Thursday, January 12, 2012

Communicating with insectoids...

I agree with you about the need to maintain freedom of speech, and respect that this is upholded (sic) by you publishing comments on your site which clearly oppose your 'cause' (worldview? ideology? it's not clear).
I don't get how, on the one hand, you say you don't hate other ethnicities, you just support each 'race' living in its own designated country and not transgressing their national borders.

A ‘Nation’ is nothing more or less than an ‘Ethno-State’. Read about the Indian Nations of North America. ‘Countries’ however, in the modern geo-political sense, are nothing more than Corporatised ‘footy teams’ living within defined borders or largely arbitrary lines on a map.
This is just not realistic.
Who says so?
What about mixed marriages?
Mixed marriages simply would not, have not and do not occur with members of any Ethno-State that has a healthy IDENTITY. Weeds can only grow in an unhealthy lawn or garden. One does not need to resort to toxic herbicides to ensure mono cultural sovereignty, one simply needs to nourish the grass to strangle out the weeds.
You seem to support freedom of speech and other such 'civil rights' but do you support mixed marriages?
Every Human Being, like all sentient organisms, has certain inalienable rights. Deliberate destruction of one’s own seed line through miscegenation is not one of them. That is Genocide. A crime far more nefarious than common murder.
In your perfect world
There can never be such a thing. However, one’s duty as a righteous Human must be to strive for a higher ideal to ensure evolution and improvement regardless of whether it is achievable or not.
what are you going to do to stop them?
Nothing, physically. We can only educate them and hope for the best. If they still then persist in aberrant behaviour then they must be ejected and shunned. Their offspring are abomination.
Are you happy to infringe upon one's civil right to marry/partner/procreate with whomever she or he wants?
Yes. It is beyond ‘infringement’. It is Duty.
If you don't support ethnicities crossing borders - what about goods and services? i (sic) would like to know that in your ideal world i (sic) can still buy goods online from around the world and take holidays in mexico. (sic)
Of course. We are not barbarians. An exchange of ideas, even technology is all perfectly acceptable. For example, one need not marry or import aliens to benefit from their recipes and food technology. An exchange of food process techniques and recipes is amply sufficient. You would also be free to visit any Third World shit hole you choose to so long as you agree to comply to strict (real) quarantine regulations etc.
As you say, there is more genetic variance within a 'race' then (sic) between them. This is why scientists have argued for some time that 'race' (biologically determined) has no genetic definition.
Why do you seek to both misinterpret what we say and spuriously claim a monolithic consensus of 'scientists' on an utterly unproven and, quite honestly, hysterically comical premise? Your bold claim has absolutely no basis in scientific fact. None whatsoever. It is 'pop science' promoted by talking heads on Pay TV. Laughable.
So in this light, why the anti-mixing? if (sic) there is more variation within 'white' - what is the big deal in mixing with 'black', 'brown', etc etc.
One very salient reason is simple aesthetics. As we outlined, Whites have much variation. Non Whites do not. Every Chinese for example knows their baby will have Jet Black, dead straight hair, Dark Brown eyes, Yellow or sallow skin, a flat or depressed nose and probably also suffer from occluded eyes (slit eyes) protruding teeth, bandy legs and myopia. Negroids will have coarse black skin, dark brown to black pupils, frizzy black hair, a receding forehead, thick skull etc. Whites, on the other hand, come in various skin complexions, eye and hair colours. Please explain where the ‘diversity’ would be when one randomly blends all the Races together and everyone ends up as caramel coloured mongrels in the great melting pot. Where’s the rainbow there? Unless rainbows come in monochrome where you live.
Also, for someone who says you're not against ethnicities, why the anti-Jew obsession.
Seriously? Read the site’s archives. There is a WORLD of information available.
Seriously. In this day and age, your views align more with anti-semite (sic) extremists and terrorists in the middle east (who are non-white) than Hitler!
Please study the History, Sociology and Anthropology of the Ancient Mesopotamian tribes, the Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Red Sea peoples, particularly the Khazarian Empire, and then get back to us. Seriously. Do some study. Get up to speed and THEN come here and spout off. You sound like a child.
Your reportings (sic) of blacks killing of whites aren't surprising. People do horrible things. whites kill whites, whites kill blacks, blacks kill blacks, blacks kill whites.
Whites can be criminal and brutal and murderous but, per capita, it is MUCH less than the other races. FACTS.
What are you trying to do?
Disseminate the TRUTH. That is all.
keep a tally to determine which race is more racist? which (sic) race is the most victimised? For what? (sic) to prove that races don't mix and shouldn't? what about the whites killing whites? how do you explain that? maybe it's the whole variation within 'white' that's to blame?!
It is all a matter of degree. Whites do FAR less violent crime than the others. FAR less.
Your views are just so redundant today.
The TRUTH can never be ‘redundant’. You probably mean ‘unpopular’ or ‘suppressed’. Be HONEST. It’s akin to declaring the wheel as ‘old hat’ technology when it has never been improved on. What are you? An ‘agist’?
Why don't you direct your energies into something positive for humanity and the environment rather than just whingeing and blaming 'jews and blacks' for what must be a pretty sad existence?
The only ‘sad’ thing is that there is still, despite the wealth of information available for free and through good independent sources, still such abject and gross ignorance such as yours about what makes the world go ‘round. Clearly you have swallowed the Blue Pill. Good luck with that.
and if it's not so sad an existence, why would you want to radically change the world into the kind that you're promoting?
It is not about ‘changing’ at all. It is about preservation and conservation. It is the current situation that is aberrant and unnatural. Not the one we are proposing. Do you perhaps crave for interracial sexual relations? Are you ‘kinky’ about certain Non-White Races? Do you fantasise about ‘exotic flesh’? Have you perhaps hankered after inter-species sex?
PS maybe people are electing to be anonymous because you're protecting your own identity, and if it's good enough for you it's good enough for all of us.
Everyone, at least those enemies of ours on the Left, allegedly know who the authors of this site are. Check out the old FightDemBack site.
a very tanned 'white' Australian of Orkney Isles, English, Irish, and French ancestory, (sic) who likes Indian food, hip-hop AND fold (sic) music, and doesn't judge a book by it's cover, or a person by their skin tone or who they want to fuck. And no, i'm (sic) not a leftie.
Sorry, but you ARE a ‘Leftie’ whether you like it or not. You are a Globalist. You are a One Worlder. You are A Rainbow Coalition advocate. You are a Universalist. You are a Multiculturalist. You are a Mongreliser. You are a Race Traitor. Get used to it. It’s reality.
No hard feelings…
Break the programming…

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