Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Australia Day Message From Old Uncle Victor

“Strange days have found us,
Strange days have tracked us down”

The Doors

Just when you thought it was safe to venture forth from the P.C. proofed bunker and assess the current situation with a bit of the old reconnaissance, along comes the rather peculiar creature known as Rob Messenger. Is there perhaps some sinister portent in his moniker, the messenger of Doom perhaps? The sheer enthusiasm with which he has latched onto this whole ‘Hammered’ affair, like a bull terrier ripping into an old tennis shoe is, at one level, quite surreal and, at another, a cogent example of the inherent absurdity of Liberal Democratic thinking.

Your Old Uncle Victor swears that even when he was a young lad equipped with the vivid imagination of youth he could not have made up such a nightmarish scenario. As a teenager he was wont to draw Daliesque pictures, this being the psychedelic Seventies and Science Fiction and Surrealism being in vogue, but the sheer grim grotesquery of the current status quo lies in realms well beyond the pale of such creative invention. To coin a popular phrase, you could not make this shit up.

It is truly chilling to consider that this once mighty nation carved out and built by the heroic European pioneers of yore, is now not only reduced to a virtual dumping ground for the wretched and festering refuse of the Third World but that many of the descendents of those brave pioneers are fully complicit in the very process of Racial/Cultural suicide that is facilitating the destruction of what their ancestors built. This ‘Messenger’ is only one of a million traitorous despoilers squirming in the maggot bucket of decadence, hedonism and materialism.

Quite bizarrely, in your Old Uncle Victor’s view, the so-called ‘world-renowned neurosurgeon’ Dr Charlie Teo was selected to present the 2012 Australia Day address for NSW. He arrogantly presumes to lecture White Australians on how not only they should behave but how they should think. After admitting, early on in the speech, that he fled to America to pursue his medical career, very ‘patriotic’ of him, and praising the vile despot Bill Clinton, he launches into a thinly veiled critique of real and fundamental Australian cultural values and then concentrates on lauding the stereotypical ‘soft’ characteristics of Aussies that have made them so easy to con and trick over the years. Of COURSE aliens like him just LOVE these weaknesses that they can so easily exploit. It is so reminiscent of the Jews lecturing Christians on how to be ‘Christian’ on the now very rare occasion when a White Christian asserts themself or interprets their own scriptures accurately and for their own interests, a shocking thing denied to all White people and vehemently condemned but enthusiastically encouraged for all others. Just as the Jew will say “That is very Un-Christian” the Asian will now say “That’s Un-Australian” as if he possessed any authority to make such an insolent observation.

The Asian says: “I am proud of the many jobs I had before neurosurgery, milk-run boy, bowser boy, gardener, apprentice mechanic, barman, bouncer, electrician’s assistant. It was in fact during these times that I was exposed to and fell in love with the quintessential Aussie. In those days, my view of an Aussie was someone who was hard working, unaffected, genuine, affable, relaxed, egalitarian, irreverent and charitable. I still believe most Aussies share these appealing qualities, although I am saddened by the increasing incidents of rage in our society. Once there was only road rage but now it seems to have spread into the workplace, the malls and even the last bastion of the laid-back, free spirited Aussie, the surf!”

Now, gentle reader, let those words sink in. Think carefully about what they mean. Yet again, we have an alien creature, generously granted the gift of opportunity in this great nation built by White Folk, and doubtlessly displacing equally qualified Whites, via affirmative action style initiatives from reaching their full potential, preaching to us that we must more firmly adhere to HIS concept of what constitutes a ‘real and proper Australian’. Is this not totally galling and insulting? The hide of this thing! The reference to ‘rage’ is also interesting because blind Freddie could see that this ‘rage’ is largely born from the unresolved anxiety, depression and frustration of White Aussies who feel utterly disenfranchised, dispossessed and vilified in the Nation State their forefathers created and see every possible benefit and opportunity enriching the interlopers and invaders at the expense of themselves, their families and their loved ones. The sick and twisted criminal cult of Multiculturalism does NOT ‘enrich’ our society, rather it enriches the parasitic carpetbagger class of ruthless opportunists posing as ‘quality immigrants’.

