Monday, January 09, 2012

Maintain the Hate?

There is NOTHING more ‘hateful’ and evil than any Human who would wish the extinction of any other distinct Race, sovereign group, or ethno-nation. It is a constant source of both exasperation and amusement for White Nationalists that Leftist fools will agonise over the plight of ‘endangered’ plant and animal species and other environmental features, citing their ‘uniqueness’ and ‘world heritage’ importance yet wish the precise opposite for one particular Race of Mankind, the White Race. It is no mere coincidence that Conservatism and Conservationism are such similar terms. Racial Nationalists, be they White or otherwise, are the ultimate ‘conservationists’. Unlike the 'AntiFa', we do not define ourselves with a negative self descriptor. We fight to PRESERVE our people and culture.

Anonymous said...
“Are you guys against all ethnicities? Because the Gregorian chant used to mood your Vimeo clip is from Italy. I wonder how much collective ethnic blood is in the organisers of you (sic) festival - lol!”
Are you guys against all ethnicities?
Is WHITE not an ethnicity? Are you being deliberately ignorant or does it come naturally? Italy, like all European nations, is a source country of indigenous White European people. Who suggested, anywhere, that ‘we’ are ‘against’ ‘all ethnicities’? We are FOR White European peoples. It is YOU who define your very identity by what you (think you) are against by supposedly being so-called ‘ANTI-Racists’. (Code for Anti-White).

"I wonder how much collective ethnic blood is in the organisers of you (sic) festival”
Definitely a HUGE blend of various ‘ethnic’ bloods as there would be at any gathering of descendants of ethnically indigenous White European Folk. You are obviously labouring under the misapprehension that there are no sub-ethnicities or cultures among White Europeans. This proves you are an idiot. Even the British Isles alone has many distinctly different ethnic cultures including English, Irish, Scots, Welsh and the now largely subsumed Pictish, Cornish and Manx, all with their own peculiar folklores and traditions. Now THAT is true ‘Multiculturalism’. What you obviously endorse is Multi RACIALISM and Race Mixing. Something totally different that hides behind the mendacity of a more benign term such as Multiculturalism. We already HAD that, you morons! There is more variety WITHIN the White Race in regard to complexions (pale, ruddy, olive), eye colour, (blue, green, grey, brown) hair colour, (blond, brown, black, red) hair type (straight, curly, wavy) height, build, bone structure etc than there is between Whites and all the other Races. Study some anthropology and History and LEARN


Peter Watson said...

White Europeans have very little genetic differences between them with in their own race.

What is even more interesting is that the European Jews have 35 to 55% White European in them. A number of studies into population genetics have shown that European Jews can be classified as being southern European.

Many thousands of years of race mixing is the cause of this.

The Jews are not a race but a group of people genetically related to the tribes of Israel 2,500 years ago.

The tribes of Israel were Semitic, the same race as the modern Arabs.

It would be wrong to describe the Jews as a race because, in reality, they are mongrels that are a product of generations of race mixing much like most Australian blacks.

The Jews are an example of how race mixing can destroy races which will eventually happen to the Australian Aboriginals.

With in a few hundred years, it might happen to White Europeans if we don't stop race mixing between White Europeans and non-whites.

Anonymous said...

If the 'jew' is an idea, then it is without a race or look of its own. The jew seems to be attempting to bodysnatch the look of the European. It might soon be that the only 'whites' are 'jews'.

What a tragedy that would be.

This may be the motivation behind their sneakin' and duplicity.