Sunday, January 08, 2012

Rob Messenger you are everything you stand against. You aint fooling us!

Book burning next?


A PETITION to stop the controversial neo-Nazi Hammered Music Festival from being held in Brisbane in April has been launched by Member for Burnett Rob Messenger.

"If the laws aren't up to the task to stop the neo-Nazi gatherings, then we've got to change the laws."

Recent Comments

By aussie-battler from Cordalba on 10/1/2012 at 4:47PM

"Just when I thought our poor excuse for a politician Rob Messenger had crawled back under the log he comes from, he comes out with this sort of dribble that really has nothing to do with the Burnett Electorate. Sure he'll make headlines about it , he is good at that sort of media attention. But why dont he concentrate on the electorate he is supposed to represent. Make the Burnett Electorate the better place it once was before he got elected in.This clown is certainly a lame duck pollie that has lost his way."

By RedSkull from Gooburrum on 10/1/2012 at 9:10PM

"This petition is nothing more than a cynical ploy to gain votes before the election, create the appearance he is doing something and divert the attention from his anti-gay stance. Despite being elected for eight years, he doesn’t even understand the powers of the Racial Discrimination Act. If he had read the legislation properly, he would realise that despite this music festival being truly appalling, neither the police or the government can do anything to stop it. The Act does not prohibit racial hatred or vilification that is not made ‘in public’. This music festival is a private event being held in someone’s backyard and it is invite only. As the RD act is federal legislation, the QLD government doesn’t have the authority to amend the law to stop it. If the means to stop this existed, the Brisbane Council would have already done so. But I’m sure Messenger will use this as political ammunition against Bligh and Newman claiming they "did nothing" when their hands are clearly tied. Signing this is a waste of time."

By Fairdinkumnews from Bundaberg Central on 11/1/2012 at 5:37AM

"Petition eh, Who is he going to get to read it? Surly not the Gestapo down at Parliament House."

Click on image.

Yes friends, what do all these dead beats we have pictured in the past few hours stand for? Anti Nazi, anti Fascist, anti State maybe? Well there sure as shit isnt any "Nazis" around anymore unless you believe the MSM or Darrin Hodges. Well maybe we could find a few people who could possibly be called Fascist, but sadly the majority of them are on the Left side of the political arena. Maybe the State? Sure as hell isn't that considering its the State that protects them, its the State they always complain to. Well lets see.... Whats this? "Kill All the White Man" Maybe we should ask Rob Messenger to ban them also? No that's right his son probably runs it.

What a fucking pathetic joke this is being pulled on the Australian public by our Zionist controlled media.

At 0.55 Rob the Dob said. "Hitler trashed every Democratic institution in Canberra" Oh Rob your so silly. You have certainly earned the crown for 2012 as the official Antifa crusader. Can everyone say with us, hypocrisy?

I doubt he will be around next year.

Well folks being a hater creates strange bed fellows I guess. Rob has friends in high or should we say low places. Could it be that Rob is exactly the opposite of who he says he is?

Now what type of people support Rob the dob. What type of people would agree that its alright to ban/imprison other people from assembling at a private invite only Festival? Well get ready for it.

Click on image to laugh.

You have to be shitting me right? Yes folks its the Large Penis Support group. But watch out, large penis or not you will get banned if you don't follow " The Dragon". This is to funny to be true.

Thanks big guy but you just got banned! Large penis or not you must follow the herd.

Ok now that you have all stopped laughing lets try another. We have all heard by now that Rob is a bit of Homophobe right? "INDEPENDENT MP Rob Messenger has accused gay couples seeking marriage rights of "heterophobia" and said he would feel discriminated against if the controversial civil union Bill was passed."

Well this antifascist is a bit of a mans man if you know what I mean. He also is involved with the anti white hate group Anti Fascist Affinity Brisbane who also support Rob Messenger. Is Rob hiding something from us? Is he using his networks? Or maybe we will see Rob in the paper in the morn saying he feels discriminated by the LPSG because he is a small minded PRICK! Anyways....

