Friday, January 06, 2012

More slaughter, more white genocide, no media coverage.

– Phillip Marlowe

"These anti-White crimes are now happening all the time. I can only write about a few stories here and there, since the Jewish political and cultural destruction of America and the White race is now in full swing."

You know folks we could go on forever posting these truly sad and disgusting stories of the butchering of European peoples from around the world. But you will be hard pressed to find comment from the main stream media or the state sponsored Anarchist/anti racist movements.

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Jew-Instigated White Haters Killing Our Race

This past New Year’s eve, an 18 year-old White girl in Chicago couldn’t get into a nightclub for a concert because she forgot her ID, so she went back out to the curb to wait for her ride home. But she never made it: A gang of black thugs soon dragged her off into a nearby alley and took turns beating and brutally raping her for 30 minutes.

Almost dead and comatose, her bloody body was dumped back out on the sidewalk like a sack of garbage (she survived). Reports say at least 6 blacks did this to her; 3 were apprehended by club bouncers and turned over to police. Yet after questioning, the Chicago PD released the animals without charge, even though they were said to still have blood on their clothes.

The local Chicago media completely censored any mention of either race and you sure as hell won’t hear anything on the story nationally.

This is the kind of thing White people are now experiencing on a daily basis all around the country (click continue for a story that will surely piss you off). America has now been turned into a Third World hell hole by the selfish and paranoid, Ashkenazim Talmudic Jewry. The Jews and their multicult minions are now doing everything they can to keep our race in the dark, no matter the crime.
When will YOU get the deal?

These are NOT occasional, “garden variety” crimes, as the Jew media blithely likes to call it. No way. This is an ever-growing hate assault on our race by increasingly violent, militant, anti-White black animals, taking out decades of hate against White people instilled in them by the Jew media and intellectuals. No doubt at all. But there’s even more to this situation, sorry to say.*

Another recent but more deadly example: The monday after Christmas, Beverly Hope Melton, a popular and married 30 year-old White woman stopped by a convenience store in South Carolina for gas. On the way though the door to pay, she walked past Nickolas Miller, who followed her as she drove off. Down the road, he used his car to run her off the road, abducted her, took her to a remote location, raped her and then drove to another remote spot where he beat her to death with a baseball bat.

The victim and black animal were seen on this surveillance video, before he followed and ran her car off the road to do his thing. He then senselessly and brutally killed her.

Imagine getting the life beaten out of you with a baseball bat out of the blue just for going to the local convenience store? Make note this happened in rural, small town America, not Detroit or Philadelphia.

Oh, I’m sure all these violent and spoiled blacks are just so downtrodden and oppressed by Whitey that they have to go out and get some payback. And I’m sure if White people go along with whatever the hell they want, they might act nicer and kill us a little less.

You know it’s us Whites who deserve this kind of thing, right?

As part of the Jewish agenda, White haters and multicult intellectuals have been getting all kinds of exposure and money over the last few decades.

The popular magazine “Psychology Today” (heavily staffed by Jews), openly promotes anti-White multiculturalism. They recently published an article by university professor Monnica Williams, which basically said Whites need to kiss the ass of “people of color” just to prove we’re not harboring “racist attitudes.”

To her, being “colorblind” is actually a form of denigration since we’re ignoring just how wonderful and great non-Whites have been to the planet, as compared to all us slavery and racist-prone White people, of course.

Now, I don’t really know exactly the race of “Doctor” Williams is here (above), but she’s obviously some sort of mulatto half breed (they hate those terms so I use them with relish). She looks to be half Jewish – check out her nose and that peculiar smug smile so common to Jewish females. Regardless of whatever bizarre mix the White-hating ugly mutt is, Williams sure has the right instinct in this day and age to milk the anti-White business for her own personal gain.

Sorry to say, they are plenty of Whites doing the exact same thing. This Jewish corruption of our people for multiculturalism is the root cause of our race’s demise in the formerly White Western world.

This is dear little Monnica’s answer to “the big problem” of all us hateful Whites:

The alternative to colorblindness is multiculturalism, an ideology that acknowledges, highlights, and celebrates ethnoracial differences. It recognizes that each tradition has something valuable to offer. It is not afraid to see how others have suffered as a result of racial conflict or differences.

Now, just imagine if any White person were to “celebrate” White differences and tradition? What do you think might happen? That person would immediately be branded as a “White Supremacist;” maybe a half dozen other anti-White slanders thrown in for good measure. Hell, they might even get fired and investigated by Jewish White-hating, self-elected intelligence organizations like the SPLC (who literally work with the FBI and police to finger Whites who dare to speak out).

You see, they just can’t allow White people to take pride in our own race. That’s too dangerous to these race hustlers and professional victims. But it’s most importantly dangerous to the quiet and methodical Jewish agenda of destruction to our race in our own lands.

No, I’m not saying the “Jew powers” have secretly instructed Williams to write her crap. She’s just taking advantage of the PC head job foisted on White people in our countries to advance her theories and career. The real powers that be want to keep Whites screwed up so we don’t come together enough to ruin their long-running agenda for Global governance and financial parasitism.

Not only have the Jews jacked up the other races to hate us, they’ve worked to get White people to think our own race doesn’t even exist. That’s right. According to these White hating Jews, European Whites are nothing to the world; we don’t have family, any real history — none of our cultures and traditions make any difference.

Just picture the utter gall of these nefarious, astoundingly subversive Jews to purposefully work these kinds of ideas into our present culture, trying to eliminate the possibility of “evil White pride” and even our race altogether.

Think of all the technology and civilization European Whites have created for humanity – hell, most of the planet would have long starved to death by now if it wasn’t for our agricultural breakthroughs alone.

Running in tandem with all the Jewish NWO ”globalism” business, is the slow genocide of our racial numbers (due to Jewy social and sexual meddling) and the daily influx of non-Whites into our lands. Not only that, they constantly push interracial sex in the media so we breed ourselves away. They aim to marginalize our racial demographics to the point where we can’t do much about it, when the time comes.

If you stand back and look at it, you’ll see that this all fits everything happening over the last fifty years or so. In fact, it’s becoming more and more obvious by the day. Turn on the TV and in 5 minutes you’ll see something that backs me up.

Just take a look at what’s happening to White Afrikaner people in South Africa, for crying out loud. Of course, you’ll have to find out on your own, since the Jew media in the US is staying silent. Just go to this website: Afrikaner Genocide archives

And it’s not just in America, either. Most White countries have been systematically invaded by non-White race immigration, fostered by Jewish multiculturalism and NWO forces, resulting in horrific crimes of all sorts; just in Norway, for example, every single rape for the last five years have been committed exclusively by Muslim blacks from places like the Sudan.

The end game is rapidly approaching and the Jews know most of us Whites will finally get what’s being done to us. The real question is: Will it be too late for our race to fight back?

Isn’t it time for you to grow a pair and start talking openly to all those around you, at least so they know what’s really now going on in America?

Thank you.

These bastards have truly mastered the art of mass murder via deception and control of the State. Why get your hands dirty when someone else will do your dirty work for you. As the Western World increasingly begins to mimic the Golden Days of the Jewish/Communist Empire, the harder it will be to discover the truth!

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this is what the jewish owned media has been doing for the last fifty years.the only problem the white people have in this,what country is this again?well,never mind about that,is the self hating whites and there pergressive white hate groups in washington d.c.democratic control.obama signed the anti white hate crimes act in retaliation to all whites in this what country is this again?the self hating whites are killing the rest of our people slowly.