members of the 911 Truth Movement, or in a more general sense people who hold opinions on historical events disliked by the ruling establishment.
Pseudoscience is an epithet invented by Jewish philosopher Karl Popper, which he used primarily to criticise classical inductivism in his 1934 German language work The Logic of Scientific Discovery, published in the English language in 1959. The term has been adopted as a buzzword by secular Humanists and Liberals in particular, but even Communists as a part of Race denialism.
Anti-Semitism (also spelled antisemitism) is a term and contemporary epithet which has been used in a variety of contexts by different people and organisations, though it was originally invented in 1860 by a liberal Jew named Moritz Steinschneider, the son of a Talmudist born in Moravia. In its initial coining, it was applied in a criticism of Ernest Renan's contrast of Semites and Indo-Europeans, though at this stage was in a wider more general context than just opposition to Jewishness. It was the socialist Wilhelm Marr who popularised the term in the 1870s with his League of Anti-Semites, applying it to himself primarily in his attacks on Jewish finance, but also in regard to their non-assimilationism in wider society.
The earliest self-identifying "anti-semites" or those figures whom the term was applied to, were generally non-Marxian socialists who came to regard Jewishness and its values system, as the most anti-social form of the unrestrained bourgeoisie following the Industrial Revolution. This had coincided with the ascent of various monopolistic Jewish financial dynasties in Europe and soon North America following their "emancipation". For a time, the phrase was adopted by certain integral nationalists, especially in France such as Action Française. The phrase had critics from the start and was regarded as inaccurate by people such as Eugen Dühring and largely fell out of use as a self-identifying term by the 1920s.
Nazi (also the cognates Nazism and Neo-Nazism) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) during the 1920s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism. Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, whose mother was a Jewess. The term is both an imitation of the nickname given to Marxists of the SDP at the time, Sozi, and a political pun similar to the Austro-Bavarian word for "simpleton", derived from the fairly common name Ignatz (German language form of Ignatius). It was then popularised abroad by various Judaics and other subversives, including Heiden himself, who fled the country after the NSDAP were elected to government.
The term was regarded as a derogatory epithet by National Socialists and was used almost exclusively by Marxist agitators. A rare example of its usage by a NSDAP member can be taken from a 1931 work by Joseph Goebbels called The Nazi-Sozi: Questions and Answers for National Socialists. Since the rise of Cultural Marxism the term has been used as a broad Europhobic epithet, emanating from the same quarters, to demonise European people in general and attack leaders who advocate their socio-economic and cultural interests, far beyond the bounds of actual National Socialists. Some have ironically turned the phrase back on its inventors, through the use of "Nazi" as an abbreviation for National Zionism.

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