Here ya go: Randel Morris ( From Sydney and tied to antifa Brisbane. Also owns Netfinger Promotions ( and Daisy tickets (, which happens to employ Sonny Ellis ( also of Sydney and helping lead antifa Brisbane (

Between the Large Penis Support Group, the Gay antifascists from Sydney and what looks like a closet Homosexual QLD MP, whats a white boy to do besides have a good old belly laugh. Yes folks the patients have taken control of the asylum. What a upside down world we live in.

But wait there is more. Here is the biggest laugh and the biggest HATER of them all. Robs good friends the Israelis. Such nice guys those lot. It would seem you can help Israel by getting Australian citizens thrown into gaol. Dont mind the fact that Israhell is the State that openly KILLS its neighbors and has laws that prevents Jews from marrying Arabs. Nothing wrong with a bit of eugenics hey Rob. Maybe Rob could organise for us all to help man the next aid flotilla to Gaza? Two birds one stone Rob, what do you say mate?

Oh Rob just a heads up mate, again pardon the pun. Next time you incite hatred towards a select group and call them Terrorists on an Australian News Network, you better check with your Lawyer first. I think you may have over stepped the mark this time old son. Later hater.

“My words but a whisper, your deafness a shout” (Jethro Tull)

Dumb and Dumber. Thick and Thicker...

‘Anti-Racist’ is NOTHING more than code for Anti-WHITE, period. So called ‘Anti-Hate’ legislation is purely and cynically designed to suppress any expression of resistance to the currently prevailing dictatorship of Cultural Marxist hegemony. As in the old, more overtly brutal, Soviet Russian system, your only ‘freedom’ is to compete with your fellow drones to be even more compliant, loyal and slavishly worshipful of the glorious system than they. ‘Snitch culture’ is not only encouraged but, as is shown in the escalating authoritarian rhetoric around the recent Western Sydney shootings, (a beautifully convenient pretence) looking more like impending legislation forcing citizens to dob. One of the most fundamental (assumed) rights of a citizen in our English based legal system is the right to remain silent and that is in regard to a person who has actually been charged. The proposals being floated currently include compelling witnesses, or even just people suspected of being witnesses, to talk. What next? A ‘Guantanamo’ style State sanctioned torture program to forcibly extract information from recalcitrant citizens?
And yet Australians are supporting, through their alliance with the ZOG of the United States, a Global ‘Liberal Democratic’ system that delivers ‘International Justice’ via the warhead of a cruise missile. Less than half a century ago this situation would have been considered high farce and been rendered in the form of black comedies such as ‘Dr. Strangelove’. Yet here it is, here and now. Murdering and oppressing and torturing and framing up everyone from Serbian Nationalists to flea bitten Arabs who have the misfortune to be living in the same wretched desert as the Jews on sand that equally unfortunately conceals what ‘the West’ considers THEIR Oil Reserves. And these cowboys have the sheer audacity, the hide, the chutzpah, to talk about hate? Killing for Israel and worshipping, in their own national congress, with record breaking multiple standing ovations, a maniacal bandit state of thieving genocidal Jews who are feeding the cream of White Middle American Manhood, along with many other unfortunates, into a meat grinder? Now THAT is what we call a ‘Holocaust’.
Okay, so who defines what is ‘hateful’? What criteria, precisely, is employed in the determination process what is to be considered as ‘hateful’? It would appear to WLT that merely celebrating one’s White European and, in the case of the so-called ‘Skinhead Culture’ having a certain dress sense and grooming style and favouring particular kinds of music makes you a ‘hater’. Despite the lurid Hollywood and TelAvision productions depicting marauding gangs of shaven headed thugs randomly targeting Non-Whites for summary beatings we see no evidence that this occurs in reality.
Sure, there have been the odd and very rare exceptions where certain individuals or small groups of self styled ‘White Crusaders’ have been misguided enough to believe it is a viable tactic to bash Non Whites but this is a drop in the bucket of street violence. Two of the Black criminal street gangs alone, (and Folks, there are hundreds of them) the ‘Bloods’ and the ‘Crips’, kill and maim more people in a single week than the entire body count, over decades, for the so called ‘Neo-Nazis’. So why the morbid fascination of the Controlled Media for so-called White Hate Crimes? There can be only one explanation, an Anti-White agenda.
Truly, one finds it increasingly difficult to parody such a political regime, like this so-called ‘Western Liberal Democracy’, that bleats incessantly about ‘freedom’ and ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘sensitivity’ and ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ while absolutely NOT tolerating, not only any actual dissident behaviour, but even ruthlessly crushing any THOUGHTS or IDEAS that are summarily deemed ‘Politically Correct’. The hypocrisy is palpable.
Your Old Uncle Victor is not a Skinhead, although he likes their music, and in fact, as a longhaired motorcycle riding Grebo (Greaser Boy) in the Seventies, clashed and fought with them and their various sub-groups such as the ‘Sharpies’ and the ‘Suede Heads’ and the ‘Mods’ etc. Such is the folly of youth, gentle reader, but no great or lasting harm done. In those days it was rare to cop more than a thick ear or a black eye from a beating, and your writer received several of those as well as dispensing the odd one himself. These days…well, you know the answer. So, despite being scumbag Bikers,
WLT stand fully, shoulder to shoulder, with any White group, Skinhead or not, doing the right thing by the White Race. Provided they act sensibly and do not impinge on the affairs of other citizens then we fail to see any legitimate reason why the Hammerskins are being targeted by this latest hate campaign of shrill hysteria from the ZOG and its lap dogs in the Controlled Media. The very fact that the concert is being held at a discrete location and invitation only venue is evidence of their sensitivity and, unlike the Fag Parades we are all assaulted with on a regular basis, they will not be on a public street proselytising their political message and inconveniencing the taxpayer.
This certifiable peanut, a certain Rob Messenger, (his is a ‘message’ we truly don’t need to hear) who should, quite frankly, in a normal and well adjusted world, be ‘scheduled’, is simply the latest manifestation of political opportunism hitching a ride on the back of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism in this very sick society. It is extremely unlikely that, given his simplistic waffling, this twit has even the vaguest understanding of Historical, Cultural and Philosophical matters pertaining to the White Race. In the well known process whereby scum floats to the top and, in this case flocculates the faecal colloids into political turds, Racial renegades and traitors such as he percolate to the higher levels of the Cultural Marxist system currently in the ascendancy. Pathogens like this can only survive, even for a short time, due to the soul sick condition of our distorted and degraded society.

