Thursday, January 12, 2012

Haters are just gunna hate. Who supports QLD MP Rob the dob Messenger?

Well folks being a hater creates strange bed fellows I guess. Rob has friends in high or should we say low places. Could it be that Rob is exactly the opposite of who he says he is?

Now what type of people support Rob the dob. What type of people would agree that its alright to ban/imprison other people from assembling at a private invite only Festival? Well get ready for it.

Click on image to laugh.

You have to be shitting me right? Yes folks its the Large Penis Support group. But watch out, large penis or not you will get banned if you don't follow " The Dragon". This is to funny to be true.

Thanks big guy but you just got banned! Large penis or not you must follow the herd.

Ok now that you have all stopped laughing lets try another. We have all heard by now that Rob is a bit of Homophobe right? "INDEPENDENT MP Rob Messenger has accused gay couples seeking marriage rights of "heterophobia" and said he would feel discriminated against if the controversial civil union Bill was passed."

Well this antifascist is a bit of a mans man if you know what I mean. He also is involved with the anti white hate group Anti Fascist Affinity Brisbane who also support Rob Messenger. Is Rob hiding something from us? Is he using his networks? Or maybe we will see Rob in the paper in the morn saying he feels discriminated by the LPSG because he is a small minded PRICK! Anyways....

Here ya go: Randel Morris ( From Sydney and tied to antifa Brisbane. Also owns Netfinger Promotions ( and Daisy tickets (, which happens to employ Sonny Ellis ( also of Sydney and helping lead antifa Brisbane (

Between the Large Penis Support Group, the Gay antifascists from Sydney and what looks like a closet Homosexual QLD MP, whats a white boy to do besides have a good old belly laugh. Yes folks the patients have taken control of the asylum. What a upside down world we live in.

But wait there is more. Here is the biggest laugh and the biggest HATER of them all. Robs good friends the Israelis. Such nice guys those lot. It would seem you can help Israel by getting Australian citizens thrown into gaol. Dont mind the fact that Israhell is the State that openly KILLS its neighbors and has laws that prevents Jews from marrying Arabs. Nothing wrong with a bit of eugenics hey Rob. Maybe Rob could organise for us all to help man the next aid flotilla to Gaza? Two birds one stone Rob, what do you say mate?

Oh Rob just a heads up mate, again pardon the pun. Next time you incite hatred towards a select group and call them Terrorists on an Australian News Network, you better check with your Lawyer first. I think you may have over stepped the mark this time old son. Later hater.

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How long has he been a member ?