Sunday, January 08, 2012

Attempting to discuss astrophysics with insects…

The learned 'Anti-Racist' scholar that is Michael Borg

Sorry, but your Old Uncle Victor simply can’t resist.
In the Comments section on the post Hammered Music Festival - Australia 2012
Michael Borg said:

“There's nothing better then being multicultural. I guess that's why so many white supremacists have low IQ's, generations of in-breeding ya (sic) know what i (sic) mean?”
“There's nothing better then being multicultural” Oh, really? For who precisely and based on what evidence? Where did you learn that word? What is your understanding of what it means and what is intended to occur under the imposition of its regime? Do you not realise the destructive effects this ‘Multiculturalism’ (in reality Multi-Racialism’ and Race Mixing) concept has had in an Historical context, going all the way back to Ancient Egypt and Rome? Your surname is Borg. That is a Maltese name. Look at how that once great culture of Melita on the very edge of European Civilisation with hundreds of impressive megalithic sites and evidence of a once mighty past has been degraded and the gene pool muddied over the centuries by successive waves of dusky invaders to the point where most Maltese are now little more than Racial mongrels with Arabic and Negroid blood in their veins.
“I guess that's why so many white supremacists have low IQ's, generations of in-breeding” Where is the evidence to back this wild claim of low intelligent quotient values pertaining particularly to so-called ‘white supremacists’? Why do you need to employ such an emotive, and quite frankly largely incorrect, term as ‘supremacist’ in your criticism? Again, what is your understanding of the term’s etymology and its appropriateness for such a discourse? Why not use the far more accurate terms White Nationalist or White Separatist? Do you seek only to provoke and offend? By the term 'inbreeding' do you mean staying within one's own species? One's own Race? One's own Tribe? One's own local community? O
r do you mean marrying your toothless, retarded hillbilly cousin as you've seen in countless hateful Hollywood propaganda movies?

You see, we don't understand how you square off that 'inbreeding' slur with those lovely, quaint, 'noble savage' tribes of Native American Indians living in the thick, impenetrable jungles of the Amazonian basin or those beautiful Black tribesmen isolated in the misty mountains of Papua New Guinea. And there are many others. Would you go about spouting insults about THEM? No, of course you wouldn't. Why? Because they are not White and your so-called 'Anti-Racism' ONLY extends to WHITE people. Therefore, you are NOT 'Anti-Racist'. You are Anti-WHITE!
“ya (sic) know what i (sic) mean?”
Why do you write in an ‘ebonic’ fashion? Is it simply yet another distressing feature of the Gen ‘Y’ patois that you now even write or type ‘phonically’ or do you perhaps intend to convey the impression you are some sort of Negroid street ‘gansta’? Is this supposed to intimidate normal people? Is this a deliberate ploy or are you indeed incapable of normal speech? Have you read any books lately? You know, ones without pictures. It is a little rich, don’t you think, for you to leave commentary on our website insulting we White Nationalists with accusations of low intelligence when it is abundantly clear that you are scarcely the stuff of genius yourself. Feel welcome to put your case in writing and state your position clearly and your Old Uncle Victor will post it up on WLT for the world to see. Somehow though, we suspect your intent was never to seek the truth through rational and logical debate. We would probably be correct in assuming you are no more honest or learned than all the other Leftoids we have encountered over the years. Still, the offer stands. We can’t do fairer than that.


Anonymous said...

Carefully worded ignorance is still ignorance. Why do you carefully disect a blog comment from a 'random' person? Carefully dissecting one sentence and replying in an essay format does not enforce your point.

Congratulations on being White-Nationalist or What-Seperatist. Continue to live your life in self created fear.

Anonymous said...

"Congratulations on being White-Nationalist or What-Seperatist. Continue to live your life in self created fear."

And you continue to live your life of hypocrisy, idiocy, and degeneracy.

Michael Borg said...
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