Like his ideological fellow travellers in America Messenger is a ‘Neocon’ a ‘New Conservative’ who are merely fiscal/economic ‘conservatives’ who champion the cause of Corporate Global Capitalist hegemony, a borderless One World Superstate where all ethno nationalism must and will be ultimately extinguished. But this agenda must follow a carefully planned trajectory. Firstly, the most troublesome Racial group must be crushed, those uppity and stubbornly independent thinking, individualist Whites. Then, once broken, and this has almost been accomplished, the other Races must be manipulated against the remaining Whites and even each other to neutralise any residual sense of ‘in-group’ tribalism. Then the stage is set, swept clear, for the construction of what all the Globalists from Kissinger to Bush to Clinton to Blair have all called the ‘New World Order’. A Global, Genetically levelled Slave State from which the Oligarch Overlords can draw their coolie labour and maintain a Neo Feudal system where their ‘Guild’ of ‘Elite’ Corporate Families and Clans will live in enormous gated city states insulated from the filth and squalor of the blended beige underclass outside.
‘Messenger’ is just another vile maggot feasting on the necrotised flesh of the corpse that was once the mighty and proud White Western Civilisation. What is though becoming somewhat problematical for these shallow, opportunistic types is, outside of the clique of self appointed pseudo intelligentsia of the ‘true believer’ Bolshevist elite, to convince the increasingly cynical general public, weary from decades of the MultiKult and suffering the depredations of Labor mismanagement, that causes like this have any relevance or benefit to them whatsoever. The great bulk of Middle Australia are more concerned with pragmatic affairs of economic survival and some are even beginning to correctly identify the expediently contrived nature and design of ‘decoys’ such as this.
Morons like him would have you frogmarched to the gulag for defending your Race, traditional values and culture, cause which are really matters of duty and not choice, yet (presumably) simultaneously advocate for abortion on demand, decadence, depravity, dysgenics, free access to ‘recreational’ drugs, genocide, general social, intellectual and moral permissiveness, ‘tolerance’ of sodomy and who knows what other sexual perversions.
Go figure…

