Monday, February 06, 2012


At last! It's cool to be mixed race (which is handy because I'm African, American, Jewish, Geordie, Irish, Scottish and Hungarian)

By Oona King

"White supremacy is so last century. These days it's on-trend to be a mixed-race supremacist . Unlike the British National Party, mixed-race people can now point to scientifically credible research that highlights the various biological advantages of their ethnicity." BOLLOCKS! Show us the study, give us the names of the people who may have funded this load of crap.

"But is this just a media fad, sparked by the election of the world's most famous mixed-race person as President of the United States? And now that mixed-race people are our fastest growing ethnic group, what does it mean for Britain's uneasy relationship with race?"

Above Oona King "African, American, Jewish, Geordie, Irish, Scottish and Hungarian"

And now it seems that mixed race genes are being hailed as the latest Darwinian 'must-have' accessory. My god show us the proof show us the science! If you spent your childhood being called a 'mongrel' in the playground, the recent research by Cardiff University, which seems to show that mixed-race people are more attractive and more successful, may bring a wry smile to your face."

Dr Michael Lewis, who conducted the research said: 'Darwin suggested that diversity of genes led to greater genetic fitness and this in turn seems to be linked to attractiveness.'

Far from being an abomination of the natural order, mixed-race children are apparently biologically preferable. The logic is that the wider the gene pool (the further apart genetically two parents are) the greater protection from illness or genetic abnormality their children enjoy.

So what happens if it's finally proved beyond doubt that, on average, mixed-race people are more attractive? Ahh so we now see its just a theory what a surprise. Ironically this could be disastrous - both for our relations with the rest of the black community, and perhaps more importantly, with ourselves.

It might make us smile to read recent claims that 'mixed-race is the perfect face'. But it won't make us happy. If anything, this fad for mixed-race supremacy could taint mixed-race people with a very ugly streak. And call me prejudiced, but I don't want to get lumped in with the BNP.

• Oona King is Head of Diversity for Channel 4.

Well fuck me, imagine a head line saying, At Last! its cool to be WHITE. This story is so in your face you have to wonder what the hell is going on in the UK or all over the Western world in fact.

Of the over 100 comments accompanying this story, the editorial staff decided "We are no longer accepting comments on this article". Why is that you ask? Well they are all beside themselves with rage that such a story is promoted by the MSM. This is Social engineering at its worst.

All I can say is, show us the scientific proof! This is an opinion piece that has been sold as scientific fact. I could go for ever about this rubbish but I would preaching to the converted.



Anonymous said...

Judaism is genocidal ritual self abuse in public.

They get off on destroying everything that others have and are. For them the foreplay is that you believe their lies and begin to modify your behaviour in servile ways that please them.

The completion for them is that you and yours are eliminated actually and then historically from memory.

That is what defines the "Jew".

Then there will be No Thing but the "Jew" and its still, lifeless pool into which it views its own image for eternity.

The polar inversion of creation.

Anonymous said...

"Scientists now say mixed-race people such as Leona Lewis are genetically healthier and more attractive"

We've heard this story before, let's see... Modern "science" says - "race isn't real", "homosexuality is normal", "conservative beliefs are linked with low IQ" and now "mixed race people are healthier and more attractive". LOLOLOLOLOL We all know it's the "White blood" that makes them even remotely attractive, but that isn't saying much, it's like saying the dump I took yesterday is more attractive than the dump I took today.

So... Where exactly is this "scientific" report? Who are these "scientists"? They wouldn't happen to hold... err... Liberal beliefs would they?
Funny how "science" today runs in tune with today's Liberal Marxist agenda.