Monday, January 23, 2012

Rob Messenger, so whom does he serve?

Just another Israel firster.

YouTube video clip (Carbon Tax)

Member for Burnett Rob Messenger has officially and proudly launched a YouTube video clip regarding his position on a Carbon Tax (produced by the Australian Tea Party).

What a guy? So what type of people make up the Australian Tea Party?

Above, Australian Tea "Party legend Cr. Hajnal Black" . Such a kosher name don't you think? Racism every where. Nazis all over the place.


TEA Party legend Cr. Hajnal Black..Not content with defeating and chasing away the slimy BDS Greens/Nazi demonstrators outside of Max Brenners, …. Hajnal has decided to confront the issue head on at the Logan Council. This first humiliating defeat of the extreme left at one of their protests was a catalyst to further resistance and opposition to their previously unopposed or only weakly or politely opposed campaign.

But wait, there is more. You just cant get any closer to the tribe than this.


THE Public Trustee may trace more than $1.37 million which Logan City councillor Hajnal Black yesterday was found to have moved from a joint account with a dementia patient into her sole control.

Supreme Court Justice David Boddice found Ms Black should have held the money from the sale of a property at Park Ridge, on Brisbane's southern outskirts, in trust for the man, who can not be named under Queensland law.

However, the Public Trustee failed in a second claim to get a summary judgment dismissing Ms Black's counterclaim for a declaration she was gifted a property at Greenbank. The Greenbank matter is likely to go to trial in February.

In his written judgment, Justice David Boddice noted the man, 69, had been diagnosed with dementia and was now a resident receiving full-time care at an aged-care facility.

Justice Boddice found the Public Trustee had established Ms Black had no real prospect of succeeding in her defence and the funds in question now had been transferred from the joint account.

ustice Boddice said Ms Black was a close friend of the man and they had known each other for at least 10 years when he mentored her in her legal studies, and assisted in her political career.

He detailed how on April 28, 2009, the man executed an enduring power of attorney to Ms Black.

It was alleged on July 21, 2009, Ms Black went with the man, who was suffering from a confused state, to the Logan Hospital.

Ms Black allegedly later took him to Garden City Shopping Centre where the man executed a draft contract of sale provided by Ms Black to sell the Park Ridge property for $2,250,000.

On October 28, 2009, Ms Black, as the man's attorney, executed a transfer of the Park Ridge property to the purchaser on behalf of the man because of "her belief or concern that he lacked the capacity to do so".

The sum of $2,154,404 was deposited it into a joint account in the names of the man and Ms Black and she withdrew $1.37 million over six months for her own personal benefit.

Ms Black claimed the man was alert and orientated when admitted to hospital in July 2009 and he asked her to arrange for the contract for the sale of the Park Ridge property to be provided to him outside of the hospital.

Ms Black denied she took any unfair advantage of her position to obtain the benefit and tweeted yesterday afternoon that she would appeal the Supreme Court decision "on a number of points of law".

I think we all get the picture?

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Kinda pathetic but does call for a celebration ?