Just another Israel firster.

YouTube video clip (Carbon Tax)

Member for Burnett Rob Messenger has officially and proudly launched a YouTube video clip regarding his position on a Carbon Tax (produced by the Australian Tea Party).

What a guy? So what type of people make up the Australian Tea Party?

Above, Australian Tea "Party legend Cr. Hajnal Black" . Such a kosher name don't you think? Racism every where. Nazis all over the place.


TEA Party legend Cr. Hajnal Black..Not content with defeating and chasing away the slimy BDS Greens/Nazi demonstrators outside of Max Brenners, …. Hajnal has decided to confront the issue head on at the Logan Council. This first humiliating defeat of the extreme left at one of their protests was a catalyst to further resistance and opposition to their previously unopposed or only weakly or politely opposed campaign.

But wait, there is more. You just cant get any closer to the tribe than this.


THE Public Trustee may trace more than $1.37 million which Logan City councillor Hajnal Black yesterday was found to have moved from a joint account with a dementia patient into her sole control.

Supreme Court Justice David Boddice found Ms Black should have held the money from the sale of a property at Park Ridge, on Brisbane's southern outskirts, in trust for the man, who can not be named under Queensland law.

However, the Public Trustee failed in a second claim to get a summary judgment dismissing Ms Black's counterclaim for a declaration she was gifted a property at Greenbank. The Greenbank matter is likely to go to trial in February.

In his written judgment, Justice David Boddice noted the man, 69, had been diagnosed with dementia and was now a resident receiving full-time care at an aged-care facility.

Justice Boddice found the Public Trustee had established Ms Black had no real prospect of succeeding in her defence and the funds in question now had been transferred from the joint account.

ustice Boddice said Ms Black was a close friend of the man and they had known each other for at least 10 years when he mentored her in her legal studies, and assisted in her political career.

He detailed how on April 28, 2009, the man executed an enduring power of attorney to Ms Black.

It was alleged on July 21, 2009, Ms Black went with the man, who was suffering from a confused state, to the Logan Hospital.

Ms Black allegedly later took him to Garden City Shopping Centre where the man executed a draft contract of sale provided by Ms Black to sell the Park Ridge property for $2,250,000.

On October 28, 2009, Ms Black, as the man's attorney, executed a transfer of the Park Ridge property to the purchaser on behalf of the man because of "her belief or concern that he lacked the capacity to do so".

The sum of $2,154,404 was deposited it into a joint account in the names of the man and Ms Black and she withdrew $1.37 million over six months for her own personal benefit.

Ms Black claimed the man was alert and orientated when admitted to hospital in July 2009 and he asked her to arrange for the contract for the sale of the Park Ridge property to be provided to him outside of the hospital.

Ms Black denied she took any unfair advantage of her position to obtain the benefit and tweeted yesterday afternoon that she would appeal the Supreme Court decision "on a number of points of law".

I think we all get the picture?


Anonymous said...

I be there!

Anonymous said...

pathetic racist pricks

Anonymous said...

you people make me sick.

VF Sydney said...

but yet these Antifa faggots won't show... Whos pathetic hey?

Anonymous said...

Are you guys against all ethnicities? Because the Gregorian chant used to mood your Vimeo clip is from Italy. I wonder how much collective ethnic blood is in the organisers of you festival - lol!

Anonymous said...

tell us where the festival is and we'll show

White power said...

