Friday, January 27, 2012

Déjà vu all… over again…again?
Rob Messenger today released a Parliamentary Library research (see attached) which shows that the Queensland Labor government has the legislative power to authorise a criminal investigation against the person or persons promoting and organising the neo-Nazi “Hammered" music festival and race hate gathering in Queensland.
"Today I call on the LNP’s Shadow Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie to state what he would do if the LNP were the alternative government, and to also sign my petition (," Mr Messenger said.
"Will Jarrod act like the current Attorney-General and do nothing regarding the Neo-Nazi festival organisers? Or would a future LNP government use the considerable powers authorised to our state’s first law officer under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld)?
"The library study is an embarrassment for the current Labor Government and Attorney-General, Paul Lucas, who said recently that he didn't have any power to intervene or stop the festival. Does the Shadow Attorney-General agree with him?," he said.
The research brief clearly points out that in relation to proponents of race-hate, which would include Neo-Nazis: “ in some States, including Queensland, the legislation allows for the offence of serious vilification to be defined as a criminal offence, if consent is obtained from the Attorney-General to proceed."
Mr Messenger said in other words, the Attorney-General does have the power to act.
"If Paul Lucas gave written consent to Queensland Police, they could at the very least, begin a criminal investigation into the people responsible for the Hammered festival website:( )," Mr Messenger said.
"This website is likely to contain material which qualifies as a 'public act' and have links to material which 'knowingly or recklessly incites hatred towards, serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, a person or group of persons on the grounds of their race, religion, sexuality or gender identity of the person or members of the group'.
“If this was the case, then the person or persons responsible for the website may have committed a crime under section 131A of our Anti-Discrimination Act (see attached) and should feel the full force of our law.”

Hmmm! We seem to recall that in March 2006, three months after the Cronulla Uprising of 11th December 2005, Milton Orkopoulos the then NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister and staunch member of the Socialist Left faction of the Labor Party, was similarly demanding the harshest possible treatment for White Nationalists involved in or even merely supportive of the protests. While attending, as the keynote speaker, a Feminist organised rally purporting to be “reclaiming the streets” for the “visitors” (presumably only Non-Whites) he went on the public record with his shrill calls for “the full weight of the law” to come crashing down on these “criminal rednecks”. Sound familiar?
The ABC reported it thusly in their sanitised version:
Sydney women rally for racial harmony
26th March 2006

Women from around Sydney have converged on the beachside suburb of Cronulla in an attempt to foster ethnic harmony. The gathering, which has been organised by the New South Wales Government, comes three months after race riots made the suburb a no-go zone. Those attending hope it will help replace images of violence in Cronulla with images of racial harmony.
"This is a chance for Cronulla to show that they, like every other community, want to live in peace and harmony, and respect for each other's backgrounds," Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Milton Orkopoulos said. Speakers have told the crowd of the need for racial tolerance and unity. The Minister for Women, Sandra Nori, says women often have to take the initiative in promoting harmony.
"Does violence come on the Y chromosome? Is civilisation only skin deep?" she said.
"I hope that's not the case but if it is, what that says to us as women is that we have to redouble our efforts because it means then that civilised society, harmonious society is something that we have to create."
The rally has been followed by a march through the shopping strip of the suburb. The Government says community liaison officers are now working in Cronulla to manage potential conflicts and interact with people who gather in public spaces.

A mere six months later he was in the news for a very different reason. On 7th November 2006 he was arrested and charged with child prostitution, sexual assault and supplying illegal drugs. In May 2008 he was sentenced to 13 years jail. One can only speculate on the ‘revelations’ that perhaps might surface in the coming weeks or months about Mr. Messenger. There is, after all, now a clear precedent for this type of occurrence.
“This government is keen to prosecute farmers and fishers who cut down the wrong tree or drop a line one metre inside a green zone - why won’t they spend money to try and stop neo-Nazis from spreading their poison?,” Mr Messenger said.
And of course Mr Messenger’s humble thread of ‘concern’ recently added to the already rich tapestry of the Anti-White narrative is not ‘poison’ at all now, is it? Stridently vilifying and summarily condemning people who he knows nothing whatsoever about, and certainly, going on the evidence of his incoherent ramblings, understands nothing of their ideology, with not merely pejorative terminology but outright shrill hysteria he is guilty of criminally culpable behaviour. If anyone at all is guilty of irrationally promoting contempt, hatred and, potentially, actual physical violence it is Messenger himself. He is a dangerous peanut. He should be gaoled for his crimes.


Vulture of Warwick said...

The law he is talking about has been on the books since 1998.

One has to ask one's self, why hasn't the authorities made any moves against White Racialists in Queensland?

Australia Calling, Whitelaw Towers, Spearhead and many other Queensland based White Racialist individuals and publications that are based in Queensland could be targetted under the QLD Anti-Discrimination Act but yet the authorities have done nothing.

Are they serious about going after White Racialists or is it all just hot air being blown by people looking for attention?


I and my mates are ready for them AND WE ARE WAITING!!!!!!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Dont count all your chickens at once Vulture. Im sure they have plans for all of us.

These laws they speak of can be easily used against the Media and Mr Messenger as well. After all they are the ones doing all the promoting. After his and the medias childish outbursts readership here went from an average of 350 a day to 1500.

His own site even linked WLT. So did the media. Think about it.

Aiden said...

what i find funny is how its all fun and games when blacky boo gangs beat up White folk and chant racialist stuff while beating the hell out of someone, its just written off as " oh, these poor africans came from an unstable country" or " this was not a racially motivated attack"

But if a White guy, not even a nationalist, just a bloke who like footy and a drink in the pub were to beat up a black, asian or any other type of mud its instantly reported as a "hate crime"

So what if the hammerskins want to have a concert, ( an invite only concert mind you) It is hardly going to result in a holohoax.

Where is the scrutiny when socialist alternative hold concerts? dont people know about the millions upon million of people who died under communism and no doubt would die under the iron fist of mick armstrong ( SAlts leader)?

Sometimes people can be so hypocritical, then i remember- who runs the media, government and education system..... Oh Vey

Vulture of Warwick said...

What should be worrying for all racial nationalists in Queensland is that the powers that be might be waiting for some thing that could be used as a pretext to launch an attack upon racial nationalists.

Possibly tightening of the racial vilification laws that could result in people like myself being sent to jail for publishing articles such as the one that I put out in the Spearhead that got media attention.

The Police have already questioned me over the Spearhead and threatened me with anti-discrimination action.

Who knows, they might adopt British style laws that could empower police officers to arrest people for racism and to prosecute them. They could even start sending people to jail for racism.

All we can do is be ready and wait for them to make their move against us.