Ironically, it seems that Teo is himself 'raging' against Human Nature, in that every sovereign and self determined group has, for its very survival as an independent entity, the basic inbuilt imperitive of group identity, insularity and protection. The 'other' is rejected or at least treated with extreme caution for no more complex reason than to maintain group solidarity, cultural/genetic integrity and opportunity to grow and flourish within the boundaries of the created 'Nation'. These are the real and genuine 'Human Rights' that should be respected and protected for ALL Humans. Organic Nationalism is the only true 'Socialism' that binds a people together and ensures prosperity and survival. It must not be surrendered for the fistful of cheap and gaudy beads and baubles offered by the Neo-Feudalist Corporate Capitalist Globalism in exchange for genocide and slavery.

The fact that Teo was born in Australia counts for absolutely nothing, nil, zero, zilch, a random event, a purely obstetric accident. The geographic location of one’s ejection from the uterine canal has no bearing whatsoever upon what NATION you belong to. National Identity, your Nationality cannot be found in the coordinates of a Nav Com unit. Longitude, Latitude and Altitude are irrelevant. Your RACE is your NATION. It is indelibly etched on your Genetic Matrix. You could put a Chinaman on Mars and he’d still be a Chinaman, just as a White Man could be sent to orbit the twin star system of Alpha Centauri and still be a White Man. As Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull penned: “Everyone is from somewhere even if you’ve never been there” Also, as the late, great Sir Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington, once opined on the occasion of his being accused of being Irish because he was born in Ireland, “Because a Man is born in a stable does not make him a horse”

Every one of those qualities the Asian mentions above is beneficial to OTHER peoples. Every one of those qualities is passive and giving and puts the Aussie at a distinct disadvantage when interacting with alien cultures. It is amazing to this writer that he omitted ‘gullible’, ‘naïve’ and ‘trusting’ because there is ample evidence that these qualities/weaknesses have contributed greatly to our downfall. You might also notice the conspicuous absence of POSITIVE qualities such as Racial Identity, National Pride, Civic Duty, (Australians are great volunteers and community minded)

None of those qualities favoured by the Chinaman are the tools that were utilised to carve a Nation State from the wretched wilderness of this antipodean island continent. Rather the assets carried in the genes of the White European heroes who made Australia were qualities such as Bravery, Creativity, Determination, Genius, Honesty, Industry and Stoicism.

In the final episode of the recently screened British Television documentary series ‘Greatest Cities Of The World’ that is set in Hong Kong, the presenter, Griff Rhys Jones, interviews a White European resident who was born in Shanghai and has lived his entire life in Hong Kong. Despite coming from a multigenerational White ‘Chinese’ family he tells Jones he knows he does not really belong here and will always be an outsider. He appears quite content with this concise, though seemingly harsh, self assessment of his status as one of the five percent or so ‘Gwailos’ (‘Foreign Devils’ or ‘Ghost Men’) who are permanent residents in the island city and harbours no resentment. The White Hong Konger clearly has pretensions to DEMANDING acceptance as a native so why do the Yellow ‘Australians’ persist? Where do they get this arrogant attitude from?

Okay, so it's a rhetorical question. Most should know it comes from the hate propaganda of the TelAvision and the education curriculum that inculcates our own children with self loathing and the alien children with contempt and resentment for Whites. This will not cease until we again become masters of our own destiny and can once again proudly say 'We are Australian' and know it actually means something more than a geopolitical accident of birth or a sheet of paper with all the dignity and honour of a parking permit or a tenancy agreement.

Australia Awake!


Anonymous said...

btw...Chinese people have been here SINCE settlemet too- more 'Aussie' than 'Aussie' if you will!. God, you guys will not last, because you don't even get your basic australian history facts right...and most people will see this. Face it, you just want someone to hate because you are so, so weak. Classic bully behaviour. So, how does it feel to feel so small and angry compared to most people's rational sense of calm and peace?...go and weep.

Anonymous said...

I tried to ignore Australia Day, after all, It really is Invasion Day, the Invasion of Asian and Indian scum since the 1970s.

They have corrupted our National Anthem to suit the Multicultural agenda, changing words and removing an entire verse that makes several references to the English and Britain.

I feel betrayed. Nothing angers me more now than Australia Day. Newspapers running stories about Racist White's in the upcoming to Australia Day, then on the actual day running an article showing pictures of Asians and other non-Whites waving the National Flag.

