Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh the irony of it all…again...

Hildebrand. It's hip to be cool and 'sophisticated' except when in the Alice...

Super Jew Joe Hildebrand, fearless ‘Anti-Racist’ campaigner and ‘FightDemBack’ patron and associate, goes in search of ‘Dumb, Drunk and Racist’ Australians and finds them in the form of two drunken and very pissed off Aborigine Women armed with a metal pipe and a newly ‘acquired’ camera tripod. How was his luck? He came up trumps on all three counts with his first hand. Only trouble was it was the wrong suit. He got a fistful of black cards.

How nice it is to witness such poetic justice. Hildebrand and his motley crew of fellow misfits from the ‘Fourth Estate’ drag a bunch of White hating call centre Indian sub-continentals (and possibly future ‘7 Eleven’ proprietors or Sydney Taxi Drivers) out to the Dead Red Centre to ‘prove’ how evil and wicked White Australians are…but…it all backfires like a rusty old Holden ute with a flooded carby. UNlucky!

Like the typical nebbish nerd, at the moment of crisis, he ‘thought with his legs’ and ran like a startled emu from the rampaging gins, later telling the camera that he ‘got out of their faces’ as soon as he could so as not offend their cultural requirements. We wonder whether it was also necessary to lock himself in his hotel room like a frightened little girl and leave the staff and other unfortunates to cop the bashing and the hotel proprietor the property damage.

We can’t say we’re surprised though. After all, he did learn much of his ‘AntiFa’ tactics from Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ who is a legendary physical as well as moral coward. All mouth and trousers. All piss and wind. Big on rhetoric, short on action. These ‘AntiFa’ activists are all the same. Gutless swine without the obligatory Police escort and their Trade Unionist ‘rent a thug’ Red Scum on speed dial.

Perhaps this might prompt greater caution on the part of the next crew of Media filth who presume to lecture White Australians about their so-called ‘Racism’ while they vilify them before a global audience.

Apparently, now, as this post is being written, Hildebrand is having a ‘Borat’ moment in Toowoomba and is visiting a rodeo obviously in search of ‘Rednecks’ and Poor White ‘Trailer Trash’. Typical of his tribe, he has a long history of disrespecting and vilifying rural people in his Newspaper columns and other commentaries. Dontcha just love the way the ZOG Media always, like a dog returning to its own vomit, revisit those tried and tested old reliable formulas for attacking easy targets?

And the conclusion on the Alice Springs mission?


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Obadiah 1:18 said...

One of the best feel good stories of the year!