Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Stark Truth: Keith Preston on Fascism

Robert Stark and returning guest Keith Preston discuss:

  • When fascism was on the Left;
  • Misconceptions about fascism, such as those who label our current regime as fascist, and the idea that the fascists were puppets of the internationalist elites;
  • The myth of the rule of law and the future of repression.
Listen and download HERE

"The conventional left/right model of the political spectrum holds Fascism and Marxism to be polar opposites of one another. Marxism is regarded as an ideology of the extreme Left while Fascism supposedly represents an outlook that is about as far to the Right as one can go. A title recently translated into English by Portugal’s Finis Mundi Press, Eric Norling’s Revolutionary Fascism, does much to call the perception of Fascism, conceived of as it was by Mussolini and his cohorts, as an ideology of the extreme Right into question.

The reality of Fascism’s origins was quite different. Its creators were an assortment of leftist intellectuals and political figures whose common reference point was their realization that Marxism was a failed ideology.

The early Fascists were former Marxists who had come to doubt the revolutionary potential of class struggle, but had simultaneously come to regard revolutionary nationalism as showing considerable promise.

Fascism subsequently abandoned class struggle for a revolutionary nationalist outlook that stood for class collaboration under the leadership of a strong state that was capable of unifying the nation and accelerating industrial development.

It would appear that the historic bitter rivalry between Marxists and Fascists is less a conflict between the Left and the Right, and more of a conflict between erstwhile siblings on the Left. This should come as no particular surprise given the penchant of radical leftist groupings for sectarian blood feuds. Indeed, it might be plausibly argued that leftist ”anti-fascism” is rooted in jealously of a more successful relative as much as anything else"

Now being more of a National Socialist myself, (National Socialism and Fascism are two totally different ideology's) I find the above article rather interesting. When you read some of the hateful comments recently concerning Hammered you can be left wondering who the real Fascists are?

Meet the opposition "anti fascist Australia" better know as Fascist Anti Fascist Australia.

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