Keep mail boxes for letters not Aussie hating filth!!

Anonymous said...

We all bleed red! Maybe some don't realise. If one of your kids was going to die without an organ transplant would you refuse it should it come from another race ? Think about it

Anonymous said...

Please all fucking die, so we can evolve. Regards, Fucking EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

I and hundreds of my brothers WILL BE THERE!

Anonymous said...

You guys are gay right? can i join?

Na nevermind your bands are shit.

Anonymous said...

whose a moronic tiny dikked fukktard then - oh you all are! Just kill yourselves so the rest of the people in Oz don't have to. Hate gets hate douchebags.

Anonymous said...

You lot are shit-scared of Antifa and anti-fascists in general, that's why you will not publish the venue details. Bonehead arseholes.

Anonymous said...

You pathetic racist slugs, do you people at Hammered and you neo-nazi idiots ever wonder why your lives are filled with hate and despair?? It's because YOU give it out to others and it therefore comes back to YOU! Life is a reflection, look in the mirror

James said...

Take your racist bullsit 'festival' and stay the fuck away from my city. I'll be fighting it every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with you people? You are all racist fucking pricks and you make us fucking sick. We are all people and we are all equal, black, white, tan, gay, straight, trans. What the fuck makes you better than anyone else? It's fucking pathetic that you maintain the belief that Hitler was doing the right thing. Just because someone is Jewish doesn't mean they are secretly trying to take over the world or have complete control of all money or whatever the fuck it is you ignorant assholes believe, the simple fact is that you dumb nazi fucks are trying to find specific groups of people to put the blame on for the problems you see in the world. The reason this world is so fucked up as it is is equally the responsibility of every race of people on this earth. And you nazi fucking pricks are not helping the world for the better preaching your racist hate bullshit. You are so fucking backward, and your logic is so fucked up, you act like you are some cool minority group that knows the truth and see's through all the bullshit but you are actually a small group of racist fucking cowards. Grow the fuck up and start treating people with respect. Do people on this site actually think the holocaust was justified? I can't fucking believe you fucking nazi cunt motherfuckers still exist in this world and it makes me fucking sick that this gig is being held in Brisbane. I'm white, straight, of European descent and born in Australia and I think your fucking group is fucked up, ignorant and pathetic and I hope you all fucking die so this world can have a chance at true peace and freedom because with fuckers like you still around it's never going to happen.

Anonymous said...

black AND white people share the SAME COMMON ANCESTOR...Deal with it!
Worshipping tyrants like Hitler only proves that you would be willing fodder for megalomanics...Be proud instead that you rise above tyranny and the slave mentality of the "god" worshipping sheep. The colour of one's skin is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you people - you live sad, shallow lives. Your views are abhorrent.

Anonymous said...

1. No-one owns a city, so don't say 'stay away from my city'.

2. People are entitled to opinions

3. If you don't like racism, why go on this website, dude.

4. White people aren't the only racists.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this world has gotten enough shit going on already. if you wanna worship the white race, better worship all races together since we all evolved from Africa.
if you think what you are doing deserve a place for happeing, then show the place and let those who are against it have a place to voice their opinion as well!

Anonymous said...

Judaism has a plan for you Rubbernecks of the AntiFa. Read the religion... Judaism and its adherents in the know view you as little more than beasts in human form.

The only place for you in the "world to come" is as a snivelling Noachide, where you acknowledge that they, the jews constitute the "singularity" of perfection upon this earth.

Noachide Law and global governance cannot be instituted without first destroying everything that binds us by mutual respect for our differences and heritage.

Read the religion and then THINK what it would be like living under a merciless, hypocritical tyranny of 'the jews'. The most blood thirsty tyrants are those who feel themselves justified by mostly imagined and mythical 'persecutions'.

Some religions in this time passed celebrated the birth of a universal friend. The religion that wails the most about everyone else ALWAYS celebrates the destruction of 'enemies', which is just about everyone else not quite so puke ontologically exceptional as themselves.


Anonymous said...

