Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Look, up in the sky. Is it a Marxist is it a National Socialist? No its "Peter Watson."

Well this is news worth following. What a twisted tale this one is. Certainly has most people we know scratching their heads or laughing their arse off. Good old Peter Watson has gone and stolen the stage only two days into the QLD state election.

Candidate quits over race hate

AS THE State Government election lingers on the parameter, Labor candidate for the Southern Downs Peter Watson is making his presence known - or at least he was.

It seems the 19-year-old Warwick traffic controller may have had a different platter of ideologies to bring to the table; and after the Daily News questioned his involvement with white supremacist propaganda yesterday, he resigned from candidacy.

Read on above funny stuff. Now out of the over 100 news stories that have gone online since 9pm yesterday, half say he is a homophobe, one quarter a Stalinist, and the other quarter a White Supremacist. From what we can tell he is none of the above. Just from this kids comments on this blog alone anyone who is willing to report an unbiased opinion (not in today's media) or doesnt have an axe to grind can see that the kid is still forming a political ideology.

The Marxist hate him because he like so many others saw through the lies and propaganda. The political right dont trust him because of his childish shenanigans and flirtation with the Fascist Anti Fascist when he was 16-17. The good folks in the Right Wing "scene" don't trust him because he is neither left nor right, nor is he what you could ever call a White Nationalist or National Socialist.

One could honestly say about Peter he is passionate about his politics. You could say he throws all caution to the wind to spread his beliefs. He study's his politics with intensity. This has found him at times to be nothing but a complete annoyance to many via his starting at the bottom of the chain and working up. He only learns from his mistakes. No short cuts for this kid.

We along with so many have simply shook our heads to many times to recount. In our humble opinion young Peter is simply an old school Australian Socialist/Labor supporter.

He is but a snap shot of our youth. He is no more extreme than his opponents who wear Che Guevara shirts or demonstrate with the Socialist Alliance. His crime, he dares to speak of race and the principles the Australian Labor Party was formed on.

We hope young Peter uses this moment of fame to spread an honest message. Lets pray he makes his mark with out damaging the greater community of Australian Nationalists and more importantly White Nationalism in general. Use your time wisely buddy.

We would also like to wish him the best in his new adventure that is the Zionist Controlled media. Not many survive that one young fella. Take heart Peter, many of the people who will condemn you because of the lies and bad research printed about you are hypocrites of the highest order. They are what you once were, tools of a corrupt and dyeing State.

To the best of our knowledge the email printed below is from Peter Watson. It was sent to us last night.

Oh yes I nearly forgot. To the idiots from the Australian media, whose incompetence I can only compare to my bad grammar. Try and grasp the basic idea of research.

Peter is not the author of this blog. WLT has been online since October 2006 and even earlier as Victor Whitelaw in February 2006. Young Peter was still a card carrying member of the Australian Communist Party back then. Hardly the type of person we would welcome then and or now.



Due to media allegations, I was asked by the Queensland Labor state office to resign as the ALP candidate for the Southern Downs.

The allegations made by the media are untrue and false.

It is of interest that the media outlets have chosen to use comments that were made over four years ago.

When I was being interviewed by the media outlets, I was not asked any questions about the comments that were posted on the internet over four years ago.

It has been alledged by some in the media that I am the author of a blog entitled 'Whitelaw Towers'.

Such an allegation is false. I have never written any articles for the blog in question.

As for what I believe in, I believe in the original values of the original labour and union movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Australian labour movement and the Commonwealth were both founded on the principles of preserving the Australian continent for the White European working man.

That is why the labour movement supported the White Australia Policy and the deportation of Pacific labourers back to their native homelands.

As an old labour socialist, I am opposed to multiculturalism, globalisation and to economic rationalism.

It is a disgrace that successive labour governments have embraced those principles at the expense of working class socialism and White Australian Nationalism.

The Australian continent must always be for the White working man and his family."

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Anonymous said...

It is a shame that so much haze surrounds this young man. I too find myself keepimg him at arm's length out of skepticism and yet following his story out of curiosity.

Perhaps Peter can shed some light on the report that quoted him as saying he has turned on and turned in many White "racists", resulting in them being incarcerated or attacked by antis. I know the web the media weaves and how they spin it for shock value but nonetheless, I would like to know if there is any truth in him having done that.

What say you, Peter Watson?