Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day.

To dream of simpler times.

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Anonymous said...

Those were the days when coppers cared more about the community than policing the minds and thoughts of a populace, all deemed to be potential 'terrorists' because they refuse to believe the lies of the media.

To serve with honor is to serve and protect the truth, even if it 'costs'.

Veritas, Truth, the Daughter of Saturn who is also known as Israel, is elusive and forced to hide in a well. There are those who claim to revere and vernerate the Father, to be 'his', yet piss, shit, poison and defile the well in which his Daughter seeks refuge.

Fathers love their daughters unconditionally. Does anyone think Saturn favours those who would harm her and maintain a WormTongued pretence to his Face that their "love" for her is not rape ?

It does not bode well for those who abuse the name of the Lawgiver and claim to be his Sons in Law. He cannot be expected to remain polite while knowing that he is shamed by their lies and falseness, as they laugh at what they believe to be the 'success' of their duplicity.

Can he really played for a fool so easily ?