Australia day was supposed to be about celebrating the European Western World's expansion to Terra Australis. Not rubbing elbows with curry munchers, rag heads and chinks who *think* they're Australian but are not. An Australian is someone of Anglo European Descent, if anybody can be an Australian, or a German, or a Swede, for that matter, then by all rights ANYONE should be able to be called Japanese, Indian, Chinese or African simply by moving to that country and adopting their language. But that can't be, that's not politically correct.
Only White European People HAVE to share their countries, History and National Identity with non-Whites. Only White European countries are being subjected to this. It's Genocide. We're having our countries and Identity taken from us slowly, and the problem is, most self-loathing Whites are handing it over, they aren't fighting, they're just lying down and letting the enemy pass over their body. If things stay like this, in 200 hundred years from now there won't be any Europeans left. They have won, the Identity of European may still exist, but it won't be a White Identity, it'll become and Asian/Indian/African sub-identity and they'll hijack our history to, the Vikings will become black and the Romans will become Asian. That's the plan here, to racially replace us. Most people are to pre-occupied with social affairs and video games to bother waking up and trying to end it. They think, we'll all be dead before it gets that bad so it doesn't matter to us, now.I just love that lazy, sloth like attitude. White people care more about Call of Duty and their Iphone than their own heritage and freedom, they know something is wrong, but they wilfully ignore the warning signs, they blot out our cries for them to wake up and help. They are SHIT SCARED of the being called "racist". SHIT SCARED. What has happened to the most fearsome race on the planet? What has the White European race become, it's hard to imagine that once in History our race was building the biggest, most powerful civilisations in the world, our Vikings, Roman soliders, Spartans and the Crusaders were feard all across Europe and the World. What has happened to us? We've gone from a race of Creators and Conquerors to a race of cowards and homosexuals.

I'm fed up with it. Action must be taken, now. No more sitting on the side lines cheering for the few people that are actually out there doing something.

Sadly, I think the only thing that can save this country and the rest of Europe is full-blown Revolution, however, I am prepared and eagerly awaiting that day.

I'll leave you with a small, positive, 7 minute video.

Love, and protect your Race.

Anonymous said...

Thor was Black.....The brave heroic Shmueley "One Shot Two Kills" told us, so it must be.

Anonymous said...

Science and evolution says that at one stage we were ALL black. But I guess you FUNDAMENTALISTS won't agree with rational logic.

Anonymous said...

Serial Attention Whore and Alpha Male Charlie Teo needs to realise that there are bigger things going on than just himself. He needs to realise that fellating the Pharisees leads only to a dialectical disease and that his wurds only assist the Pharisees in delivering the Goyische herds into a murderous jewish noachidiotic totalitarianism.

There is no respect to be earned by behaving as if a Kapo amongst the other Goyim, whatever their color.

Teo should perhaps just play the tunes, and not lecture the peoples from which they came.

Links between noted Scots regiments and Russians. The perpetrators are now 'friends' of the Scots ?

You might even consider declining the accolade as an act of dissidence and support for our kind. The respect would be mutual.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous poster at 12:55pm,

You are wrong! Nice of you to quote a THEORY as TRUTH! LOL

The THEORY goes that we all descended from a common ancestor in Africa.

That doesn't mean we all sprang from the black man.

All it means is that the entire human race, blacks included, descended from a common ape like ancestor.

From there the ones that stayed obviously evolved into the black race with darkened skin to survive in such a hot overly sunny environment.

And the rest of the humans that went on to spread to different continents evolved traits and skin colors to survive in their particular environments.

P.S: I don't buy this theory nor do I buy the other theories we are supposed to believe.

Science tends to be skewed (forced) to say whatever a current political reality dictates it to say to best support its position.

For example 50 years ago science found homosexuals to be mentally ill.

Today science magically says they're mentally healthy.

Its the forced idealogical changes that happen when you move from a conservative patriarchal government to a degenerate liberal feminist matriarchy or vice versa.

The real and full truth is always buried somewhere under the muck of either side's politics.

Another THEORY is that Humans started out White, as we evolved and lost out 'ape-like' fur, the skin underneath was white. The ones that stayed in Hotter regions eventually developed darker skin to combat the sun, while the rest that migrated North, kept their skin colour. But again, that's a THEORY as well. Nothing is absolute, no ones know what exactly happened.

One of the purposes of the repetition of mantras such as "we all came from Africa" is to counter any defense white people might mount against their own ethnic cleansing and genocide. It is used as a weapon against white people and only white people.

You are a an Anti-White Mr. "Anon".