Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Leftist Hate Mail…

Taken from the comments section on the post: 'The Origins of Political Correctness'

"Preying upon the ambiguity of complex ideas by offering up juvenile, inexperienced conclusions."
Huh? A Leftist talking about ‘ambiguity’ and juvenile, inexperienced conclusions? That’s a little rich.

"So the world is still flat to u. (sic)"
Erm, no. So far as we can tell, going on the available Scientific evidence, it’s an oblate spheroid or, if you prefer, a rotationally symmetric ellipsoid.

"U (sic) are simply wrong."

No explanations. No evidence. No hypotheses. No theories. Just…you’re wrong. Erm, okaaay…

"Scholars are responsible for your very existence through the genuine acquisition of knowledge through perseverance."
So, let’s get this straight, ‘scholars are responsible for our very existence’. Wow! And we’ve been thinking it was mum and dad! Pray tell us more. Then perhaps you might explain how sheep’s bladders can be employed to help prevent earthquakes…

"So u (sic) hate Einstein?"
Do we? We thought he was dead. We tend to reserve our ‘hate’ for living entities. We could not care less really except when he is lavished with an inordinately high degree of praise and his name is used synonymously with genius when he is well known to have plagiarised and stolen many of his ideas from predecessors and contemporaries. Let your fingers do the walking. Google it and read some facts on the subject.

"Well don't use computers, don't eat, and be careful or u might float away."
Einstein did not invent the Computer. Einstein did not invent food. Are we also to presume from that silly rant that Einstein ‘invented’ Gravity?

"And in truth, what u (sic) see as a worthwhile pursuit will NEVER be recorded in history, never known by any others."
Oh really? We believe you’ll find it already has been.

"The opposite shall, and indeed always has and always will."
What? Could you repeat that?

Yes indeed, love is a many splendored thing… apparently. There should be more of it.

"The same love some of u (sic) may show your children."
To paraphrase our old mate ‘Sting’… the ‘Nazis’ love their children too.

"If u believe u (sic) have found the right way try hosting your shindig at CHERBOURG."
Why? Please explain…

"If not shut up or get some balls. (Or preferably some semblance of truth.)"
Unintelligible gobbledegook.

"Cowardly attacking people of ethnicity is not ever going to ne (sic) supported in this country."
‘Cowardly’? How so? ‘Attacking’? How so? Are White people bereft of ‘ethnicity’? Why is it that you Leftoids think there are White people and then there are ‘Ethnic’ people? Do you not have even a basic, rudimentary understanding of the terminology you utilise?

"I guess over u (sic) will still be unintelligibly defensive, and insist that in your twenty plus years of existence u (sic) have a right to say u (sic) have more wisdom than the indigenous peoples of this land."
We are unaware of the existence of evidence of any particular ‘wisdom’ when it comes to ‘the indigenous peoples of this land’. Could you please elaborate and elucidate? As we have stated here before, Data is not Information, Information is not Knowledge, Knowledge is not Wisdom. However, one is still required by Nature itself to ascend through the existing hierarchies in an appropriate ‘learning curve’ and intellectually, culturally and philosophically ‘evolve’ to a stage of rather refined development before one can claim ‘Wisdom’. Cockroaches, for example, are extraordinarily resilient creatures and some believe they might be capable of surviving even a nuclear holocaust, but one can scarcely confer ‘Wisdom’ status upon them simply for being good survivors.

", 60,000 years vs 20+ hmmm."
It is quite amusing how the period of occupation of Australia by the Aborigines appears to get exponentially longer by the year. At this rate they will soon pre-date the Dinosaurs. One is also puzzled by what exactly they did, apart from hunt, forage and do a few rock paintings, for that great length of time. Just being around for a very long time is hardly a mighty achievement in itself when compared to the development of Human Civilisation.

"Realise you've lied to yourself,"
The precise opposite is the case. We relentlessly and ruthlessly seek the truth.

"and have the freedom you seek."
Doing that right now thanks.

Not possible or desirable.

"IF NOT WHY NOT? U (sic) R (sic) INVENTING EXCUSES " Failure is an oppotunity (sic) to start again more intelligently. " Albert Einstein"
Yes, perhaps ‘next time’ we will avoid being so generous in our dispensation of egalitarianism and tolerance. We just get taken for granted and abused. Again though, quoting Einstein will get you nowhere with us. We are distinctly unimpressed.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is some of the kind of nonsense that I myself encounter and do my utmost to respond to and put firmly back in it's place! Great to see that you rise so well to the task!!!


Anonymous said...

Via Porter at Irish Savant.

Rewind a few years…Knock, knock, knock

Mr. Jew: Hello Mr. Gentile, and what a right chap you are. May I please come in? I’ve travelled so far.

Mr. Gentile: You’re a fine fellow Mr. Jew, really on par. But I have some concerns and I’ll say what they are.

I want tranquility, I’m not looking for a fight; and you seem to cause problems wherever you alight.

Mr. Jew: Oh please. I’ll be not a bother and I’ve no place to go. I’m hungry and meek and upon my beard there is snow.

My reputation is a lie; it’s the persecution you see. I swear on my yarmulke it was them and not me.

Let’s set aside our millennial strife; I’ll love you as a brother, or hell as a wife!

Mr. Gentile: I’m unsure Mr. Jew; I want no trouble you see. I founded this nation for my own posterity.

Mr. Jew: You have my word, our relationship will be a cinch; what harm could ever arise from a mensch?

Mr. Gentile: I suppose you can stay if you swear not to hate. Though I want no subversion and you must assimilate.

Mr. Jew: Yes, yes wonderful, you won’t regret it a year. I’ll just go about my business; you’ll not even notice I’m here.

I shall take up occupations I know you’ll approve. I’ll make movies and write columns; your nerves I will soothe.

Forward to present…

Mr. Jew: Gentile, you’re a bigot, a racist, and oh a Nazi too. You’re dumb and not kosher. Yes, that best describes you.

Mr. Gentile: But I thought we were as brothers; your attitude is vexing and newish.

Mr. Jew: Brothers, Ha! As Mike Wallace said, I’m not white but Jewish.

Mr. Gentile: I grant you leave to my country and this is how you repay?

Mr. Jew: This is not “your” country, you dolt. And you don’t have a say.

This country is for Asians and Africans and Mexicans and Jews. Wipe that look off your face, you act as if this is news.

Mr. Gentile: But this was founded as our nation for our people; your myth I must dispel.

Mr. Jew: I have a nation, it’s called Is-rye-ell. You will have nothing, save a spot in Hell.

Mr. Gentile: You have played me as the fool. Allowing you in was not right.

Mr. Jew: I gasp at your words! What are you, an anti-semite?!

WLT NSW said...

"Wow! This is some of the kind of nonsense that I myself encounter and do my utmost to respond to and put firmly back in it's place! Great to see that you rise so well to the task!!!"

Yeah, cheers mate. Our ethos at WLT has always been, from the beginning (in fact that's the very reason we even exist)to never, ever back down and to challenge our traditional enemies on every one of their ludicrous claims. It is only possible for White resurgence to occur if we all summon the will power and stamina to resist ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, ALL OF THE TIME!

NEVER let the bastards grind ya down!