Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's SO unfair!

Small 'a' Anarchist @ndy said:

“Thirdly, while it’s technically possible for a ‘concerned citizen’ to lodge a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission regarding the gig, this depends upon them actually being in attendance (or having the misfortune of overhearing it). However, as the Hammered Festival — like all such events organised by the neo-Nazis concerned — is held at an undisclosed location this seems extraordinarily unlikely. (In order to attend the gig, a member of the public must first make contact with B&H and arrange to meet; and only if they meet with the approval of the organisers will they be provided with further details.)”

The first and most bleedingly obvious question is…so why worry? But this is what so-called AntiFa is all about, vexatious and entirely ideologically based objections to other groups of people sharing their own beliefs and enjoying themselves. So what @ndy is lamenting here is the fact that, shock horror, these people will (probably) be able to actually get away with holding a totally private, invitation only gathering where likeminded individuals can express and share their genuinely held beliefs in a safe venue where critics, detractors and violent enemies are totally excluded. Wow! How disgusting is that? Why isn’t the 'mind probe' function of the ZOG Death Star fully functional yet so they can charge these people with Thought Crimes? Please explain! Are you folks out there getting this yet? Do you see what this means and where it’s going? Don’t any of you Lefties have even the slightest curiosity about who might be next on the Thought Crime hate list? Or is it all just fine and dandy with you so long as its only those evil, wicked ‘Nazis’ who are being oppressed by the hated State?


Anonymous said...

Such detached and pious priggery from the edjumacated one, the lawgiver, the deemer and redeemer @narchist here....

The weasel's a fucking alchemist. Can turn dialectical Shit into molasses, or so it seems.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the need to maintain freedom of speech, and respect that this is upholded by you publishing comments on your site which clearly oppose your 'cause' (worldview? ideology? it's not clear).

I don't get how, on the one hand, you say you don't hate other ethnicities, you just support each 'race' living in its own designated country and not transgressing their national borders.

This is just not realistic. What about mixed marriages? You seem to support freedom of speech and other such 'civil rights' but do you support mixed marriages? In your perfect world what are you going to do to stop them? Are you happy to infringe upon one's civil right to marry/partner/procreate with whomever she or he wants?

If you don't support ethnicities crossing borders - what about goods and services? i would like to know that in your ideal world i can still buy goods online from around the world and take holidays in mexico.

As you say, there is more genetic variance within a 'race' then between them. This is why scientists have argued for some time that 'race' (biologically determined) has no genetic definition. So in this light, why the anti-mixing? if there is more variation within 'white' - what is the big deal in mixing with 'black', 'brown', etc etc.

Also, for someone who says you're not against ethnicities, why the anti-Jew obsession. Seriously. In this day and age, your views align more with anti-semite extremists and terrorists in the middle east (who are non-white) than Hitler!

Your reportings of blacks killing of whites aren't surprising. People do horrible things. whites kill whites, whites kill blacks, blacks kill blacks, blacks kill whites. What are you trying to do? keep a tally to determine which race is more racist? which race is the most victimised? For what? to prove that races don't mix and shouldn't? what about the whites killing whites? how do you explain that? maybe it's the whole variation within 'white' that's to blame?!

Your views are just so redundant today. Why don't you direct your energies into something positive for humanity and the environment rather than just whingeing and blaming 'jews and blacks' for what must be a pretty sad existence? and if it's not so sad an existence, why would you want to radically change the world into the kind that you're promoting?

PS maybe people are electing to be anonymous because you're protecting your own identity, and if it's good enough for you it's good enough for all of us.


a very tanned 'white' Australian of Orkney Isles, English, Irish, and French ancestory, who likes Indian food, hip-hop AND fold music, and doesn't judge a book by it's cover, or a person by their skin tone or who they want to fuck. And no, i'm not a leftie.