You losers do realise eugenics was scientifically disproven years ago, right? I think Propagandhi said it best:

Swastikas and Klan robes,
Sexist, racist homophobes.
Aryan-Nations and Hammerskins,
You can wear my nuts on your Nazi chins.

I love a man in uniform.

Just what exactly are the great historical accomplishments of your race that make you proud to be white? Capitalism? Slavery? Genocide? Sitcoms?
This is your fucking white history, my friend.

Swastikas and Klan-robes,
Sexist, racist, homophobes.
This one's for the Master Race,
My brown-power ass in your white-power face.

Kill them all and let a Norse God sort 'em out.

Peter Watson said...

Historical accomplishments of the White European Race: putting a man on the moon, putting a man into space, world wide web, telegraph, telephones, democracy, most political-economic-social systems and having the highest stand of living thanks to White European economic systems. Let us not forget the industrial revolution, greatest empires that the world has ever seen (Rome, Greece, German, French, Spanish, Portugese, British and Russian). With out the White European Race, we would still be living in the dark ages. Notice how the Chinese and Arabs never got out of the dark ages until the 20th Century. It was only when the Asians and Arabs adopted European forms of government and economics that they had great increases in living standards. The White Europeans also feed hundreds of millions of starving blacks in Africa. If Africans are so great, why can't they feed themselves?

No, eugenics was not scientifically disproven years ago. The Jews practice it to eliminate their genetic diseases. Eugenics is used in agriculture and animal husbandry. Ever heard of selective breeding?

Yes, we all bleed red blood but that is because we are all mammals. Dogs, cats, cattle and rats bleed red blood because they are mammals. Further, no two people bleed the same blood. Each person's blood is different. Students learn that in year nine here in Queensland, at least when I did year nine science.

Anonymous said...

Buggered up Bagels with Hand Balled Chin Nuts ?

Sounds like a delicacy one might enjoy at an FDB Barbie Q.

Anonymous said...

We all bleed red! Maybe some don't realise. If one of your kids was going to die without an organ transplant would you refuse it should it come from another race ? Think about it

My cat bleeds red.. can I get a transplant of my cats organs?
You're a dumbass

Anders said...

Just what exactly are the great historical accomplishments of your race that make you proud to be white? Capitalism? Slavery? Genocide? Sitcoms?
This is your fucking white history, my friend.

So only 'white' people had slaves throughout the entire history of the world eh? As usual the Chinese and the Arabs get off scott-free.
Genocide too? Remember the Tutsis and the Hutus in Rwanda back in the 90s?
Sitcoms? Do I detect a bit of 'humour' in Propaghandi's verrrry serious message here?
Grow up you bunch of over-grown zit-faced high schoolers!

Peter Watson said...

Most sitcoms in English are made by Hollywood. Have a guess who owns most production companies in America...........JEWS! Have a gues who owns most of the media outlets in America, Australia and Great Britain.............JEWS! Many actors, directors and writers are JEWS!

In regards to colonialism, the Europeans brought civlisation to the Dark Continent, Australia and the Pacific Islands. If it wasn't for White Europeans, there would be no cars and most modern technology would not have been invented.

Nearly every single country uses the capitalist economic system. Thanks to capitalism, hundreds of millions of Asians now have higher living standards than what they did 60 or 70 years ago.

White Europeans invented the Metric System and the Imperial System. Personally I prefer the Imperial System.

White Europeans also came up with modern science. Thanks to the scientific achievements of the White European Race, hundreds of millions of lives have been saved world wide, many of them non-white.

If non-whites are so great and smart, why haven't they achieved as much as White Europeans? Why do they need to come to countries that White Europeans created and built over thousands of years and in Australia's case, in a few hundred years?

Why can't non-whites solve their own problems with out needing aid from White European countries?

If anti-racists love non-whites so much and hate whites so much, why don't they move to non-white countries like Japan, China, South Africa or the Congo?

Anonymous said...

Glad this event is going forward! Free Speech is alive and well in Australia, unlike here in Canada.

