Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Evolution and the Jewish Pathogen

Vot? Oy Vey! I did nothing. Oim the real victim here, already...

A theory of Jewish virulence put forth by James Bowery is that it evolves from horizontal transmission of Jews between nations, in the form of repeated migration, since at least Babylonian times. Moreover, since Diaspora Jews have become dependent on virulence for survival they promote immigration and naturalization laws that are friendly to horizontal transmission more generally resulting in virulence evolving in other populations. This makes Jewish virulence more analogous to immunosuppression virulence, such as HIV creates. This theory of Jewish virulence is complementary to both Kevin MacDonald's thesis documented in ‘The Culture of Critique’ and to Richard Faussette's ‘Niche Theory’. The ‘Austrian School’ Economics facilitates the more efficient transmission of the Jewish Pathogen. Under Bowery's hypothesis, Jewish virulence evolved from the following horizontal transmission cycle (see Richard Faussette's ‘Niche Theory’ for a possible starting point):

1. Hyper centralization of net assets (communist, capitalist, monarchy—doesn’t matter)
2. Social breakdown as Middle Class (Yeomen) are unable to afford subsistence.
3. Grab and convert wealth in easily transported forms (gold historically, diamonds more recently, etc.)
4. “Virulent Anti-Semitism” breaks out.
5. Emigrate, leaving behind less “savvy” Jews to take the heat. (Pogroms tend to kill only the slow witted and those with less assets and mobility, thereby having a (unintended) Eugenic effect upon Jew evolution and a consequentially Dysgenic effect on the infested Nations. This ruthless culling in which the dominant Jews are complicit has resulted in the Jew we see today, Alpha Kikes. These virtual stainless steel rats are more aggressive, resilient and pestilent than cockroaches.)
6. Cry out for help to elites at destination nation while offering concentrated wealth to enter new cycle (see step 1).

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