Friday, February 24, 2012

A noble man.


FATHER has accused Queensland Premier Anna Bligh of telling "lies" about his dumped candidate son, and has quit the Labor party in disgust.

Labor this week expelled 19-year-old Southern Downs candidate Peter Watson after he stood by racist and anti-homosexual comments he posted online five years ago.

Ms Bligh called Mr Watson an extremist infiltrator who deliberately set out to embarrass Labor, and hid his views from party officials.

Today the axed candidate's father Dudley Watson said he had quit the Labor party after 40 years, disgusted by the way his son had been treated.

He said Ms Bligh had told "absolute lies" about his son.

"It's not because of what he was alleged to have done or didn't do. It's the way the premier spoke about him and on TV last night - which I must have pre-empted because I tendered my resignation yesterday morning," he told ABC radio.

He said he had lost faith in the Labor party ... "because they're not the party that was formed and obviously you've got to change (but) they've gone totally the wrong way", he said.

"They're not looking after their ordinary L-A-B-O-U-R.

"They won't even have a candidate here now (in Southern Downs) unless they put up another university candidate or someone from Brisbane who has probably never been past Ipswich, the same as they've done in Gregory."

Earlier today, the Labor party confirmed the 20-year-old Brisbane university student it was standing in the outback electorate of Gregory had never been there.

Mr Watson said his son had joined the Australian Workers Union when he was 14 and wanted to join the Australian Labor Party before he was 18.

"Since knowing that he was endorsed, he's walked probably 100 kilometres mailbox dropping," he said.

Ms Bligh yesterday told reporters Labor had acted appropriately, and the younger Mr Watson's views had no place in the party.

"It's always sad when sorts of things happen but I don't resile for one minute from the actions that we took yesterday," she told reporters.

"I repeat, those views have no place in the party, they are reprehensible and the expulsion in my view was the right thing to do."

Ms Bligh said there was an indication the younger Mr Watson was dishonest on his application form about his involvement in other political parties.

"We are not dealing with a man who has been upfront in all of his dealings," she said.

And we are dealing with a system and leaders that have not been upfront with the Australian People since the 1960's. Anna Bligh you aint fooling us!

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