You know the movement doing something right when the only criticism is "you're idiots" or "you're racist scum". Personal attacks, rather than intelligent debate, are a signal that antifa are backed into an intellectual corner and are desperate.

Also, who else finds it funny that the antifa ninja uses derogatory/intolerant language like 'faggots' and 'retards'. I guess he is pro-immigration but anti-homosexual and intolerant of disabled persons. tsk tsk...


Anders said...

"Also, who else finds it funny that the antifa ninja uses derogatory/intolerant language like 'faggots' and 'retards'..."

I found it very funny! I thought if anyone would like 'faggots' (his term, not mine) it would be a member of the gay-friendly antifa!

"If anti-racists love non-whites so much and hate whites so much, why don't they move to non-white countries like Japan, China, South Africa or the Congo?"

That's a good question Mr Watson, along with the other questions you raised. However, these questions are never answered by these strange people; they just keep yelling the same tired old slogans at you whilst calling you a fascist. How's the 'anifa' doing in Saudi Arabia? Or that "workers' paradise" The Peoples Republic of China?

WLT NSW said...

Yeah, it’s hilarious to us that the so-called ‘AntiFa’ can apparently only perceive ‘Human Rights’ violations when they are allegedly committed by White people. When is the last time you can recall hearing an ‘AntFa’ ‘activist’ condemning a Black dictator like Zimbabwe’s Mugabe as a ‘Fascist’ hater and racist? When was the last time you turned on the TelAvision and saw an angry mob of Anarchist/Socialist/Communist marchers protesting against the evil ‘Fascist’ Dictatorship of ANY Non-White country? Can you EVER recall seeing or hearing a Leftist of ANY shade condemning a Non-White for being ‘Racist’? Nope, they reserve their outrage exclusively for WHITE offenders.

Loris Hemlof said...

All these race traitors ignore that 50% of murders are committed by blacks at 10x the propensity of whites.Proves my theory that normal single reflection reverse image mirrors have made 99% of the population insane as opposed to video or reflection of reflection corner mirrors which produce truth. As a humane white racist i suggest we sterilize all blacks in return for aid.

Loris Hemlof said...

The Australian constitution guarantees our right to deem racist laws necessary. (We can legally express racial hatred in song and literature).

Anonymous said...

In response to Loris.

I encourage all pro-White Australians to get a copy of the Australian Constitution and the UN's Declaration of Human Rights to read.

You'd be surprised at the amount of rights we have but are completely unaware of.
That's the way our 'government' likes it.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, how tolerant Australia supposedly is is.
It will not be long, before the whites are a minority with all the thousands of immigrants flooding our shores.
To be born with blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin will make us be shunned or as something to be afraid of because we are supposedly now "different" and the conglomerate of "brown" with no distinction will more than likely consume the planet. Being a white woman in a black society (speaking of media ideals and commercial bullshit) I find it very sad, I can no longer walk down the road wearing clothes I deem appropriate, because some person with a different religion will rape me as they perceive I am a whore. When will it all be over? When we are Supreme.

Anonymous said...

Why let them in the country?? They stopped Eminem from coming in because of ,shame on him,his lyrics. Stuff he made up. Stuff his fans loved to listen to. So why can't they stop these racial Romper Stompers from coming into the country. As if there isn't enough problems as it is....

Anonymous said...

White pride world wide said...

The latest about the Zionist Hajnal Ban you can find on:

Justice Boddice found that she took A $ 660,000 she was not entitled too. She was ordered to file a submission until 12th September, 2012, explaining why she should not pay the legal costs of the Public Trustee. Since then we do not know what happened in this case. The person she took the money from died and nobody knows whether she paid the money back. Remember Dr. Fred Toeben of the Adelaide Institute was fully bankrupted by the Australian Jews and the Australian Courts for not having the money to pay for their court-actions against him. He dared to question their Holo....! Are they going to bankrupt Hajnal Ban? Nobody knows whether the system let her go away with it? Since 9th September, 2012, we have no media-reporting to this case anymore! Does someone know anything to this?