Saturday, January 28, 2012

More fresh Hate

Anonymous said...
“Science and evolution says that at one stage we were ALL black. But I guess you FUNDAMENTALISTS won't agree with rational logic.”

It amuses your Old Uncle Victor to read some of this hate mail, particularly when the senders invoke such elements as ‘Science’ and ‘rational logic’ and, by obvious inference, accuse US of being bereft of these qualities. Even the most casual perusal of their own contributions to ‘argument’ will swiftly convince the most charitable and neutral observer of their docile credulity for blatantly partisan sources of ‘information’ and their fanatical adherence, once inculcated, to even the most spurious propositions and preposterous conclusions. Additionally, if the sender intends to convey an accusation of ignorance through the term ‘FUNDAMENTALISTS’ then he has chosen his words poorly. We see the flaccid and permissive cultural relativism of Marxist Liberal Democracy as the creed of the weak and feeble minded, a secular religion for the Lemmings.

(another) Anonymous said…
“btw...Chinese people have been here SINCE settlemet (sic)”
Yes indeed they have, there was always a need for coolie labourers, laundries and, later, cheap restaurants. The Chinese were always present, as an opportunistic and parasitic contingent, with any White European army or caravan venturing beyond the bounds of Mother Europe, particularly when going East or South. You reveal nothing new or surprising to Old Uncle Victor who is widely versed in History.

“too- more 'Aussie' than 'Aussie' if you will!. God, you guys will not last, because you don't even get your basic australian (sic) history facts right...and most people will see this. Face it, you just want someone to hate because you are so, so weak. Classic bully behaviour. So, how does it feel to feel so small and angry compared to most people's rational sense of calm and peace?...go and weep.”

Also, many a Chinese sailor ‘discovered’ Australia well before Captain Cook but they did not last long enough to fully navigate, explore, map and colonise this great southern land. Asian Colonisation has occurred only recently once all the hard work has been done and an infrastructure established. Apparently though, the cannibalistic Aborigines greatly preferred the tasty Chinamen, grain fed on rice as they were and doubtlessly marinated in Soy, over the rather stringy and salty White Europeans. Perhaps there might be found one day, among the refuse that comprises an Aboriginal midden, a pile of Chinese bones? Perhaps also, some time in the future, as the ultimate result of the Dysgenic Cult of Multiculturalism, we European Aussies will be reduced to a ‘Soylent White’ protein source to nourish the Asiatic Hordes.

Finally, are you unaware of your own ‘irrational anger’ as you accuse those you know nothing about of being motivated purely by hate? Did you shake your puny fist at the heavens in impotent rage as you typed your doggerel? Assuming you are White, and young, perhaps you are not yet beyond salvage if only you were to study some real History and Science and readjust your moral compass to more noble bearings. Good luck.

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